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who is tim johnson and what is wrong with him This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Sergei Kharitonov knocks out Matt Mitrione | Bellator 225 | ESPN MMA. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Started the night with a heavyweight collision between two unbeaten fighters. Tyrell fortune. And rudy rudy staff roth.
You know you could almost look at tyrell fortune. And say here. The future of the heavyweight division.
He is a guys got outstanding wrestling. But look at his ability to stand up and fight. And its that low kick.
That changes the course of this fight. Chef roth was going after the big shots trying to land on him that inside kick want to get it up that big right hand hurts and then he goes after him and at that point. Rudys shot fathers in trouble.
Hes got a big man mounted on him turns his back here it comes tyrell fortune with the rear naked choke for the tap out outstanding victory by tyrell fortune first time on the main card for both of these fighters. Next up the man with more flights than anyone in bellator history david rickles against unbeaten euro. Slav amazon everyone knows how durable and how tough dave rickles is but when youre looking at dynamo amazon.
Yaroslav. Amazon is a fighter that has it all great stand up great wrestling and great submissions. He does it all and he does it all so well you look at this fight you see.
When he takes him down at will and then moves himself to positions goes. After a darce choke and is the first fighter to ever submit dave rickles in an mma fight. What a big win by the still undefeated.
22. And oh yaroslav amaz off next up. They met at 135 alejandra lara.
And taylor turner turner coming off that great performance against heather hardy. She did as she had a great performance against heather won by the use ground game. But it was her ground him that shorts are the feiler against alejandra lara.
Lara control position made the position of taking big strikes she tried to entwine the leg here wasnt able to lara slips to her back and instead of going out to the choke just decides to pound her out the referee comes in and stops. It a big win for alejandra. Lara co main event featured tim johnson instead of javy ayala against vitaly minich off who was coming off his first career loss well.

who is tim johnson and what is wrong with him-0
who is tim johnson and what is wrong with him-0

Hes back to his winning ways in a big time way very impressive by vitali to come against a guy. Thats got such good wrestling. A completely different fighter.
But look at what he does with the wrestling look at the big man take him over the top that is a huge lift by vitali comes agin with it and brings him over this is what makes menikoff so tough his wrestling is outstanding and then his striking is unorthodox. But deadly big kick with the right foot right hand that stuns johnson. Hes in trouble.
Hes out big shots by vitali minnick off to knockout. Tim johnson menikoff. A victor once again main event of the evening.
The rematch between matt mitrione and sergei kharitonov. Danberg. Leotta.
Making. Sure both men were properly. Equipped well as it turned out john.
They really werent well matt mitrione had a mouthpiece that just did not work for him in this fight. And it started to become a problem for him mentally in the fight. He was doing well he was landing his hands he was hitting combinations.
But carrot. Enough we always talked about him coming forward once he started to be able to say his feet come forward. He started land big shots that there is that uppercut that uppercut to annie.
Which he just knocked out roy nelson with now he knocks out matt mitrione. Sergei kharitonov is a beast. Hello everyone to tario hani.
I just came here to thank you for watching our espn youtube channel. Its the best you know what else is the best. The espn app.
You can get highlights analysis. All that stuff and more and if you want premium content and live streaming sports. Theres only one place for all that its espn plus.

who is tim johnson and what is wrong with him-1
who is tim johnson and what is wrong with him-1

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