‘The Great Gatsby’: Analysing Chapters 5 \u0026 6 (spoilers)

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Everybody welcome to this video on the great gatsby so many of you have started started a level and are sending me messages. Saying can i cover the great gatsby. It seems like this is the best thing to do last year.
I was tutoring a student and i was covering the great gatsby in the videos that im about to start uploading here onto youtube for you that student has now finished her a levels. Shes happy for me to share these videos with you so the video youre about to see it lacks the polish and the sort of fine tuning of some of my other videos. Its just me talking through the text discussing the first chapter of the great gatsby.
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5. Of great gatsby is a fantastic chapter. Where everything seems to finally come.
Together and jay gatsby. Meet daisy at nicks house. So nick gets home to west egg.
And he finds that gatsbys house is lit up. But theres no party gatsby comes over to see him and nick says look im gonna film daisy and invite her to tea and got to be acts like he doesnt care. But really hes very excited and he offers nick the opportunity to make some money.
Which is quite significant actually in helping us to understand the differences between old money new money. But there nick says no because he realizes that it would be just something that gatsby feels. He has to do as a payment to return the favor for inviting daisy over so.
Nick invites daisy. He says dont bring tom. And she says yeah.
No problem. And she comes over and there meets gatsby who she hasnt seen for five years and they have a fantastic time together so chapter. 5.
Is an interesting chapter to think about structurally because we could think of this as the the big moment of the text now structurally. If i can get it here ideas about structure were really sort of sort of finished off by gustav freytags who suggested that all five at plays and all novels follow this structure. Theres the exposition.
The exposition is the beginning of the text. Where the main characters and the setting are introduced there theres an inciting incident. Which is something happens and if that is the catalyst for conflict.
Something happens that brings everything together starts the ball rolling of things building up to the climax. The rising action is just lots of little things happening that keep the reader interested. But it builds up to every text builds up to a climax around the midpoint of the text or the play whatever.
It is a novel and novella and this is the big moment of the text. But the main character comes face to face with a conflict and they have a choice to make and sometimes. Its hard to work out what is the climax.

who is ella kaye in the great gatsby-0
who is ella kaye in the great gatsby-0

But thinking about this idea of they have a choice to make is so important and then it winds down to an ending. Which is either happy or sad. The danube ah doesnt have to be a happy ending.
Doesnt have to tie up all the loose ends. But you know it sort of is an ending of sorts. Now you can apply this to the great gatsby and there is some debate of a you know how you would apply it and its absolutely fine to debate it but we could say that the exposition is the first few pages.
Where the reader learns the background of nick. And how he came to live. Where he lives next to gatsby and then we have the introduction of tom and daisy and jordan at the first party.
The rising action. We might is that many things that contribute to this sort of building of tension. Nick meeting.
Gatsby becoming intrigued with him all of the rumors that we hear about gatsby. These hints of the illegal lifestyle. The fact that we find out table is having an affair with myrtle but building up to the climax.
Now. What is the climax of gatsby well. It is probably the fight at the hotel in town on the hot summers day.
Thats the the turning point of the novel. Tom. Daisy gatsby.
Get into the fight about daisys love and daisy storms. Out. And then it all winds down with the fact that of course.
Daisy drives. Home myrtle jumps out in front of the car. Thinking toms driving daisy doesnt stop myrtles dead.
Gatsby. Then you know at the very end you know decides to wait outside toms house to keep an eye on daisy. But what happens then of course is that george wants to get revenge.
And you know george kills. Gatsby in his pool and ultimately kills himself and there you know gatsby is dead. So the interesting thing about that structural analysis is that it feels like chapter five should be the climax of the novel.
It feels like the the thing. Everythings been building up to is the fact that gatsby and daisy finally get back together and have this kind of loving moment. But of course.
Its a little bit early in the text to have the actual climax. And i think. This is a structural feature by f.
Scott fitzgerald. Who is basically making the very intelligent reader aware of the fact that somethings not quite right. Here this seems too good to be true.

who is ella kaye in the great gatsby-1
who is ella kaye in the great gatsby-1

This is not the climax of the text. And you know. Although gatsby is brought face to face with the fulfillment of his dream.
The dream. He has pursued relentlessly for the last five years. Its a bit early and as a reader.
Because this happens quite early the tax structurally. We can imagine that this isnt going to be your typical sort of rags to riches success story somethings going to go wrong. Because the happiness comes too early and all of that is a structural feature and indeed in chapter six.
Which well look at in the next video. Things do go wrong and things start to quickly unfold and in chapter six. We actually learn about the true history of gatsby and and the sort of the myth.
And the sort of illusion is shattered. Now i talked a little bit earlier about the fact that gatsby offers this money to nick offers him an opportunity to pick up a nice bit of money and this is quite interesting because its a very tactless situation. If we have a look at it here here we go it wouldnt take up much of your time.
And you might pick up a nice bit of money it happens to be a rather confidential sort of thing now if somebody who is so steeped in mystery. And we dont know much about him at all the situation. We have here is the reality that old money versus new money is so different because gatsby is rich.
But he doesnt have this or the social graces. Hes tactless here. He actually thinks that money is the answer to everything so.
His approach is to throw money at the problem or throw money at a situation and everything will be fine and that is very much the new money approach of west egg. That that money can solve everything and the fact is despite his great wealth gatsbys generosity here is nontraditional and it shows. How he is out of touch with the old money world in which he basically wants to succeed he wants to enter this world.
Thats why hes had this house. You know the house thats done up in this old style and every. So then what happens is gatsby dresses for the event.
He dresses in we can find it he dresses in a white flannel suit silver shirt and a gold colored tie and obviously color symbolism is something that we find in a lot of literary texts. And its something that we find here so what hes wearing is it anyway. What hes wearing is symbolic of his love of money and again his newly owed money because its new its something that he wants to be flaunting around because he thinks it will be the one thing that will get him daisies the one thing that stopped him getting daisy and now he wants to brag about it because he feels that he now has the one thing that he didnt have before which is money and again.
You know the idea is is presented that money is the answer to everything and theyre really torn apart. As the text continues as not being the answer to everything of at all and then theres a rather strange situation. Where gatsby shows his shirt to daisy and she starts crying.
And its debatable about why she is crying. But really whats interesting to me is the fact that she isnt weeping for the love lost in gatsby. Shes crying about the fact of all of the riches.
She should seize in front of her so it seems that daisy is very similar to gatsby in the sense that this overly kind of ridiculous flaunting of wealth seems to be what will make everybody happy it seems to be the the sort of success that everybody wants and that here you know we see she began to cry strongly. It makes me sad because ive never seen such such beautiful shirts before never seen such wealth and riches before so what happens then well they try to go down to the waterfront. But theyre stopped by the rain as we see here it began to rain again.
We can see this as an example of pathetic fallacy. Where the setting in this case. The weather reflects that whats going on with the characters perhaps poor shadows that their attempts will you know their attempts at being you know sort of happy together.

who is ella kaye in the great gatsby-2
who is ella kaye in the great gatsby-2

Im not going to and successfully and then theres the interesting bit when he says to her youve always had a green that burns all night at the end of your dock. This is quite a sort of deep idea of symbolism. But the idea here is that a nic notices.
It gatsby obviously notices it or or calling to nick as the narrator gatsby notices. It daisy is oblivious to it but whats happening is gatsby saying to her look. This was one of my most sort of holy and sacred activities and before this day that green light.
Which of course you can analyze the the green light as representing money. Which is green in america. But also hope maybe sort of you know youth or lots of things really and that before this day before he met with daisy again and they sort of said.
Yes. You know were happy to be together. Before this day.
This green light was a dream. It was a symbol of a dream. And he would reach out to it because he was trying to bring himself closer to daisy now on this day with daisy standing beside gatsby her arm in his the light doesnt have the same importance or significance his dream.
Which was the gold hes based all of his adult life on on most of his adult life on it and certainly the the last five years has to now change. And theres something here about a criticism of the american dream that you know it isnt always sort of you know the the simple success of this is what i want to achieve or what i achieve it ill be happy we see here that thats me seems to achieve what he was looking for. But you know once hes achieved it things are going to change.
Now. When the text continues into chapter six. Ill just briefly talk about the structural juxtaposition in chapter six.
Because again as im saying structurally things seem to be very good. And you think well thats the kind of high point of the novel. But then what f.
Scott fitzgerald. Does is he tears that apart right away in chapter. 6.
And this structural juxtaposition between this sort of dream of chapter. 5. And then the the harsh reality of chapter.
6. The the dream shatters in chapter. 6.
Where we learn that you know there was james gatz. Who became jay gatsby because what happened was this this guy of the shores of lake superior dan cody in a yacht and gapps me before this had been spending his time going around trying to shape his character to sort of become the person he wanted to become and what happens is cody gives gatsby the opportunity to really perfect. This fiction.
That would define his life and cody is 50 years old. Hes got a sort of thing for women which causes lots of trouble and it takes guts begin prepares him for his life. And actually you know is going to leave a lot of money to gatsby.
But he doesnt get it at the end. And this is the kind of smack in the face about the harsh reality of this situation and just as we hear about the the actual reality of this situation. The fact that you know hes not this kind of superhero as as everythings been presenting him as the next thing that happens so clever this structure is so good at this text.

who is ella kaye in the great gatsby-3
who is ella kaye in the great gatsby-3

The next thing that happens is tom and a couple of others sloan and a pretty woman. They arrive on horseback so they go horse riding and they show up for a drink and and gatsby talks to to tom now tom. This is whats so clever is the embodiment of the old money the kind of you know the historical wealth of success and all the rest of it.
And the fact that we have the arrival of tom on horseback contrasted right next to the truth about who got to be is is telling the reader subtly look you know this isnt as simple as gatsbys a good guy true love that he should get with daisy toms an idiot. They shouldnt in a world. Where money and material.
Success is everything the actual old money is much more important than the new money so in chapter six a lot of the mystery surrounding gatsby is cleared away. And again this suggests you know knowing what i said about chapter. Five.
You know structurally everything is good to early the fact that theres this sort of delay suggests that actually now were building up to whats really going to happen and probably that cline thats been the sort of showdown in the hotel that are talked about about hot summers day. Now what happens in this chapter. Though is is fitzgerald really points out the difference between new money and old money regardless of the amount of money youve got where the money came from.
But how long its been around seems to matter in american society. So again its almost as if the american dream. The idea that you could achieve anything if you work hard enough is presented to gatsby.
Its what he believes in is what the country believes in he works hard itll be it in a sort of immoral way. And then what happens after that is he realizes that he cannot achieve what he wants and this doesnt happen right now. But we see all the subtle clues of structure.
Particularly the structural is positioning the juxtaposition of two opposites next to each other to realize well hang on a minute. This isnt going to end as brilliantly as we we think it should so the trio who arrived at gatsbys house they behave in a really embarrassing way the woman s is tactless and you know gatsby big gatsby seems to sort of trust. What they say and believe that theyre talking the truth.
Hes got this good sort of good nature. But the fact that hes achieved his dream of financial success doesnt make a difference in the fact that hes never going to be accepted into the old money because he is outside of that successful lifestyle so you know we know that the young woman invites cats me to join them for dinner but the three riders this is whats key about this they know that this is just rhetorical. Its just a kind of lightness is a formality they dont actually mean it.
Whereas gatsby. He doesnt know that its not meant so he agrees to attend and the group are disgusted by this behavior. And thats why they leave without him its quite subtle the writing of this to understand.
But theyre theyre so amazed at his poor taste. And his lack of social graces that he would accept the invitation to dinner that they actually leave and that is just another highlight of the difference between the sort of old money and new money so how does it end this chapter chapter six. I wasnt going to go into the whole thing in this video.
But i think hi as well now the purpose of the parties up until this point in the text was to get daisys attention or if not possible for gatsby to actually meet somebody who knew daisy so he could start the ball who started get things going in terms of having this building up in a relationship with him now at this party in chapter six. She actually comes to the party with tom. So the purpose of the party is now different daisy and got to be very comfortable.
Together and tom is and she started to feel a bit threatened and suspicious of the situation. And you know gatsby sort of points out. Do you know that famous person there and toms kind of like no you know hes trying to sort of show off about you know the sort of famous people who at the party.
Hes trying to impress the buchanans and theyre not impressed you know tom. But also especially daisy are not impressed with well they called the raw vigour of the party. You know it offends their old money sensibilities.
It provides another example of how there is this distinct social class between old money and new money. So tom and daisy head. Home nick and godspeed talk about the how the evening went gatsbys worried that daisy didnt enjoy it and tells nick this and nick says you know well you know dont worry about whats what but you know theres nothing we could do about it its in the past.
But gatsby says you know you seem so nick says. You cant change the past and gatsby says. Why of course you can this is this is gatsbys belief that you can be whoever you want to be to achieve whatever you want to achieve and that ultimately escort fitzgerald saying well thats not true because what happens is gatsby is continually sort of revising and modifying who he is but it is still up outcasts of society.

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who is ella kaye in the great gatsby-4

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