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Guys christian notary public here with the new video today. Were gonna be talking talking about can a notary serve as a document witness while notarizing a persons at the same time so lets go ahead and dive into that now what is a document witness. A document witness is an individual who watches another individual sign a document in many jurisdictions powers of attorney or last wills and testaments may also require one or more witnesses to be present at assigning witnesses typically sign the document as well witnesses to these documents are not notaries.
They are private individuals and the witnessing of a signature in this context is not considered a notarization depending on the requirements for the document being signed witnesses may need to be at least 18 years of age. Close relatives might be prohibited from being a witness. More than one witness may be needed usually in the state of california.
When they asked for witnesses. They asked for two and a notary public may be a witness. So lets talk about that can a notary be a document witness.
If you are notarizing a signature on the document can you also be a document witness. The answer is yes yes you may be a document witness in the state of california. A notary public is allowed to notarize the signature and in addition to that also be one of the two witnesses required for the document.
Witnessing a signature versus notarizing first when you witness a signature as a notary you are performing an official act authorized by your state law that only a notary may do and second unlike document witnesses notaries must satisfy several requirements for a signature. Witnessing notaries must identify the individual signing. The document notaries must complete editorial certificate for the signature.
Witnessing notaries must sign the notorious certificate for the signature. Witnessing with their official signature and authenticated with their notary seal notaries may be required to record. A journal entry for the act notaries may charge.
A fee witness.

a notary who is not an attorney may-0
a notary who is not an attorney may-0

Seeing a signature is a different act from an acknowledged. If you are asked to act. As the document witness.
You are not performing an official notarization. You watch the signature being made and then sign the document as a private individual not as a notary you do not complete editorial certificate as a document witness and you may not charge. A fee yep so so there are like i said like obviously.
Theres theres differences. But in witnessing a signature versus notarizing when you notarize a document you must follow all the rules you know you must sign the notorious certificate for the signature. Witnessing with their official seal and authenticated with their notary seal notaries of course.
Youre always required to why notarizing. A document follow the acts. However when you witness it its not important that you write that in in your journal.
I understand that this is probably right here this section could get some people get confused. I hadnt read this over in a while and now that i read it over im like okay. I just dont want anybody to misinterpret what it says and but to keep it simple.
When you notarize something you follow regular tutorial procedure. And if youre also witnessing a signature on that same document. You dont have to do anything for that you just sign print your name sometimes it asks for your address.
So that they could find you to confirm that you did sign and print your name on that document when you witnessed it and you could go ahead and fill that information in as well.

a notary who is not an attorney may-1
a notary who is not an attorney may-1

But you dont have to put your seal on anything and you do not have to write that you witnessed a signature on im sorry in your journal. So you dont have to write any additional information in your journal. Because when you witness.
A document youre still within your right as a private individual to sign that you witness. The document and when youre notarizing. It youre also acting as a notary public.
So youre able to do both of those so to answer. It just to be very clear can you witness. The signature on a document that you are also notarizing the state of california yes and even if they dont need something notarized.
You can always serve as a witness as well so yes. A notary public may be a witness on on a on a document that they are notarizing or not notarizing. Either way they can be a witness and i just want to throw this out there wills wills thats the document that in the state of california.
We do not notarize just a little tip. But they do require two witnesses and like i just stated right now. Yes you may be one of the two witnesses on that will but wills strangely enough in the state of california.
They dont get it notarized thats weird right all right guys that does it for this video. If you have any questions go ahead and leave a comment below. I will answer them as you can see i try to answer as many questions as i possibly can in the comment section.
You guys have a great day bye. .

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a notary who is not an attorney may-2

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