Personal construct theory (Kelly) | Brief video on personality psychology

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Kelly proposed a personal construct theory. Which was both humanistic in that it started with with the person with the individual emphasizing the uniqueness of the individual. Which is known the ideo graphic.
Approach and kellys personal construct theory had a cognitive emphasis. Which wanted to explore the phenomenology or subjective experiences and personal meaning. The way people process and understand these events he came up with this theory during when the behaviorists dominated in the in psychology.
So personal construct theory is organized as follows. The first notion is that humans behave like scientists in that we hypothesize and anticipate. Which is when people have expectations.
We experiment and encounter where the expectations are tested. We also conduct theory building and have constructive revision. Which is the revision of the expectation as a result after the theory building.
We then go back to hypothesize and anticipate. Which then builds up our expectations also we have personal constructs. Which are created through hypothesis and theory building and these personal constructs encompass expectations perceptions and behavior.
Personal constructs are our constructed representations or ways of representing. The world ways of understanding the world personal constructs have creative capacity in which we each live in our own worldview and can experience the same event. But take different things from a personal construct theories is also videographic.

kelly believed that our definition of our self in terms of who we really are is-0
kelly believed that our definition of our self in terms of who we really are is-0

Its personal each person has a unique set of constructs in exploring our personal constructs. George kelly created the fundamental postulate in which individuals process anticipated events. Which then become internalized and kelly organized these into corollaries or eleven constructs that we have of well examples of corollaries include construction individuality organization dichotomy choice range experience modulation fragmentation commonality and sociality.
I would just go through two of these eleven corollary x.. The modulation corollary is where experiences can change our constructs.
It has a degree of permeability in which constructs are changeable. There is mental flexibility in that it depends on how open one is to embrace or rejecting new ideas. Constructs can dilate constrict and accommodate as well as assimilate this is very similar to pr js theory on cognitive development theres also the dichotomy corollary.
Which is the view that the world is split into bipolar constructs or opposites for example they include good bad happy. Sad freewill determinism nature. Nurture.
Etc. Kelley saw this as imposing a construct on the world. Instead of seeing it as it actually is he himself rejected intellectualism as a result words like corollary were known as kelley isms.
Because george kelly. Simply made up words to characterized or to list things. That didnt really have a name for another.

kelly believed that our definition of our self in terms of who we really are is-1
kelly believed that our definition of our self in terms of who we really are is-1

Made up word is constructive alternative ism in which kelly believed that we automatically developed constructs and that we were free to change the way we saw meaning or the world via these alternative constructs going back to the point of the dichotomy corollary. He believed in pure pragmatism as a way to go beyond this dualistic notion and to just focus on the usefulness of the other certain construct. So anyway.
The constructive alternative ism had an implicit account of free will whereby humans may exercise control or gain freedom through simply just changing their views mental illness was a result of personal constructs or rather the result of faulty personal constructs. According to kelly and constructive alternative ism thus had a growth mindset in which one change their constructs by changing experiences or by changing how they perceived experiences and free reinterpreting bad experiences as opportunities this allows individuals to then overcome their issues. Whether it be mental illness or something else kelly developed a ro construct reparatory test in which it identified similarities differences between people and used a repertory grid technique.
Which could categorize experiences or constructs. This was used to assess the personal constructs and eventually would be used later in cognitive behavioral therapy. Which emphasized cognitive primacy where expectations shape.
Experiences are automatic and that dysfunctional beliefs and affective reactions were involved in informing these negative expectations or constructs. An example of using cognitive behavior therapy and the roewe construct repertory test includes what if an individual was suffering from irrational thinking examples of irrational thinking. Include catastrophizing.
All or none thinking grandiosity personalizing suppressing and over generalizing expectations this can then produce a negative cognitive shift where these negative predictions interpretations lead to self blame and criticism self criticism but through cognitive behavioral therapy one can have cognitive restructuring changing negative anticipation and making these personal constructs more beneficial for the individual and that ties back into everything that almost everything that ive just discussed interfere. Rebuilding and constructive revision into personal constructs. As these expectations and perceptions.
As well as behavior. Changes and assisted through the aid of the modulation corollary. So in summary.
We looked at personal construct theory proposed by george kelly in ideas like the experience cycle personal constructs fundamental postulate constructive alternative ism and cognitive behavioral therapy leading to cognitive restructuring since the behaviorists dominated during kellys time his theory of personal constructs was looked down upon as there was a black box approach into merely looking at and studying behaviors but now especially in light of cognitive behavioral therapy and the growth of cognitive psychology kelly has become more accepted by psychologists so yeah thanks for watching .

kelly believed that our definition of our self in terms of who we really are is-2
kelly believed that our definition of our self in terms of who we really are is-2

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