The World’s Sweetest Girl

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You see yourself what do you think hey everyone welcome to sb sk. The youtube youtube channel. Where youll meet friends you live with many different conditions.
While watching videos youll notice one thing. Although humans are incredibly diverse. We all have so much in common so without further hesitation.
Lets meet todays friend nervous little thats okay sometimes i feel nervous too. She said. Im not nervous.
Im not nervous little bit shy just a little bit. Why are you shy. Im sure because i would want people like me if you found a genie.
What would you wish for whats your favorite thing about your daughter. My favorite thing about you um. I think its her her caring personality anytime.
Someones sick or hurt.

who is the prettiest girl in the whole wide world-0
who is the prettiest girl in the whole wide world-0

Shes just always caring for them was to help woman be a nurse and just make sure that they have everything that they need you wouldnt want to make a wish for yourself somebody wants to be your friend. What should they do if they want to meet new friends like me they have to be happy. Im serious what does it like to have a sister who uses sign language music.
What is peters diagnosis um. She has whats called pixlr syndrome. The long version is hyper tears on my crochet clifton syndrome.
She is one of seven children in the world ever diagnosed with her syndrome. Whats the best thing about being you she was born deaf with some craniofacial abnormalities and theyre still finding out some different things about her she has a type of dwarfism so she takes growth hormones every night special why did god make you special and i was born with a clough and he said its fun and my heart didnt have any idea. I dont say anything one time she drove her doll and she had crazy drawing calling her i want to be your friend.
Whats the easiest way to be your friend altogether. Ive had 17 surgeries 17. Im tired now my nose my eyes do you hope to grow taller.
Peter yes i want to but im short when i asked you if you wanted to wish you wish for the flower with the heart well i like flowers with hearts because theyre beautiful. If you could tell the whole world one thing about your sister. What would you say inside.
She wants to be a normal girl just like the whole world but outside she does look a little different than normal.

who is the prettiest girl in the whole wide world-1
who is the prettiest girl in the whole wide world-1

But thats okay we want to teach her to accept that and also to teach the world that its okay. That everyone is created to look and just their personalities and characters are different. And thats fine.
We learn to accept that one or maybe 24. I dont know theyre gonna go out and im gonna find a husband maybe shes gonna miss me a lot what does it mean when you kiss someone music what does a ring mean. And if i have longer hair.
Then i might look like im. 13. Is that why your girl in your hair up if it grows down here.
Then i will maybe ill look like im 18. I dont know youre gonna have to drive really far and find out where my house is and what my phone. Number is okay right maybe she write it down and then ill send it to you okay yes anywhere.
Ill tell you what number my houses. What do you like to do with your friends and then they kiss because their husbands and wife thats silly thats what husband and wife still write and maybe ill be pregnant maybe youre gonna hospitals see me okay my baby do you think ill have a baby girl or boy. I want five boy girl.
I want two girls on you you dont want to boy because boys are a lot of work do you have one boy please.

who is the prettiest girl in the whole wide world-2
who is the prettiest girl in the whole wide world-2

One boy youre too good and every time dont pick on me. If i say no i dont want to play this game. Do you still love her that yeah.
Wow. Sometimes people say. No they didnt like want to be friends.
With me. Thats fine. I just go find another friend can somebody be your friend you and if they dont know sign language.
Yes before people were talking i didnt really understand it. But my friends shes hard of hearing she talks and i said let me understand you how much to them. I said.
What did you say and my friend was just talking talking and then started signing some and then we played can you teach me how to say will you be my friend in asl. So as long as somebodys nice youll be their friend yes. If theyre nice.
I like to meet new people.

who is the prettiest girl in the whole wide world-3
who is the prettiest girl in the whole wide world-3

But people are only nice to me i like that too if you could send out a message about paid into the world. What would you say i would like to say that she is a beautiful girl. And shes just like all the other kids it doesnt matter what you look like or if youre deaf.
I would also like to stop the message to other parents to let their kids know that dont look down on other kids that try not to allow kids to mock on other kids or some makes kind of kids. Because of their looks because theyre the same as your kid theyre not different theyre not beneath them theyre all the same. We believe that god did created her for a reason and a purpose and we believe that is to show the creativity of who we believe who we believe in and also just to show the world that its okay to be different.
But you know everyone needs to learn to accept that differences when you look at hayden. What do you say what are you gonna do with your phone. Yeah and she said jesus decided that i was deaf thatd be boy.
Yeah said jesus think you decided doesnt matter doesnt matter that i was gonna be born deaf hayden. Why do you think he decided that because i like it. Whats your favorite memory with your brother or something i feel ask me i get excited.
When you have to plug in again. Whenever i make a new friend. I give them a big high five.
Were now officially friends thank you for watching if youd like to meet people who live with the condition from all over the world and learn how to better connect with the people around you take a moment and subscribe appreciate it .

who is the prettiest girl in the whole wide world-4
who is the prettiest girl in the whole wide world-4

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