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Does it all mean these guys had an idea welcome to watchmojocom. And today. We were counting down our picks for the top ten philosophers for this list we for historically significant thinkers whose philosophies directly affected the societies in which they lived and whose intellectual approaches ideas and or principles remain relevant to contemporary civilizations number 10 david hume scottish philosopher and historian hume is considered to be the leading neo skeptic of the early modern period.
Have a little patience only till. I have the pleasure of seeing all the chukchi shut up and the clergy sent about that business. Mr.
Hume. Any hypothesis he states that pretends to discover the ultimate original qualities of human nature. Not at first to be rejected as presumptuous and chimera.
He also postulated that human behavior is ruled by passion rather than reason and encouraged a system of free will interested in the exploration of what we know and what we can know his philosophy established the foundation of studies and cognitive science. Sight touch smell and sound only after that does the mind. Organize and file and connect information.
Number. 9. Jean paul stop.
Synonymous with existential philosophy sought claimed to be human is to be conscious. It is to be free to imagine free to choose and to be responsible for ones lot in life. So he comes to the conclusion that if god exists man is not free.
And if man is free god does not exist if we perceive something then we must be conscious of perceiving. It he argued these views heavily informed starts with seminal work being in nothingness. As well as his own life as an artist public figure and activist and are an essential contribution to postmodern thought of the late 20th century number eight john locke.
A british philosopher in the late 1600s locke proposed that the mind was a blank slate or tabula rasa at birth. He also called for mans right to life liberty and estate natural law.

who is a philosopher, in the original sense of the world?-0
who is a philosopher, in the original sense of the world?-0

He argued dictates that these rights are essential and it is the governments duty to protect them at all costs. Lockes essay concerning human nature and his two treatises of government were inspirational to other enlightenment thinkers and a driving ideological force behind both the french and american revolutions number seven jean jacques rousseau author of the social contract. Russos political theories are essential to the understanding of modern day democracy basing.
His ideas on an anthropological study of human nature rousseau concluded that man is born free. But everywhere he is in chains to solve this paradox rousseau outlines an idealized political structure. Citing the duties of citizens to the state and in turn.
The states obligation to protect the citizens inherent right to freedom number six socrates declaring that the unexamined life is not worth. Living socrates philosophy focused on justice and virtue. This study took form through a dialectic strategy of contemplating certain questions to reveal universal truths.
A process now known as the socratic method. Asking questions. Where there were questions to be asked not remaining content with assumptions or with authority.
This is very subtractor. But perhaps his most enduring statement was i know that i know nothing highly critical of the ruling elite in athens. Socrates.
Was sentenced to death for impiety and corrupting. The youth becoming a martyr to the love of knowledge. And the legendary father of western philosophy number five confucius also known as kunchu confucius search for remedies to the social and political chaos of his time.
He believed in the restoration and maintenance of traditional chinese values to re establish an ethical society. This philosophy was bill on the principles of loving others. Self discipline and self restraint and an early precursor of the golden rule.
Though he never saw the fulfillment of these ideals within his lifetime confucianism continues to have a meaningful impact on cultural practices in many parts of east asia. Number four finaid account deemed founder of the modern age day cap.

who is a philosopher, in the original sense of the world?-1
who is a philosopher, in the original sense of the world?-1

Saw. The whole philosophy as an intricate web anchored in metaphysics and physics with practical applications in other sciences and ethics integral to dick healths ideas was cartesian dualism. I think therefore i am.
He explained noting that ones existence is housed in the mind completely separate from the body a champion of rationalism and empirical study. Decaf provided the foundations of modern scientific methodology and thought number three friedrich nietzsche german philosopher and cultural critic nietzsche highlighted the death of god predicting an end to traditional modes of philosophy and religion and the ushering in of an era of nihilism. Though nietzsche rejected the notion of universal constraints or truth.
It is hotly debated as to whether or not nietzsche. Was nihilistic or working towards overcoming nihilism. A prolific thinker whose life was cut short by illness.
His ideas continue to ignite controversy and inspire debate. Number two plato. Believing.
The truth was best pursued through rational inquiry. Plato conceptualized two rounds one of idealized versions of all things. Which he called forms and our physical world were imperfect versions of these forms exist as illustrated by his allegory of the cave platos republic best outlines these ideas applying them to the conceptualization of an ideal society.
Though his work veers toward the abstract platos writing is an essential contribution to the annals of western philosophy inspiring thinkers for the past two and a half millennia before. We unveil our number one pick here are a few honorable mentions number one aristotle named tutor of alexander. The great aristotles works cover everything from physics to theater.
A student of platos academy aristotle diverged from his predecessors rationalist pursuits by embarking on empirical study of the natural world this focus led him to conclude that no metaphysical notion of form exists without evidence of real substance. A quintessential characteristic of aristotelian thought this idea would have far reaching influence on the development of western philosophy theology and science. As did his principles of causality and the golden mean do you agree with our list.
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who is a philosopher, in the original sense of the world?-2

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