Predicting When Your Favorite NFL Team Will Win Their NEXT Super Bowl

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What is going on guys picking future super bowl champions isnt really an easy easy task. And during the 2010 did yall. Really see the seattle seahawks and philadelphia eagles.
Winning their first championships. Did you see the new england patriots winning three more titles. When their dynasty had seemingly had closed at the end of the 2000s.
All right that one ill give you its always a maybe with the patriots bear with us here as we take some complete shots in the dark as to when your favorite team will win their next super bowl. Now of course. This is completely for fun and we have no idea thats gonna happen.
But yeah have fun watching and let us know in five 10 or 15 or even 20 years how wrong we were because trust me were probably gonna be wrong. Arizona cardinals 2027 lets be fun here and offer a specific year we do like what the cardinals are going with their rebuilds. But its too bad that they play in the toughest division in football.
Even if kyler murray becomes an mvp quarterback in short time the cardinals are nowhere close to catching the los angeles rams or the san francisco 49ers and the seattle seahawks the cardinals need a few more years to rebuild their defense they also have to wait until the seahawks and 49ers championship windows begin to close hey. The cardinals havent won the nfl championship since 1947. Whats another 7 years for the fans to have to wait lets grind them world champions for the 2027 season atlanta falcons 2030 or later the superbowl window in the matt ryan era has put me closed and we have a tough time trusting atlanta to win the big one after their brutal collapse against the new england patriots in super bowl.
51. Ryan and julio jones arent getting any younger being mired in mediocrity has prevented atlanta from landing early draft picks and they dont tend to go crazy in free agency. The ship has sailed on matty ice bringing the super bowl to atlanta this team.
According to our calculations will have to wait at least a decade to get their hands on the lombardi trophy once and for all baltimore ravens 2022 bulevar jacksons historically dominant mvp season ended in the thud and the ravens were humiliated by the tennessee titans in the afc divisional round here not though ravens fans because a third lombardi trophy in the 21st century is totally on the horizon. The ravens have a genius front office and a great a coaching staff led by john harbaugh jackson and the majority of baltimores cornerstone players are young and in their primes. Dont joe jackson harshly.
After two disappointing play about it. Hes got a little barney trophy right in his sights lets give a super bowl the ball tomorrow in 2022. Buffalo bills before 2025 this is a very tough one to determine on one hand the bills have a great head coach and shaun mcdermott championship caliber miglins and a promising offense led by josh allen john brown and devin singletery.
But anytime. The bills seem to make progress they take one step back the good news is that the patriots dominant rain on the afc east will end soon rather than later and the bills are the best suited team to knock them off its gonna take a few more years for the bills to put all the pieces together. We predict the championship from this long struggling franchise at some point this decade.
Carolina panthers 2033 the chance to win a super bowl. Under cam newton has passed carolina seems to be in reset mode. Having fired lis beloved ron rivera while bringing in a brand new nfl head coach and matt rule the panthers also lost pro bowl linebacker luke tapley to retirements the franchise has never really been further away from a super bowl.
This is gonna be a long and painful rebuilding process in carolina. I talked for us to see a super bowl here in the upcoming 22 decade so im gonna have fun and wildly guess 2033 chicago bears 2035 or later whether it was a time when the bears appeared to be on the verge of something special. But the 2018 and ive seen north winning season turned out to be a mirage.
The defense led by stars such as khalil mack and addy jackson isnt gonna be enough to help the bears reach the promised land chicago made a mistake in drafting mister biscay over the likes of patrick for holmes. And john watson. The bears are going to have the defense together forever and theyre unlikely to threaten aaron rodgers at his green bay packers over the long run we expect at least a decade and a half until the bears win another super bowl with the way theyre built now chicago is set to be stuck in mediocrity for the next five to ten years cincinnati bengals 2031 if and when the bengals draft joe burrell 1st overall the franchise will have acquired the first major piece towards completing their super bowl puzzle.
But not all high end draft pick signal colors become super bowl champions especially right off the bat. Just as jameis winston. Marcus mariota and blake bortles and thats just name a few were not ready to get too excited about the bengals future they have an owner who never really spends money and free agency.
The bengals havent said a true winning culture in 30 something years did we mention they have to share in division when the margin and ravens population. Yeah. Its gonna be fun wait until at least 20 31.
Until you could party big event. Maybe itll happen. But i kind of doubt it we look rounds.
2040 or later all right i give up we made the mistake of getting excited about the browns in 2019 after they added odell beckham jr. And other veterans to join a star studded young corps lets just accept that the browns wont be good for the next 20 years its the cleveland browns are talking about one i really just dont think is gonna happen next dallas cowboys 2024. I mean these guys cant be underachievers forever.
The cowboys finally moved on from jason garrett after the 2019 season before hiring super bowl winning head coach mike mccarthy to replace him dallas is loaded with superstars on both sides of the ball. They just need a coach to put it together and mccarthy should be an upgrade over garrett hate on the cowboys. All you want.

who is the home team for the super bowl-0
who is the home team for the super bowl-0

But a core dak prescott. Amari cooper. Ezekiel elliott demarcus lawrence and you jaylon smith it one underachiever ever doesnt know what the cowboys will write through in short time under mccarthy to win their super bowl.
Lets go ahead and proclaim them as super bowl champions for the 2024 season. Denver broncos after 2030 its hard to not get excited about a young broncos core that consists of drew locke no offense. Phillip lindsey.
Cortland sutton and bradley chuck its just really hard to predict the future of this team. Especially. Since they have to share the afc west with patrick mahomes and the chiefs.
We still dont know if locke is truly the answer on and there are question marks throughout this defense and offensive line. The afc is only going to get trickier from here so the broncos wont want a super bowl at all in the 2020s but the hopefully wanted out before 2040 detroit lions. 2065 tenor there to say that see this list is hard because you know not every team is going to win a super bowl over the next 50 something years.
There will be a handful of teams that endure an embarrassing drought and we project the lines to be one of why i dont really know they just never won guys this team has won postseason victory dating back to 1958 one ownership doesnt ever seem concerned about the losing history either the lines fired jim caldwell. The one good coach they had over 20 something years they replaced it with matt patr cia the front office always does more harm than good the lions super bowl drought wont end for another 45 plus years sorry to be harsh but even the red wings tigers and pistons should all win a title again before the lions green bay packers 2023 aaron rodgers is nearing the end of his prime years and the packers window will slam shut once he retires. The pressure is on this historic franchise to win.
Now the only thing standing in the way the packers nfc parody. There are a lot to talk to your teams that will contend for many years to come. The packers are loaded with different makers.
And they could certainly add another title or two in the next five years there were just one went away from the super bowl this year my knees play may slip over time probably good enough to carry green bay to another super bowl before his retirement. Lets grab the pack is the 2023 champion houston texans 2028. The texans were good enough to make the playoffs in the 2010s.
But they were never close to reaching true super bowl contention will that change in the 20s. We think so not sure if bill obrien will be here forever and if the texans will eventually hire a real gm. But deshaun watson is absolute magic.
And the andre hopkins has plenty of great football left in them as long as you have a guy like watson. Youll always have a chance to win the texans are training up and theyll eventually come away with the lombardi trophy for the sake of fun we predict that it happens in the 2028 season. Indianapolis colts sometime in the 2040s with the andrew luck era long gone we can safely predict the colts as being one of those teams that is decades away from winning a super bowl.
Nothing against gm chris ballard or head coach frank reich. But the colts future looks very dull right now without luck at least terrible teams like the cardinals of bengals at miami dolphins have or will have young quarterbacks to get excited about in the future. The colts just not seeing it maybe theyll nab a franchise changing signal caller in an upcoming draft and make us look stupid.
If they do good for you. But for now. Were guessing that they dont want a super bowl for the next 20 plus years jacksonville jaguars 2037 third trip to the 2018 afc championship game turned out to be an outlier instead of a sign that brighter days were ahead this team does not know how to draft jalen ramsey.
One of the few home run draft picks was treated during the 2019 season. The jaguars cant find themselves a true franchise. Changing quarterback and doug marrone has shown that he didnt doesnt have what it takes to lead the team to a super bowl.
Duval county. Were so sorry we dont see a lot more tee the insight your next franchise qb probably wont be drafted until 2032 with the earliest given five years to win you a title which means the super bowl will go to jacksonville in 2037 kansas city chiefs 2019 meaning 2020 meaning this year for the first time and i have century the shaves won the 2019 afc championship by defeating the tennessee titans that set up a super bowl 54 showdown with the san francisco 49ers and miami this will be a matchup for the ages. We cant bet against my homes and andy reed.
Who needs that elusive bring to place himself among the nfls all time greatest head coaches we pretty came to see the ends. The 50 year title drought by defeating san fran in miami with that theyll officially have the nfls shortest super bowl drought los angeles chargers 20 42 few teams have been more snake bitten than the chargers in the 21st century despite a plethora of pro bowl talent on both sides of the ball this team never won a super bowl. With phillip rivers and they only made the afc championship game on one occasion back in the 2007 season.
Even if tom brady becomes the charger. We dont expect him to reverse the franchises misfortunes. This team always finds incredible ways to blow big games and they dont even have home field advantage with visiting fans occupying most of the seats in the stadium during home games.
So lets go ahead and project at least 22 more years of misery before the chargers break through with a super bowl win sorry guys again this is all just a prediction who knows los angeles ramps sometime in the 2030s my god this team super bowl win closed really quickly todd gurley went from borderline generational running back to merely average as the knee injuries began to pile up. Jared goss contract officially looks like one of the worst in recent memory as well own the rams sacrificed. A ton of draft capital to get jalen.
Ramsey and his extension will take up practically all of their remaining cap space gurley is no longer a game changer and goff seems yeah alright with few draft picks over the long haul and with little cap room. We cant see theres a rams core winning a super bowl. I missed that chance tom brady.

who is the home team for the super bowl-1
who is the home team for the super bowl-1

What im gonna do look for the rams to win it all with a completely different core in the 2030s miami dolphins 2029. The dolphins devoted the 2019 season to tanking and it landed that plenty of draft capital as well as the prime chance to lend a franchise changing quarterback in 2020. We really like the culture.
The dolphins have set up here brian flores is clear the right man to leave the way miami will be loaded with young stars in short time. And theyll eventually join the bills in any new englands reign of terror in the division. But were a little hesitant to cram the dolphins as a champion before other established ase teams.
So lets hold off a bit and give him a super bowl on 2029. Minnesota vikings 2041. The vikings have found incredible ways to blow big games throughout their super bowl drought at this point.
We just cant predict the breakthrough. Taking place in the near future kirk cousins isnt good enough to win a super bowl. The star 7 defense is getting up there in age.
And there are plenty of teams that are better prepared to win in the long run in minnesota. So we predict at least two more decades of the lengthy super bowl drought which wont end until 2040 1 new england patriots 2036 all right well admit that weve said this many times. But in 2020.
It truly feels like the patriots dynasty is coming to an end you serious tom brady could be on his way out and even if he isnt the guy is no longer mvp caliber. Joe belcheck. Wont be coaching forever either and there are simply better teams in the afc with much brighter futures waiting ahead you cant predict another super bowl for the patriots this decade knowing that brady and belichick could be leaving sooner rather than later not to mention that the afc now belongs to mahomes lamar jackson and watson i mean hey maybe steve belichick will be the one coaching.
The patriots to their next super bowl. Well go ahead and say it doesnt happen until 2036. But this is the hardest one for us to pick lets emphasize that they could totally win next year who knows new orleans saints 2020.
Meaning 2021 meaning next year. The saints were once again the victims of a heartbreaking playoff loss this time to the vikings in overtime of the 2019 nfc wild card round as if the minneapolis miracle at lee nolin oak hall werent already heartbreaking enough all right this time we mean it the saints can keep losing in devastating. Ways.
They have to have to win one more super bowl for drew brees. The talent is there the coaching staff is more than capable they just need some playoff look it will finally even out when the saints win super bowl 55 in tampa bay. So lets hope for the best new york giants 20 49.
The giants got their two super bowl championships with eli and tom but a very murky future awaits this franchise trying to ownership doesnt really seem to have a grasp on how to pick the right front office personnel also this dude looks like a beaver. We dont know how joe judge will fare as head coach. But most of b.
La chucks assistants. Dont succeed once they leave foxborough. The giants front office gives us little reason to believe theyll turn this around were projecting a super long title drought that wont end for at least a few decades.
But for the sake of being specific. Weve proclaimed the giants as super bowl champions in 2049 new york jets 2032 the jets are another one of those snake bitten teams where everything that can go wrong will go wrong so you guys we do like the young core that consists of sand arnold and jamal adams. But they just dont seem that close to a super bowl.
Right now the dolphins and bills are all on better and brighter pets to a championship and these jets arent gonna catch. The chiefs ravens or texans anytime. Soon whether or not darla will be the jets quarterback in ten years is a question for another day.
Our guess is no and that the next guy will have led new york to a super bowl in the 2032 season so lets hope for the best oakland raiders 20 39. The raiders could really go anywhere over the remaining years of the john burton era they could keep sinking they could be mired in mediocrity or they could turn around quickly. This is another tough call for us.
The raiders will be a prime free agent destination. Thanks to the appeal of playing in las vegas. So that will help.
But most expensive free agent signings dont pan out and we dont think keeping derek carr around will do much to get this team closer we can see the super bowl coming to las vegas in the 20s lets just play the guessing game and project. The raiders to finally win it all in 2039 philadelphia eagles after 2035. The eagles waited a half century to win their first ever super bowl.
Theyre passionate and loyal fan base can easily wait another 15 or so years for the next one thanks to nick foles for finally ending league drought in the 2017 season. The eagles bought themselves some time and dont need to feel all the pressure putting their fans through more and more decades of misery. But as it stands.

who is the home team for the super bowl-2
who is the home team for the super bowl-2

We dont say the eagles team winning a title in the upcoming decade cars. The ones just cant stay healthy and the core players like brandon graham fletcher cox and jason kelsey. Only have so many prime years left and there are simply far superior teams in the nfc eagles fans give it until sometime after 2035 another super bowl will come eventually just not any pittsburgh steelers 2038 with ben roethlisberger getting up there in age we cant help.
But think this steelers window is closed now even though they have a dominant young defense. But youre about to share a division with both joe burrow and lamar jackson. And these steelers are still a long ways away from figuring out their long term qb.
Situation with been set to retire sooner. Rather than later as such we projected to be almost two full decades until the steelers would again. But then again its the steelers so their organization is really like committed they can do it san francisco 49ers 2021 no we project the 49ers to fall to kansas city and super bowl 54.
Even if thats the case their fans wont have to wait long to celebrate lombardi trophy number six the 49ers both players are in or just entering their prime years. John lynch. And kyle shanahan.
Have quickly built a tremendous culture. Here this team will be contending for the long run. Were not wasting much time here just handed me 21 super bowl and make us look good seattle seahawks after 2040 wed love to give russell wilson a second super bowl ring on here.
But we just cant do it the seahawks are built to make the playoffs. But theyre nowhere close to a superbowl caliber team wilson. Only has so many prime years left.
And you have to think that pete carroll will retire before 2030 rolls around seattle. Were sorry we cant do it here you gotta wait another 20 plus years until your next championship tip of bay buccaneers 20. 53.
That one feels right unless. The bucs can hop into a time. Machine.
And bring. Jon gruden and the 2002 squad back theres a little reason to expect the bucs super bowl championship in the near future its nothing about a losing culture over there jameis winston took this team nowhere in five years and guess what the next quarterback in tampa will probably follow his footsteps tennessee titans before 2040 this is another tough one for the 2019 titans a one hit wonder or a sign of things to come under mike vrabel. Even if its the former we know that ryan tannehill wont repeat the career year.
He had in 2019 and the titans wont have power running back. Derrick henry much longer guys of that position who play as physical as he does rarely last that long well simply predict the titans super bowl before 2040 will say this though it would not be shocking. A brave old guy to tennessee to one much earlier.
Washington. Redskins. 20.
57. Dwayne haskins. Ron rivera.
And probably chase young give washington fans. Some optimism until you realize that owner dents is still in charge. These teams have been mediocre or terrible for the bulk of the past 20 years after all washingtons football team is known for not doing a whole lot right in the field.
Lets give their super bowl drought. Another thirty seven more years here. However however if snider gives up the team in the next five years.
We could see that super bowl title coming a lot sooner so snider leave when do you think your favorite team will win their next super bowl. Join me in the comments section below make sure to follow myself and tps and social media. I make tic tocs all the time youtube instagram twitter run everything go find us subscribe.
The tps. We post videos every day. They like this video give it a like it takes one click right down below of course.
Thank you so much for watching. Im jason biondo. Ill see you next time music.

who is the home team for the super bowl-3
who is the home team for the super bowl-3

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