The Queen Of The South (Matthew 12:42) – William Branham, Scriptural Signs Of The Time, 64-0410

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s a little queen down there they got to hunger in her heart for god god every time. She hears somebody one of the caravans to come by she say you been to palestine yes. Tell me about that great revival.
They got going on up there. And everybodyd say oh its from harvest. Did you see it yes.
How is it all that great god that they serve has come down and living in one of his servants and they made him king why he can discern you know as a very thoughts. Thats in your heart. And you know they say that god is the word and the word is god and the word discerns.
The thoughts thats in their heart. And that mans wisdom exceeds anything you ever heard of he can discern know even the thoughts that youre thinking about oh. Its a wonderful revival.
They got up there and you know faith cometh by hearing hearing. The word of god the promise of god and this little queen got to hungary and she wanted to go to this revival. Now she had a whole lot to confront her now the first thing she was a pagan should have to go to her priest.
Asked. If she could leave shes a queen. She is in dignity in the celebrity now no doubt for what she went up to the high priest.
Its a great holy father. I understand. There is a revival up in israel.
And theyre having a great time up there and their god is living and hes doing great signs and wonders that we never seen anything like it have heard anything like it ever care they inquire and they say its wonderful may i be excused from my denomination to go visit.

who is the queen of the south in matthew 12-0
who is the queen of the south in matthew 12-0

I can imagine were not cooperating in that meeting. So you better stay away from it then you know maam die. But not spirits they then we find out that no you better stay away from it were not cooperating in that when i look the holy father.
I understand now lookie here. If theres anything going on to be going on among us our church would have music your this year. Weve been have it right here i could hear that little queen say rise up i like her spunk she raised up said ive seen these i was standing here for years.
Ive heared you standing behind the pulpit preaching about some cough that was some god it was my great great grandmother heard the same stories not being moving no time they tell me they i want to see it i look if you go you know what youre gonna do youre so shake your step with a bunch of people you know you know they got all this opening red seas all that kind of stuff theyre not go up there the cause if you do well im going anyhow. Well take your name out of the book when a person goes to hungered and thirsting for make money morph. If you want to im going anyhow.
I hear thats a living god got reality. Im going to find out of that so you just might as well get the name off of it now she had a lot to confront her now remember she made up her mind. She got all the scrolls to read what jehovah was now theres a smart woman dont go on somebody.
Elses presumption. Just go. What the bible says either take.
What he says he is find out what he is if he lives or not not what some scholar is said about it. But what he said himself about himself why he promised and she began to read now she had a real good idea. She said.
Im gonna pack up a lot of gifts and im gonna take it and if its the truth. Ill support it if it is the truth. Im breaking my money back.
She could teach pentecostal people something support radio programs.

who is the queen of the south in matthew 12-1
who is the queen of the south in matthew 12-1

That laugh at the very thing that you believe in and yet you support it let you allow keep stilling that you know enough about that anyhow thats your preacher to notice. But thats a she she said if it isnt real i bring them gifts fact so she packed him up on a camera. Remember look like confronted her.
She had a long distance on it takes you had to go over camera. You know how long it takes it takes 90 days three months on the back of a camel not an air conditioned cadillac. No no three days and a back of a camel wonder jesus said shell raised in the judgement in this generation.
Condemn. It theres people at birmingham. Would walk across the street to see the same thing.
Buses streetcars there are pains everything else in our date. No wonder when they rise up. Theyll condemn this generation.
Yes. Youre far greater than solomon is here the holy ghost himself notice we find out then its another thought looking out ish. Most children was on the desert or they were fleet riders.
My and robbers while she had all that money on that walk her little band of eunuchs guards that she had a few mates they just cut chop them right down take that treasure go on like nothing. But you know theres something about when your heart begins to hunger to find the reality of god. Theres no danger in the way you dont see any danger.
You dont see any failure. You say well well i get well theres no question in your mind genuine be seekers itself. Theres nothing gonna move stays right.
There she never thought about the danger laid ahead.

who is the queen of the south in matthew 12-2
who is the queen of the south in matthew 12-2

Theres one thing she had one one objective. She had one thing she want to achieve and her motives is right so she went to reach it for her heart was hungry and thirsty bessel are they the hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled thats right watch her now as she starts out across the desert probably traveling at night rested at daytime under some ways reading those scriptures finally she arrived at the ports of solomon. When she did out the and then the court.
She unloaded her camels was set up our tent. She didnt come like some people. Some people they she is the heres the 19 in and 64 version of it.
I hear theyre good they say the large do this ill go down. And the first word said against what i believe right out the door. Ill go see.
But not her she brought the word and setting on shes going to stay there and tell she was actually convinced she wasnt checked her own ideas. Shes go to check the word so she went in i imagined the first day she sat down way back in the back of the trumpet sound. The bells tolled out and all the singers went to sing in the ark of the covenant was that the place and pastor solomon came out down.
She said. Now see where the gods in the man or not so she watching every case begins to move all what a wonderful thing. Nothing was here so she got her prayer card to awaited so as it was to as she come up in the line finally day after day she waited.
She grew more interest all the time as a revival window on my her heart was hugger net job. She got the for solomon and the bible said there wasnt nothing. But what solomon revealed to her discernment and yeah.
Jesus spoke solomon a greater than solomon is here and they said show us a sign master a greater than solomon is here the queen of the south come from the uttermost parts. Hear the wisdom of solomon and behold a greater than solomon is here and weve had two thousand twenty eight hundred years since saying a bible history and tonight with the promise word of this day. And still we both are long no wonder shell stand in the day of judgment condemned birmingham.
The united states all the risk.

who is the queen of the south in matthew 12-3
who is the queen of the south in matthew 12-3

But her testimony or her heart was hunger to see god and she stayed till. It was or what did she say that interest to see the real thing heaven you know what she said she entered salman revealed her what was in her heart why. She said.
All that i ever heard and even more than but why have been done told her then shed seen what somebody elses said about it was her turn man hearst. Her secret had been revealed to her and she said. Its free or issues that even flesh.
The man thats with you that sees this all the time. The man who spencer sees these things often are they she seemed the way he went up to the house. The lord she become a believer and promised to rise in the last days.
And condemn the generations as it was in the days of solomon and his the days of jonas and so forth she arrives in this day and condemned in the resurrection. The peoples lived in this state for greater than solomon this year. The holy spirit himself assured the creator of the heavens and the earth is here.
Identifying himself with his people with the same kind of gift. I was the christ him doing it life is in psalm inhibit bugs in the prophets in him tonight. Papa sighs.
We havent handed for for hundreds and hundreds of years and is that love just the forty first honey. Then who had no discernment for hundreds of years and then come on the scene. If somebody introduced to messiah and promised the next thing coming right along in the last days.
As it was there here we are in the last days. Signs that he promised to happen the world situation just waits for be the immorality of the world and everything that we got just in position and the holy spirit wrought in the position during exact oh. Its a wonderful to know that we serve a real god music you music.

who is the queen of the south in matthew 12-4
who is the queen of the south in matthew 12-4

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