The REAL Reason Why Ms Juicy Is No Longer On The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

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Music applause. Whats up you guys so cherlene king pearson better known as miss miss juicy babe egg has been mysteriously missing from the rickey smiley morning show since moved to dallas to take over for the tom. Joyner morning.
Show and fans have been very vocal about missing miss juicy. And wondering why she wasnt on the new version of the show especially since it was announced that she would be on the show. So we just thank god an opportunity and i was happening is were gonna be moving over to urban a c in our tom joyner.
Whos been a pioneer in radio is gonna retire and also gary with the tea even my cell debrett myself juicy special k was on a slide over to urban ac build a new morning show around hair crap miss juicy has been a fan favorite on the rickey smiley morning show since her first year. With the show in 2008. And fans know her for her infectious laugh.
And her hilarious singing voice. She was a regular on the rickey smiley morning show until 2014. And at that point.
She started to a guest appearances on the show. Which i have to point out. Often went viral.
When you look at the rickey smiley morning show on social media. A lot of their viral content. Features miss juicy.
Well miss. Juicy. Has posted a video.
Explaining her absence from the rickey smiley morning show in dallas and clearing up any rumors about what happened to her this is a clip from her video. The link to her full video is in the description box and in the comments. A new contract to be on the new show and when i wasnt offered a new contract to be on a new show.
My lawyers worked very hard tried very hard to get them to offer something anything and nothing was offered so at that time i had to realize what my work was was i going to continue to go on and work. Another 12 years with someone that i have been working 12 years for for under the same terms or was i gonna move move on and so that was a lesson learned so because i know my work and i know what god has for me is for me i decided to move on because one thing. I have learned we can miss out on my blessings.
If we try to stay in the situation that were not meant to stay in or were only there for a season god put us in situation in places to be for a reason and for a season. You got to know when its your time. If you dont know when its your time.
If you dont recognize it you can miss out on your lesson. So it was bittersweet at first. I was very very upset at first because i felt like all of the hard work all of them the people that i thought was family.
I just thought everything was done for nothing. But the person that i am because im rooted and god i know who i am and ive learned how to recognize when its my time to move or when its my time to stay so or december tonights heat. I turned in my resignation letter.
Letting them know that i will no longer be on the show in december 2019 is when i turned in my letter so come january 2020. I would not be a part of the rickey smiley morning show again i knew my work move on since i moved on just like the like the blessings god had blessed me with that opportunity he has blessed me many many many many more times and plus. I think now im able to say thank you ricky smiley for the opportunity and for the platform.
You gave me again it was bittersweet because ive been around these same people for 12 years or more for some. But i dont hold nothing against them. I dont have any grudges no nothing i love them i appreciate again ricky.
So many times much for the platform and for the opportunity that he gave me even though. I wouldve loved to continue to go on with the rickey smiley morning show. But one thing.
I have learned im not going to read white and ivory in my life. God does so no matter. What i had in mind that might not be the direction that god wanted me to go again learn what you can learn when you need to learn it so i know some of you guys might have been expecting a bash.
But this is not what youre gonna get here again. Ive moved on the reason. Why i was brought up is because it was false information.
And i wanted you guys to know the shooter. Yes little women is back thats not the reason. Why i left.
I will be on the new little women and the lambs of season six lifetime that thats little women atlanta.

who is juicy from the rickey smiley show-0
who is juicy from the rickey smiley show-0

I just want to make sure yall had to name correctly. It is on lifetime. I will also be on claws.
Which is on tnt. So that is the reason why im no longer on the show. I have a lot of other things going on i appreciate the opportunity i appreciate the love irish.
I appreciate all of that and i appreciate every last one of the members on the rickey smiley morning show. They have reached out to me to check on me to make sure. I was okay i want to say brett i love you i happy birthday.
Im so proud of you congratulation even youre a girl you already know head craigs. No longer there i love you want tea. I wish you wearing all in everything you do special k.
Thank you for calling me and reaching out to me just to check on me not to be nosy not to say what happened no nothing all you guys that reach out to me. I appreciate it and for the one ricki even reached out to me to check on me to make sure everything was okay. Im good with the staff.
God has blessed me and weighs in that you guys would not even imagine. He has blessed me with a team that keeps me on my feet. And keeps me ahead of the game.
And because i have a team that i have the mimi agency and even the food. The ones. They like to stay behind scenes.
Anika and mr. Antoine day keeps me. Where i need to be in focus so again.
Its not too bad shrieking. Its not too bad anybody not even their two new producers. Even though i feel like it could have been done a different way.
But thats my opinion. I understand it looked like yall. Didnt wanna do it it thats what it looked like to me.
And thats my opinion it looked like yall. Didnt want to do it. And didnt know what to say.
But its okay because im here to save the day i mean i resigned. Im no longer wonder if this morning rickey smiley morning show i have moved on and the reason once again is because i was not offered a contract a new contract for the new show. Im repeating myself for the people that wasnt there i was not offered a new contract for the new show and i refused to continue to go 12 years under the same terms.
I love you guys follow me on all of my social media and youtube tick tock. You name. It i am on cameo.
Im on tacky. Im whatever you can be you gonna find juicy when this come on the virus is over wit you gonna be able to turn on a tv screen. And you can find me up and down.
And all the way around. Im not stopping because god is through with me okay just know that love you guys and gary. Ive been knowing you the longest and i still to this day havent heard from you and thats sad.
Im just putting it out there everybody thank you i still love you anyway and im gonna pray for you that should help get better and increasing. I forgot one person im so sorry i dont want to forget nobody. But yall.
Say ella wishes everybody know that we have never been on the best of terms and its okay because i still wish you well kiss. No babies for me love you guys. Thank you wow.
So it sounds like miss juicy has a lot going on in the next phase of her career. And im looking forward to seeing her acting on the new season of claws when it airs later this year. Leave a comment and let me know what you would like to see miss juicy do next as always thanks for watching music applause music.

who is juicy from the rickey smiley show-1
who is juicy from the rickey smiley show-1

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