The Shortest 57-Second Passenger Flight in the World

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You know at any given. Moment there are about 10000. Planes in the air carrying carrying over a million passengers around the world.
Im sure most of those people up there to travel bigger distances in a shorter time because well thats what planes are for right so why would anyone take the worlds shortest commercial flight with a mere 17. Mile long route. Well okay heres the lowdown first of all this flight is operated by logan air.
Which is pretty much scotlands main airline now imagine you need to get from the island of westray to the island of papa westray in the orkney archipelago thats in the northern isles of scotland. You ask the locals how do you get from one island to the other the fastest and theyll tell you hey just take a. Plane wait what but its only 17.
Miles to your destination. Right and your time. Onboard will be just as shockingly short as 57 seconds.
Well. Thats the record time planes reach when the wind is favorable. If not you might have to endure a whole two minutes.
If you include taxiing time all right the inconvenience of a one minute prolonged flight because of weather aside. Youre all for it. So.
Now what get your wallet out and be ready to pay about 50 bucks for a round trip. When its time to board. Youll approach a small plane out on the tarmac.
Its a britten norman islander. A light regional aircraft with eight seats you climb into the plane and take a window seat and thats when you realize that if the flight lasts for about a minute. They probably wont have time to serve lunch or even drinks for that matter.
Oh that growling coming of yours will have to wait. I guess you cant expect much for 50 bucks and a route thats no longer than a typical runway at the edinburgh airport by the way traveling by a britten. Norman islander is more or less green at least in comparison to other planes see for.
Yourself when a boeing 747 simply taxis before takeoff it already burns 16. Tons of fuel. If we talk about the whole route from westray de papa westray.
The plane uses a mirror two pounds of fuel yeah for the entire trip which comes to approximately twenty bucks but back to your trip your plane makes a few turns on the tarmac to get to the runway you feel the craft accelerate momentarily and bam. Youre already in the air admittedly. The plane doesnt go too high into the air as it flies over the water and the next thing you know youre landing congratulations your trip is over i hope you had a nice flight.
You leave the aircraft happy and impressed and heres a surprise for you as one of those who made this trip for the first time in their life. You get a special certificate. Its got your name on it and says youve flown on the worlds shortest scheduled flight between the islands of westray and papa west.
Ray has authenticated by guinness world records yahoo. But even if there were no tourists eager to take the worlds shortest flight. The route between the two islands would still be incredibly popular local teachers.
Doctors bankers and other islanders used this service on a regular basis amazingly. The orkney inner aisles air service has already transported more than 1 million. Passengers logan air opened this route in 1967 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017.
The company treasures this rib saying its a world famous jewel of their network. It connects the orkney mainland with all of its six outer islands north ronald say sandy stronsay day and of course. The ones.
You already know by now westray and papa west. Iraq. Oh.
By the way. The airlines flight attendants wear that iconic tartan or scottish plaid. As you may call it some planes have this pattern on their tails.
And you may sometimes notice. Some partner elements of decor inside the cabin like on the headrests. But logan air isnt the only airline that provides its passengers with an unusual experience on the other end of the flight time spectrum singapore airlines launched the longest nonstop flight in the world in october 2018.

wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, the meter, if any, from this line is-0
wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, the meter, if any, from this line is-0

The alter long range plane covers a mind blowing 9700 when it travels from singapore changi airport to new york interestingly enough. Theres no economy class. On this flight and instead of 253.
Passengers. Only 94 premium economy and 67 business class. Passengers board.
The plane the trip takes about 19 hours depending on weather conditions. And if you ever get a chance be sure to check out south african base budget friendly kalulu airlines. This company has become famous thanks to its planes bright green and often hilarious paint jobs for example theyre flying.
101 jet is covered with descriptions of the aircrafts different parts. And funny phrases along the lines of this way up as for the cabin crew members they greet passengers with witty remarks and jokes on top of that if you travel with this airline be ready for such instructions as please remain in your seats. With your seat belt fastened while the captain is taxing.
Whats left of our plane to the gate and despite such a humorous light hearted attitude to air travel. The airline has an impressive safety record now are you a fan of hello kitty. Then youll love the taiwanese airline ava air thats taken the fandom to an absolutely different level several of this companys aircraft are decorated in hello kitty style with every single detail.
Reminding you of this adorable cartoon cat first of all hello kitty characters are painted all over the planes exterior. But youll also find them inside on headrest covers. Menus utensils and even the toilet paper the newest addition to the airlines fleet is the hello kitty shining star boeing 777 that travels to taipei singapore and houston and even though a ticket is pretty expensive such a bright flight could be worth the experience.
If you chose an air malta to fly from london gateway airport to malta then itd be your lucky day. The thing is that the company decided to improve the onboard experience for economy. Passengers.
And they certainly delivered. The airline launched an in flight spa service free of charge to professional masseuses offer passengers neck feet scalp and hand massages during the flight. You can also get a manicure in hand treatment and try some beauty product samples.
If you like on top of that a soothing soundtrack loves people to sleep during the three hour flight. Now if youre looking for a bit of extreme in your life. You can try.
Blind booking also called mystery flights by german low cost airline euro. Wings you start by picking your. Departure.
Point then choose a destination. Category nonot point or city. But a grouping of different ones for example.
Their shopping sun and beach metropolis party or trekking and hiking as soon as you complete your booking and pay for the ticket. The airlines website will inform you where youre heading now thats exciting but if youre like me all you want is comfort. But you dont want to pay first class prices for it well air new zealand has got your back.
Now for real. Theyve introduced their economy. Sky.
Couch also known as cuddle class to help passengers avoid that debilitating leg and back pain. That comes with flying the trick is that a seats leg rest can be folded up horizontally this way when a passenger does it in a triple seat row. The three seats turn into a flat pretty comfortable bed for two this feature is extremely popular among couples and parents because well youre probably not gonna snuggle up with a stranger right still even when youre lazing on a sky bed.
You have to wear a special loop belt that connects with your regular seat belt in 2011. Klm. Royal dutch airlines decided to help its passengers network during flights.
The airline partner with facebook and together they created an opportunity for people to see the linkedin and facebook profiles of other passengers to choose their flight neighbor. But if you dont want strangers to see your social media. Profiles.
You can always opt out of having your accounts connected with your booking. Yeah ill pass thats just creepy so which of these flights would you like to try let me know down in the its if you learn something new today. Then give this video a like it share it with a friend.
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wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, the meter, if any, from this line is-1
wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, the meter, if any, from this line is-1

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