The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving | Summary \u0026 Analysis

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In the introduction of the legend of sleepy hollow. Narrator diedrich knickerbocker describes the origins origins and beautiful setting of the town of sleepy hollow. One of the quietest places the whole world much of the description is focused on the dreamy nature of the valley and its inhabitants.
Who are superstitious people the dominant spirit that haunts. This region is that of the headless horseman. An apparition believed to be a hessian soldier.
Whose body is buried in the churchyard. But whose ghost seeks its missing head nightly at the nearby battleground where it was severed from his body knickerbocker. Then introduces the main character of the story.
An outsider to the region. Hailing from connecticut. A schoolmaster named ichabod crane.
Hes a tall gangly guy and as a schoolmaster hes authoritative and swift to inflict corporal punishment. But after hours he entertains the older students and babysits the younger ones gives pretty bad singing lessons and does odd jobs with light labor on the farms in order to earn the free room and board. Hes given as he moves from household to household spreading gossip and readily sharing what most of the people perceive as his superior intellect in the rising action ichabod begins wooing the beautiful and wealthy katrina van tassel the greedy ichabod crane practically licks his lips when thinking of getting his hands on her family sources of food fine furnishings and cash.
But ichabod has a rival in his pursuit of katrina. The hero of sleepy hollow. A burly native son nicknamed brom bones brom is so well liked and admired in the valley.
That no one would bother to go up against him in pursuit of katrina. No one but the clueless ichabod crane. That is ichabod proceeds to quietly woo katrina often calling at the van tassel home and giving her singing lessons eating the familys food and sharing ghost stories now like the rest of the residents of sleepy hollow crane is superstitious and often becomes horribly afraid when walking alone in the valley braum and his gang regularly play pranks on ichabod publicly ridicule him and even train a dog to howl whenever.
It hears the schoolmaster sing. One autumn day. Ichabod has an invitation delivered to him at the schoolhouse by a van tassel servant to attend a party at their house that night ichabod takes extra care and getting ready.
Dismissing the schoolchildren.

who is the protagonist in the legend of sleepy hollow-0
who is the protagonist in the legend of sleepy hollow-0

A full hour early he looks ridiculous as he trots through the beautiful countryside on a broken down plowhorse named gunpowder borrowed from a neighbor at the party ichabod eats. Then dances wildly with katrina. The evening continues with stories of the revolutionary war that soon give way to the usual ghost stories.
Many different accounts of encounters with the headless horseman. Are told including one by the heroic brom bones. As the party breaks up ichabod lingers.
To have a private conversation with katrina. But something either an awkward conversation or katrinas and attention. Knickerbocker isnt sure sees a chabad leave the party.
Quite desolate and chapfallen as the dejected ichabod crane begins traveling home he feels spooked as he remembers all the ghost stories he heard that night as he tries to cross a stream that the village people believed to be haunted he sees another horseman is nearby he calls out. But receives no answer this rider shadows ichabod speeding up or slowing down. As ichabod does the frightened schoolmaster is finally able to see this figure is a headless rider who carries what appears to be his head on the saddle in front of him ichabod begins.
A desperate ride to the church. The headless rider. Hes hot on his trail as ichabod loses.
His saddle and must cling to the neck of his horse as he crosses the last bridge. He turns to see if his pursuer will vanish as the legend promises in the exciting climax of the story. The horseman stands up on his saddle and hurls his head striking ichabod right in his cranium and knocking him to the ground as the horseman thunders by in the falling action.
The next day ichabod has disappeared old gunpowder is found at his masters gate. The villagers search for ichabod and they soon find his horses lost saddle and by the bridge a smashed pumpkin and ichabods hat. But ichabod crane has never found his meager belongings are dispensed with his books and papers are burned.
Most of the inhabitants believe that the headless horseman of sleepy hollow has struck again and carried off a kibbutz body in the resolution. Knickerbocker has written this story. Thirty years after he heard it from an unnamed old gentleman in a group of respected businessmen and government leaders.
The gentleman reports that ichabod crane is alive and well became a attorney politician and a court justice brom bones weds katrina soon after ichabods disappearance and often laughs.

who is the protagonist in the legend of sleepy hollow-1
who is the protagonist in the legend of sleepy hollow-1

Whenever the smashed pumpkin is brought up as the story is told around the fire the legend of sleepy hollow opens with lots of description. But where any narrative action occurs washington irving viewed story as a simple frame on which to stretch my materials. Irving paints the picture of sleepy hollow.
As an idyllic place frozen in time and graced by the beauty of nature in opposition to to rapid progress a hallmark of literary romanticism. Which looks to the past and to nature for inspiration by weaving in ancient stories and folktales irving makes it clear that the people of the area have remained true to their roots and have a strong sense of identity painting. A satirical comical unflattering portrait of ichabod crane suggests that if the pompous self serving gullible crane can make it in politics.
It indicates. What types of people often succeed in that arena. Four denizens of the town of sleepy hollow.
And one legendary figure of local myth comprised the characters in the short story the legend of sleepy hollow ichabod crane is an outsider in sleepy hollow. Who ingratiate himself through gossiping and essentially serving as a babysitter as a schoolmaster hes a strict disciplinarian and his level of intellectual sophistication is questionable in his own mind. Hes a ladies man capable of winning the hearts of the valleys most eligible young woman.
Katrina van tassel he thinks his horrible singing voice is good and that his jerky dancing is the best around no one in sleepy hollow. Really misses ichabod crane. When hes gone.
Katrina van tassel is the star of her own life story. The equivalent of a modern day movie star at her small town she amuses herself by letting various men court her including a chabad crane brom bones is a combination of a modern day male model famous athlete. An all american boy next door a true local hero of sleepy hollow.
Good looking and fun. Loving. Hes revered by people.
His own age and the older generations as well brom and his gang pulled plenty of generally harmless pranks. But when brahms had enough of ichabod crane in his pursuit of katrina. Van tassel he most likely pulls off the biggest prank of all posing as the headless horseman and scaring a chabad into running away from sleepy hollow forever.

who is the protagonist in the legend of sleepy hollow-2
who is the protagonist in the legend of sleepy hollow-2

Van tassel is the epitome of a contented man hes wealthy and comfortable has a loyal and happy wife and adores his only child katrina baltus has little desire to leave the confines of his happy community finally readers learn about the headless horseman from the many different versions of the tale told about him supposedly. Hes the ghost of a hessian soldier who had his head shot off by a cannonball in the revolutionary war and constantly seeks this missing body part the night that shunned ichabod crane. Leaves the van tassel party.
A headless rider who carries his head on the saddle in front of him pursues the terrified ichabod crane running him out of sleepy hollow. But is that horseman really brom bones in disguise and is that severed head really a pumpkin music books and brooks and streams are the central symbols in the spooky story. The legend of sleepy hollow music is an essential element for setting the mood throughout the legend of sleepy hollow ichabod crane is depicted as vain and disconnected when it comes to his singing voice and his dancing ability with tongue in cheek.
Descriptions of his efforts in both areas. Ichabod crane. Is revealed as not having any actual talent.
Nevertheless. Giving singing lessons to young people is one way crane makes extra income music represents. The cocky side of his personality.
Hes blind to his own shortcomings. But he also sings at times. When hes filled with fear music is also present in the form of the singing birds in the valley.
Part of the rich description of the beautiful natural world books are a symbol of high level education and learning for the inhabitants of sleepy hollow. The people dont seem to own books. Preferring to tell stories and talk about the news.
The few books that are seen in the valley are used to repair the windows of the schoolhouse. Which are patched with leaves of old copy books part of what impresses people about ichabod crane is his book learning. Which herbing points out humorously is actually minimal.
He had read several books quite through his particular fascination with cotton mathers history of new england. Witchcraft indicates. Something about his level of intelligence mather.
A puritan believed that the devil was very present and at work in the new england colonies and that people could be possessed by the devil to do evil.

who is the protagonist in the legend of sleepy hollow-3
who is the protagonist in the legend of sleepy hollow-3

Ichabod crane shows how naive his thought processes are by wholeheartedly accepting mathurs words when ichabod crane disappears from sleepy hollow. His books are burned by hans van ripper to him they symbolise nothing but trouble and no one in the valley ever misses them brooks and streams filled with fresh flowing water are found throughout the setting of the legend of sleepy hollow. Part of the bounty of nature found in the areas almost magical landscape.
The brook runs at its boldest in sleepy hollow. Where the headless horseman is most often seen murmuring brooks also represent peace and a desirable way of rural life and rushing noisy streams represent chaos and fear perhaps the undesirable life one encounters in cities natures bounty. The unreliability of stories and the supernatural these are the key themes in washington irvings enduringly popular short story the legend of sleepy hollow.
Both the bounty of nature in the wild and the bounty afforded to the farmers of the region in the story are noted ichabod cranes greed for the bounty of the valley seems misplaced as the inhabitants are neither prideful nor interested in what they can acquire outside of their residence. One of washington irvings main messages in the legend of sleepy hollow. Is the unreliability of stories that is they need to question them whether theyre legends that have been handed down tales told among friends or contemporary works of fiction or nonfiction.
By using and explaining. A complex framing device. Irving sets readers up to question the storys veracity.
Its the story of ichabod crane narrated by dietrich knickerbocker. Who heard it orally from an unnamed person with a 30 year lapse between the events and knickerbockers recording of them in the postscript. A listener to the oral version of the tale displays doubt about it and the storyteller confirms.
I dont believe one half of it myself. Irving pokes. Fun at gullibility by portraying a chabad crane as an unquestioning believer in every ghost story.
He hears resulting in his irrational level of fear people can hold their traditions and be entertained by old stories. But readers and listeners must be logical and ask questions finally sleepy hollow is a place seemingly ruled by the supernatural ghost tales. Abound and are one of the main forms of entertainment.
When people gather together socially specific places are thought to be haunted. Many of them attached to the most famous tale of the area that of the headless horseman the legend of sleepy hollow opens up space for doubt among our veins readers and the listeners within the frame narrative. Its up to the reader.
As it is up to the citizens of sleepy hollow themselves to decide. Which version of the tale of ichabod crane to believe you .

who is the protagonist in the legend of sleepy hollow-4
who is the protagonist in the legend of sleepy hollow-4

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