Role Play: Person Centred Therapy

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Max. I understand that you have some concerns that youd like to discuss today today so whenever youre ready. Im happy for you to voice whatever it that youd like to talk about yeah.
Well i suppose the bottom line is im having some difficulties in my relationship with my wife and i very uncertain about actually being here. Its been embarrassing talking about these things for the stranger. Yeah.
So youre feeling a little bit uncomfortable. Discussing such personal information. With an outsider.
Yes. It is im a bit awkward brought up lets solve your problems yourself. And you know do it outside the family you dont take the problems to strangers.
And i would love leedy. But also i realize now that given the depth of the problem that i also need to get another perspective on things okay all right. I guess.
Some what i generally say to people when they first come along is that its not uncommon to feel quite uncomfortable talking to an outsider about such personal information. And even though i cant predict exactly how youre going to feel. And how things will go for you today.
I do know that in the past a lot of other people have have actually felt quite uncomfortable to begin with but as theyve been able to talk and get things off their chest. They actually feel quite relieved so you might find that that as we spend more time. Together.
That youre more comfortable in this environment. Too. I hope youll accept that one yeah.
Yeah. Ill see how we go well. It was a friend of mine.
Had been involved in a counseling program suggested that this is what i i should have temper do anyway. Okay okay and youre saying before as well. But but normally you like to solve things yourself and work things out yourself.
And i think its quite a balanced perspective too to be looking at how youre going to resolve things yourself and also to get an outside perspective as well so i can see lots of benefit that can come from from that jewelled approach well i havent succeeded in doing it by myself. So yeah. Thats worth a go yeah.
So perhaps we can we can shed some light on on some helpful approaches for you okay. I guess to help me understand your situation. It would be helpful.
If you could talk a little bit about whats been going on for you. And whats brought you along well suppose things have just deteriorated in relationship with my wife.

what is the essential quality of a therapist who is conducting person-centered therapy?-0
what is the essential quality of a therapist who is conducting person-centered therapy?-0

Angelina. Wed be where 11 years. Me omega ticketys johnnys not on him jackie hes 7 right and shes very busy in a job.
And shes always better i suppose a bit of a control freak right she likes things to be just so and occasionally. She would what i would call it lose the plot and shed yell at me and abuse me. But in the past that was never a problem because we could sit down and talk about it and shed recognize that shed probably gone over the top and one hour.
But lately. Its really just gotten out of hand and its its shes not controlling her ians got a temper and it it really concerns me there because i think its starting to affect the kids right okay. So it sounds like to begin with she might often become quite angry.
But she would settle down and you could resolve things. But of late its become a lot more volatile and shes become more explosive and and youre really concerned about the impact on yourself and the children yeah. I mean the kids are younger i mean john john hes a boy and he seems to be handling things okay.
But you always uncertain as to really how things affect again jackys jack is only seven as i said and shes a lot more sensitive. I just shes not really here like next to her at all and thats really starting to put a lot of extra concern delay. Yeah okay so it sounds like if youve got a lot of concerns about both the kids and johns probably handling it okay outwardly even though obviously hes feeling it but jackie youre particularly concerned about image is quite delicate and youre worried about that impact and all of you are walking around on eggshells at the moment.
Just waiting for some kind of explosion to happen that sounds right oh well im considerate. The kids were all concerned about the marriage. Its important to me to do what you can to keep things together because thats its better for kids.
But if i had to see where one major concern it would be probably for jackie okay. Because theres been a few instances likely where the kids have been exposed in the full glory of this sort of volatile angry behavior. And thats what he was starting to worry me a lot right okay.
Yeah. I guess im very impressed too to see how much you youre obviously devoted to the children and hes certainly putting their welfare first and you want to make sure that theyre in a stable environment. So that theyre okay.
And i think obviously thats thats a credit to you as a father that theyve got your mobile. Those kids just made everything today. Theyre just titled a lot.
I mean theyre just everything. Yeah. Okay okay.
And its really clear when you when you talk about them your face lights up. So they obviously theyre obviously very special. Very cool.
Yeah okay all right just in terms of helping me to understand exactly whats going on between yourself and angelina. Thats thats causing you such distress would you be able to give me perhaps a recent example of a time. Where you did have some conflict and and talk about what happened.
Yeah a couple of weeks ago. Shed been very busy so just to make things easier for her were living away and on the way home from work and picked up a triclinic and i got home probably half an hour late and what i normally would and she didnt ask me why i was late or whatever she just waited with tirade of abuse right and would listen to when he comments or observations.

what is the essential quality of a therapist who is conducting person-centered therapy?-1
what is the essential quality of a therapist who is conducting person-centered therapy?-1

I had to make about it and probably the worst part for me was that both the kiddies are there you could see particularly young jackie. The impact. I was having on them.
And it just really just broke my heart mmm. Okay okay. So that sounds like it was very upsetting for you to be involved in nothing.
I said or did was was going to ease the situation it just went on and on and on and on she she bowed out of the anger okay yeah. And what actually happened after after she did burn out what happened with the kids in terms of helping kids. The kids were very restless that night very cleared me it shocked and surprised these things have been going on for a while.
But this was the first time. The kids had actually been fully exposed to they i suppose the full spectrum of the abuse of the reading arriving just the volatile nature of it requires time okay. So that was a specific repair.
Yeah. And and how often does this tend to happen its episodic. Its always the underneath the surface sometimes it might be sometimes.
It might be everyday sometimes might be once a week one support line thats because theres no rhyme or reason to things thats actually adding today the difficulty because its i find its starting to affect my work and i think myself and the kids are starting to walk on eggshells a little bit okay. Thats thats very unhealthy environment for the children mm hmm. So its affecting the children.
But its spilled over into your work environment. As well and youre feeling uncomfortable. When youre at work is that right i find myself sometimes not focusing on my work and thinking about how can i fix things up at home.
So. That you know angelina is more settled this morning. Its more peaceful harmonious life.
But we used to have the kids lives are not so disrupted theyre not exposed to this intensive and negative emotion right okay so it sounds like next for you its a very constant and unrelenting distress. Its its at home. Its at work and youre feeling it yeah.
Its its starting to be nonstop in terms of of thinking. I cant think about a book. I think about it walking on eggshells.
When angelina goes to sleep. Ill stay awake thinking mx of what i might be able to do when sometimes i just think id like some peace and id like some peace for the kiddies declaring jackie because i think shes really feeling it and i wonder whether maybe i should just leave. Its at least the kids can have some peace.
Because if im not there. Maybe. Angelina wont have a target.
Its a big step. A big step to take to think of leaving.

what is the essential quality of a therapist who is conducting person-centered therapy?-2
what is the essential quality of a therapist who is conducting person-centered therapy?-2

Yeah. Ive thought about it. I ive never discussed with anybody.
But hearing myself say that leading the relationship would be a possible solution is thats a bit threatening the whole stability of the kids because i think its important to do whatever you can to keep the relationship going and ultimately if if we can work at resolving. These issues. Then the kids will be a lot better off.
Yeah. Its part of a fairly brief. We take it off and having a battle through explaining.
It into the kids reflected lifestyle right right um. Okay mags. If i could just summarize.
What weve talked about so far you explained to me that youve become very frustrated and tired and i think worn out with a lot of the anger and a lot of the volatility in the relationship that you have with angelina and you work very worried about the impact on both jackie and john and youve been so worried in fact that youve considered leaving. But its also occurred to you that thats a major step to take and its one that you would prefer not to do and that that makes you think that you want to even work harder to actually restore things between yourself and angelina and and work things through so. That you can actually be more harmonious and live together in peace as a family with that coverage for you yeah.
Summarizes pretty accurately. We were out of the moment. Oh.
Thats that would be my strong preference right well. Luckily i would be a copier. Yeah.
I probably id probably heal. It. But that would be so difficult for the kids.
Yeah. Yeah. Okay okay.
Well. I guess. This might be as good.
A time. As any just to draw things together and perhaps finish for now. And perhaps.
If you wanted to work with me on this id be very happy to support you in whatever. It is that youd like to do in the future in your relationship with angelina and restoring the family to what it once was and then moving forward. Id be really happy together.
Because i think a lot a lot a lot of things have been clarified for we had a better perspective of what the options are what the what the downsides of silly thinking would be okay. I really appreciate talking with you i kind of thanks. Thank you very much .

what is the essential quality of a therapist who is conducting person-centered therapy?-3
what is the essential quality of a therapist who is conducting person-centered therapy?-3

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