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Say great minds think alike. But only the greatest minds make todays list in. In.
1898 an unusual experiment took place in teslas laboratory welcome to watchmojocom. And were counting down our picks for the top 10. Famous inventors before alfred nobel for blasting people used black powder.
What we call gunpowder. Which was very unstable and you could only ignite it with a fuse you could not control very well when it ignited or the pattern of the explosion that was generated for this list. Weve looked at those inventors that have had the most important.
Most popular most definitive effect. Upon the modern world were interested in those responsible for the inventions without. Which modern life would be very different to my amazement watson had heard the machine number 10 gu yong hwa marconi.
Killa mo. Marconi was an italian inventor and the father of long distance radio transmission and winner of the 1909 nobel prize for physics. He was not the first person experimenting with wireless technology.
But marconi can be credited with turning the idea of radio waves into a commercial practical reality marconi remodeled wireless apparatus throughout his early career lengthening the distance between which messages could be sent and received like many physicists of his day marconi he thought that electromagnetic waves traveled like light in a straight line. What would happen he wondered when sending a signal thousands of miles beyond the horizon best known for being the first person to successfully send a transatlantic message marconis radio was also crucial in monitoring the 1912 sinking of the titanic and saving at least some survivors indeed in 1912. It was the sos from the titanics marconi room that brought the carpathia steaming to the seven five survivors number nine james watt what obtained a job at the university of glasgow repairing astronomical instruments and set up a small workshop there a steam power pioneer james watts work became a foundation for the industrial revolution which swept across the uk and the us.
In the 18th and 19th centuries and eventually reached the entire planet when watt was a young man. The new common engine was used by most major factories. But he realized that that system was wasting large amounts of energy cue endless experimentation until eventually watt developed an efficient method for continuous rotary motion and unprecedented power a rise of the machines magnificently followed in 1781 after much financial hardship and struggle.
Watt patented. A steam engine that produced continuous rotative motion. Number eight benjamin franklin.
A founding father of the united states. Benjamin franklin was a master of many trades inventing wise. His efforts were widespread.

who is credited with inventing the technology for the modern light switch?-0
who is credited with inventing the technology for the modern light switch?-0

But his most famous experiment centered around his casting a kite into a lightning storm frying electrical charge and subsequently developing the lightning rod as a means of ensuring safety in tall buildings. Franklin suggested that during a storm a wooden sentry box be placed atop a hill or inside a steeple when the pointed rod attached to the roof. If a man inside the box held a wire touching the rod franklin predicted.
He would see a shower of sparks when lightning struck the rod other inventions that can be attributed to franklin include a glass harmonica bifocal eyeglasses and a urinary catheter with added flexibility as we said his efforts were widespread well many of benjamin franklins contributions are still used today. So. If you wear bifocals or talk about electric charge or survive.
A thunderstorm dont forget to cut out 100 bill thank you grandpa dirt number seven. The wright brothers orville and wilbur for one pair of ohio brothers. It took a little ingenuity and determination to turn their dream of flight into reality.
Orville and wilbur wright are probably the most important names in the history of aviation and heavier than air flight in the very early 1900s inventors across america and the world were racing to develop a reliable and practical machine in which human beings could controllably fly the wright brothers won that race. Although the rights have managed to lift off on the beach of kitty hawk north carolina. They hadnt found a way to stay in the air for more than a minute.
But that was about to change their invention of a 3 axis control enabled multi dimensional movement on a fixed wing aircraft far outstripping any innovation of their peers from their the sky. Really was the limit its powerful engine and 40 foot wingspan could carry pilot and passenger over 50 miles in the relative comfort of padded seats. As a model b lands on the white house lawn flight becomes the american dream number six john logie baird 1926.
And showed through television images in light and shade for the first set one of many great minds associated with the development of television. John logie bairds seemed always prominent when the most significant advances were made many historians credit him with being the first to produce a live moving grayscale tv image. Did it really would originally he could so just basically a black cross.
Its a bit flickery and a bit wobbly and he could just about with some special focusing just about get a white blob of a face. And hes also noted as the man behind the first publicly demonstrated color tv system transmitted on july 3rd. 1928.
A similar figure to marconi and radio barrett. Also worked to lengthen the distances between which tv could be broadcast leading the way for the international applications that it has today it is now 12 years ago since i produced the first little second television image today. We have in london.
A regular television service twice daily with paradiso curtain. Number five archimedes. A scientists work to recover the text from this fragile document.

who is credited with inventing the technology for the modern light switch?-1
who is credited with inventing the technology for the modern light switch?-1

They are discovering. But archimedes was further ahead of his time than they had ever believed of course inventors were inventing things in ancient times as well and none more so than archimedes. The brains behind the self titled and still widely used archimedes screw a device enabling efficient pumping of water the ancient greek engineer is probably best remembered as a mathematician he is the most famous of the ancient mathematicians and the first to discover the value for pi.
The mathematical equivalent of inventing. The wheel the most famous archimedes anecdote involves his creating a method to measure the volume of an irregularly shaped object. Perhaps he was sitting in the bath house.
One day wondering how a heavy bathtub can float when inspiration came to him upon working it out in the bath. He ran down the street naked shouting eureka. Which is now the unofficial catchphrase of inventors everywhere eureka did you build the smella sculpt.
No. I remembered that i built one last year. Number.
4. Leonardo da. Vinci.
Hes well known as a great artist. But in fact. He also made great contributions to foundations of science.
Another indisputable genius leonardo da. Vincis inventions are often overlooked or at least. Overshadowed.
Because of his legendary art work. Leonardo was among most important painters of the italian renaissance and the father of the high renaissance style. But da.
Vinci was more than just the mona lisa in fact. Many of his ideas. Were so advanced.

who is credited with inventing the technology for the modern light switch?-2
who is credited with inventing the technology for the modern light switch?-2

They werent physically possible for hundreds of years after his death within his designs a helicopter a calculator and even suggestions of solar power. His technical and anatomical drawing was also largely unrivaled he was more than outside of the box. He was intellectually adrift from the entire human race to understand how scientifically brilliant and innovative.
He was we got to understand what was going on during his time and late 1400s. When leonardo was coming up as a young artist europe was essentially devoid of most real science in the modern sense number three nikola tesla. The archetypal mad scientist throughout much of the 20th century nikola teslas work went a little underappreciated.
These things never quite work as you expect them to mr. Ngo. Thats one of the principal beauties of science.
But in recent times. Efforts have been made to better preserve his story and the impact he had on electrical engineering. Especially tesla was most taken with the idea of wireless technology and hes best known for his work on alternating current electricity.
The enduring images are those of him sitting and studying within highly charged laboratories. Cleverer and crazier than almost anybody else that ever lived thunder is good thunder is impressive. But it is lightning that does the work number two alexander graham bell.
So the story. I will tell you begins when i was just a boy. The telephone is one of the cornerstone inventions of modern existence and alexander.
Graham bell. Was the man who made it possible what if you could send the sound of a human voice. So that one person could simply speak to another even if they were far away starting out his professional life by working with the deaf and hard of hearing.
Bell harbored a lifelong fascination with sound and speech. When i wasnt thinking about machines or working on my ideas. I taught deaf children just like my father did he first began working on the telephone in the early 1870s and the first successful bi.
Directional transmission of clear speech was conducted on march 10th 1876. When bell called his colleague to say mr. Watson.

who is credited with inventing the technology for the modern light switch?-3
who is credited with inventing the technology for the modern light switch?-3

Come here. I want to see you that first phone call was actually conducted through this wire. Alexander graham bell.
Supposedly said over the telephone to watson. Mr. Watson.
Come here. I want you before we unveil our number one pick here are some honorable mentions morses idea is simple by turning a switch on and off you can send a series of electrical impulses across a wire to a distant receiver. If you create a pattern or code you can send a message this new explosive became what we now know as dynamite which alfred nobel invented in 1866 late in the 16th century galileo developed a geometric and military compass used by surveyors and gunners galileo constructed a thermometer comprised of a sealed glass cylinder containing a number of objects inside a clear liquid the varying densities of the objects caused them to rise or fall depending on changes in temperature.
But you might also have found another less well known face here he was not a philosopher or. Poet but an inventor and he almost started an industrial revolution 2000. Years ago then in 1450 an invention changed the world in the german city of mainz johannes gutenberg invented the technique of printing with movable type number.
One thomas edison. The phenomenally prolific american inventor thomas edison. The holder of an incredible 1093 us patents.
Thomas edison. Was an extreme inventor there were other great inventors then there was edison. He understood that inventing is not just having an idea and so he made edison a name to be reckoned with a real rags to riches story.
Hes probably best known for his ultimate and original lightbulb moment. Edison worked to install his electric light into towns and cities across the globe demonstrating a knack for big business as well the phonograph was also his creation the alkaline storage battery. He screened early motion pictures and he even drew up ideas for an electric car.
If edison thought about it he did it and he usually did it well storage battery. The motion picture projector. The motion picture camera.
The phonograph or record players. We would call it nowadays do you agree with our list. Who is your favorite famous inventor for more pioneering top 10s.
Published every day be sure to subscribe to watchmojocom. Here he could see his futuristic ideas appear on the screen. But his ideas were only accepted in science fiction movies and magazines.

who is credited with inventing the technology for the modern light switch?-4
who is credited with inventing the technology for the modern light switch?-4

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