Top 10 Actors Who Are Unexpectedly Good Singers

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We know theyre talented. But did you know they could sing bury me and and straightly shoes welcome to watchmojocom and today were counting down our picks for top 10 actors who are unexpectedly good singers save me from for this list. Were looking at celebrities who became famous thanks to their acting chops.
What surprised us later on in their careers by showing off a wicked set of pipes and as the title suggests were really focusing on actors. We were surprised to learn could sing so a guy like hugh jackman wouldnt make the cut. Because.
Weve been seeing him. Croon for years. Oh hi.
Number. 10. Zachary levi.
My boy no fine. Im fine. Im black.
Although the fan demanded musical episode of zachary levi spy comedy chuck never actually happened. Thanks for thinking outside the box on that one levis co stars. Often commented that he would sing between takes to kill the hours.
The hell did he learn that and were guessing they didnt mind. He got a chance to show off his pipes. Both in the disney film tangled too soon and while starring in a broadway production.
If i dont try just a fartist thing might go and based on his clear talent. Were excited to see more surrounded by enormous piles of money. Number nine.
Hugh laurie. Got my sperm test tomorrow. And my pot is on the shell.
Hes a cold sadistic doctor. How sweet no hes a light hearted comedian with a passion for music. She was a low down.
She walls the roughest toughest frail. But many had a hob the bigelow away. Though he only rarely got to show off his musical abilities on his hit tv show house you may be surprised to learn that this british actor not only sings but also plays multiple instruments.
I went down to sit james infirmary laurie small screen success allowed him to join the appropriately named band from tv.

name a singer who is also an actor-0
name a singer who is also an actor-0

A charity musical group comprised of tv personalities in the house. No pun intended. I got a song aint got no melody come on imma gonna sing it to my friend.
But loris so good we pay to listen to him which we can as hes released a couple of albums. Why let he lead a life of misery. When you dont care a bag of rings for me so one chain number eight anna kendrick mama.
Things im living in a convent though she started her career on broadway. I drink champagne from a slipper you drink water from a dipper and took on musical roles early in her professional life this actress remained largely off our radars. Until her oscar nominated and non singing role in 2009s up in the air.
When i came to craig three months ago. With this he told me in quite astutely. Its only a problem.
If you have a solution. However. It wasnt until 2012.
When she starred and pitch perfect that she showed off her singing talents for a wide audience and boy are we glad. She did her contributions to the films female acapella group along with the radio play of her own hit single cups. Have cemented hers as a singing voice not to be forgotten when im gone youre gonna miss me when im gone youre gonna miss me by my walk youre gonna miss me by my talk oh youre gonna miss me.
When im gone number seven. Robert pattinson whether you love him for his role as cedric diggory or hate him for playing a certain sparkly vampire. Beautiful.
You cant deny that when he steps up to a microphone rob pattinson kills. It the young british actor has a soft crooning voice thats got a smoky yet soothing texture to it and not only does he sing play piano and guitar. He also writes his own music.
Say aye and he got to show off his singing and songwriting talents on the twilight soundtrack. Maybe. If the whole acting.
Thing doesnt work out our pats could consider a career in music. Number. Six chris pine.
You got it this is captain. James t. Kirk of the uss enterprise coming to you with a love ballad to you sounds weird right.
But when this starfleet captain opens.

name a singer who is also an actor-1
name a singer who is also an actor-1

His mouth. Its more than just headings and orders. The new jack ryan is a surprisingly excellent vocalist.
Which he showed off in some indie films and on jimmy kimmel. Let me see what spring is like on jupiter. And mars and talk about perfect casting.
He was also given the singing role of prince charming in disneys into the woods. I was raised to be charming not sincere alongside musical veterans like meryl streep and johnny depp. But we still like to see.
Captain kirk. Do some karaoke or something yeah. Ill try number 5.
Oscar isaac. Once a vocalist and guitarist for a small time. Miami.
Based ban. Isaac gained well deserved recognition with films like the bourne legacy and drive. Thats very nice thats nice here thank you where we did not get to see his musical prowess.
Okay giroux parts of arkansas. Thats why we were more than a little blown away when in 2013s inside llewyn davis. He let it rip as a down and out folk singer struggling to get by in the early 1960s.
Id fly river to the juilliard grad has definitely got it whether or not hell be able to show off his talents in star wars. Episode seven remains to be seen iron my key and i hate my way number four colin farrell lookout cleveland storm is coming through this irish bad boy may have made a name for himself playing hardened tough guys and films like swat. Im not a doctor but audiences were lucky enough to see a softer side of ferrell when he was playing second fiddle or guitar rather to jeff bridges in 2009.
s crazy heart. This is the uh. This is the autograph you need hes got the american accent down and when hes using it to sing some country we couldnt ask for more stop acting like of course that could be me sure he may have unsuccessfully tried out for the famed irish boyband boyzone at one point.
But we wont hold that against him number three kevin spacey. Theres nothing between you and an audience. But but a microphone.
Its like strapping yourself to a locomotive spacey was a late bloomer in terms of gaining fame in hollywood. And the same can be said for a singing career sing me something after blessing us with his talents and iconic roles like lester burnham. In american beauty and someone in the usual suspect.
And me the keys.

name a singer who is also an actor-2
name a singer who is also an actor-2

Youve been cocksucker. Spacey co. Wrote directed co produced and starred in his own passion project about famous american singer bobby darin and lent his singing voice to the role somewhere beyond the sea somewhere waiting for me my lover stands on golden sands.
And what choose the ships and ever since hes taken every opportunity possible to show off his pipes. And were glad of it oh number two jeremy renner. Im looking for the mask.
So then howd it go and rain on this brain. Although. A few of the avengers were up for this list hawkeye nailed.
The bullseye this time we already know hes got talent in the acting department with a couple of oscar nods. Under his belt and hes basically cemented himself as the hardened emotional wreck you dont want to mess with. But when given a chance to carry a tune or two he knocks us off our feet i nest any pardon or anything done hes actually sung on screen quite a few times.
But were still waiting to see him in an actual musical role then did you believe in rockn. Roll. Also the avengers on broadway maybe from the hook.
The iron man to captain look i know its captain america. I know that but i had to rhyme with there before we play ourselves out to our top pick here are a few honorable mentions when i speak my mind did i say the right when i was just a baby. My mama told me son always be a good boy dont ever play with guns in pursuit of your deepest urge in pursuit of that fish which till now has been sigh use or gel bluetooth berlin scallops ear.
I cook skin caldecott go from under five effective kids there was no ransom to be paid and the fairy tears it all into theres a kiss at the end of the rainbow. Number one ryan gosling. I just dont understand how come so quiet.
We know this canadian hunk for his deep. Thoughtful roles as well as his occasional ladies man parts in romantic comedies. Baby.
Lynne. Hagen david. Lynn hagen.
Okay is this a bad time yeah. Thats why were surprised that he was once a member of the mickey mouse club alongside justin timberlake britney spears and many others thats good and all but i think you guys need to make it a little more exciting chant like throwing that whole terrorist thing and maybe add some machine guns yeah. And explosions firing explosions are really cool and was almost picked to become a member of the backstreet boys.
Do you regret that decision not how he lives the past me like i live in the now you know later forming the band dead mans bones once his acting career took off gosling has since had several opportunities to showcase his singing chops. And while it would have been entertaining to see him as a member of bsb. Were glad he chose this route good okay slow dance slow dance to this part do you agree with our list.
You think youre better than people. Whats singing actors do you wish were on the list never you for more celebrity top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to watchmojocom. We out .

name a singer who is also an actor-3
name a singer who is also an actor-3

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