The Queen of Hearts \u0026 Red Queen: History \u0026 Full Story Explained: Discovering Alice In Wonderland

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You were there and now youre here youre kind of through it. But but youre also behind it im excited for this jamboree come experience this with me wonderland is where were going where theres a queen who is always blowing her top. Because shes like really angry.
All the time the queens fall story is not far. But make sure you dont lose your head right jafar o. Method the queen of hearts is scary.
But do not be wary. Although my name is not carrie. Im very prepared to go on this journey to finally meet her in her full story.
Hello. Im isaac for watch. Some videos.
Where we discuss fun topics or fun people and today. Im going to be focusing on the queen of hearts and the red queens ball story. If you like to learn more about the many characters of wonderland.
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Instagram and facebook. Now its time to fall into the rabbit hole whoa when i was doing research for this video. I was scrolling through some disney wiki pages.
As i do and found there was no mention of the 2010 live action alice in wonderland on the queen of hearts page gasp. I said completely shocked how could this be the queen of hearts was totally in the live action. Telling well i found out no she wasnt the 2010 film had a character who was represented by the color red and a temper problem and who screamed off with her hugs.
But this was actually the red queen. How could i have not seen the difference. I say sarcastically you see in lewis carrolls original alice series the queen of hearts and red queen werent distinct characters.
The queen of hearts first appeared in carrolls alices adventures in wonderland.

who is the queen of hearts based on-0
who is the queen of hearts based on-0

Where she was actually a playing card lewis carroll was quoted in saying he pictured the queen of hearts as a sort of embodiment of unguardable passion. A blinded aimless fury and quote. The red queen.
The other hand was first seen in through the looking glass. Where she was a queen chess piece on the opposing team alice carol. The red queen was pictured as a fury.
But of another type when compared to the queen of hearts. Her passion must be cold and calm. She must be formal and strict yet not unkindly pedantic to the tenth degree.
The concentrated essence of all governesses and quote since their original appearances. Adaptations have continued to blend the two rulers together until we have reached a point where we rarely see the queen separated. Which is why if you want to talk about the queens of the disney alice in wonderland films.
You cant talk about one. Without the other there is one big exception. Which is in once upon a time.
Where the red queen is better known as the world traveling anastasia and the queen of hearts is the evil queens mother cora. But most works morph the characters like they are mixing some play doh. The 1951 walt disney animated film alice in wonderland does expertly capture the literary nonsense found in the original story.
But it perpetuates the long standing confusion between the red queen and the queen of hearts. By including phrases originally stated by the red queen for the queen of hearts in the film. The most notable statements taken for the queen of hearts is based on the red queens original declaration all the ways about here belong to me and in disneys alice in wonderland.
The queen of hearts states youre lazy. I just ate and isnt that statement the truth. We dont know how she came to power in wonderland.
Where she came from or why she is the way she is because disney followed lewis carrolls original intention of crafting the story with no meaning. The world and its humor are derived from the lack of conventional logic. Instead of well kind and thoughtful ideas therefore no characters possess backstories.
Because all characters are meaningless.

who is the queen of hearts based on-1
who is the queen of hearts based on-1

In this type of story. All we know in the classic film is the queen of hearts dominates over everyone in her kingdom. Shes eager testicle seen through her demanding everyone to greet her with yes jo majesty.
Shes also impatient sensitive and prone to dramatic temper tantrums in addition. The queen of hearts insanity is clear by her awareness of her mood swings and the enjoyment. She gets from proclaiming sentences to obtain individuals.
Noggins applause music get to the popped when i die in truth. She gains glee and excitement from her outbursts and the only thing that can hold her back. Just a tiny bit is nikki.
The king is the only one who can hold back the queen from her rages and can convince her of altering her plans slightly my dear wouldnt she have a trial yesterday. A little trial. Very well.
Although the 1951 alice in wonderland. Film kept the story set within alices nonsensical subconscious thereby. Leaving the character of the queen of hearts with mill backstory.
The 2010 live action alice in wonderland. And its sequel. Alice through the looking glass.
Which was meant to take place after the original story expands on the lore of the world. A recipe of crims otherwise known as the red queen was declared to be the future queen of underland. When she was born to the lands current rulers.
But this was revoked after a series of unfortunate events. The recipe had one sister in iran. A who would become the white queen and early in childhood stole a tart from their mother and left the remains under arrest best bed.
When confronted neuronal lies to her mother on the location of the tart. Which leaves arrest. Beth greatly upset in a fit of emotions that recipe runs into a clock.
Which leads to the massive growth of her head in the beginning of her deformation into a cruel leader at the coronation of the red queen arrest.

who is the queen of hearts based on-2
who is the queen of hearts based on-2

Beth is mocked for the crown not fitting on her abnormal head. Which causes a fit of rage and her father deciding to pass the crown on to the white queen. Instead the red queen devolves into jealousy for her sister for the white queen had gained not only the crown but genuine love from her subjects due to her rage for her sister.
The red queen becomes a rageful cruel hot tempered leader with in underland. Very similarly to the queen of hearts. This red queen takes on the queen of hearts catchphrase off with their heads uses animals as objects has the white rabbit and the fish footman work for her and possesses a heart motif throughout her castle building motif.
I kind of have bullying through my studio is disney stuff and watch some videos merchants watch so store calm even the idea of a tart being stolen is to ride from the original story of the queen of hearts. Only in the 2010 film. Its a frog footman who stole the tart instead of the knave of hearts since shes in love with him in this new series her large head on the other hand was actually inspired by the enemy of the queen of hearts known as the duchess needless to say the 2010 red queen was formed using inspiration from a large number of carols original characters.
The red queen eventually grows so powerful she brings forth a champion to battle the white queen on a battlefield. That looks an awfully like a chessboard to wink back at the original red queen. But unfortunately for arrest beth the monstrous jabberwocky is slain by alice and the red queens army gives up the fight against the white queens army leaving arrest beth to be exiled by her sister in the sequel.
Though after some destructive dealings with father time and learning about one another arrest. Beth and marana do forgive each other for their actions. The queen of hearts.
And the red queen were originally intended by lewis carroll to be separate characters that existed within a world built on the notion of nonsense and the lack of logic bazinga. See thats nonsense or maybe. Its not am i doing the lewis carroll thing again these characters existed.
But their origins and purpose in the story were originally meaningless like those last few sentences over the many years of adaptations of retellings. The queen of hearts and the red queen have been blended together to a point where its difficult to know the differences between them and these plato character combinations have slowly begun to be given character development and growth regardless of which queen you speak to though i have some advice for you make sure to turn out your toes curtsy open your mouth a little wider and always say yes your majesty your majesty. If you enjoy discussing the queen of hearts.
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who is the queen of hearts based on-3

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