What to do if you are LOST in the Woods!

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Boy im lost for how many skills. We go over all the time on on this channel. One thing that we have never yet talked about a lot of dont talk about is what do you do when you realize that you dont know where youre at.
I dont even want to say lost at this point. Youre just not sure where youre at where you got off the trail. That you were on and you think you might be lost.
What do you do today. Im gonna give you five tips on what to do when this happens number one admit you dont know where youre at now. Im taking this as number one for one simple reason.
Its very hard for a lot of people when they are out the woods especially if theyre in the woods a lot to admit to themselves or admit to somebody else that they are with traveling. But they just arent sure where theyre at at the current time it doesnt mean that you are lost. You might just be misplaced for a little bit or you might just be confused for a second.
But to be able to actually admit this can really save you in the long run rather than just continuously walking and hoping you find your way being able to stop. And admit that you need to figure out where youre at or where you went wrong or even. If youre on the same trail.
Just realize youre still. There is very very important the problem with not admitting this is that if you begin to walk. And ive heard people say this before is there like i think.
Its right over that mountain and they walk over that next mountain and theyre like um. I think when we get down in the bottom.

how would quartz be useful to someone who is lost in the woods?-0
how would quartz be useful to someone who is lost in the woods?-0

Ill know where im at the problem. With this is if you are lost or you got off the trail. That you know very well and you continue this pattern.
Youre just getting further and further out of the way and further and further lost compared to being able to stay put to where you actually are so man. Up. Admit that you arent sure at that time where youre at and give yourself a few seconds.
And that feeds right into number two stay calm and relax now thats a lot easier said than done i know myself when you start to feel like youre misplaced in the woods. Its very hard just to sit down and absolutely relax. But what happens when we are in any type of traumatic experience our body goes into fight or flight and im sure most people heard of this when youre lost in the woods.
Though your fight and flight response are going to be the same thing. Its gonna be to move thickly to either fight your way into an area that you know so getting to where you know because thats going to help you or flight. And thats running from the area youre in because you dont know where its at and trying to get to a better area so either way.
Its the same outcome and the same things happening what happens. When this occurs. Though is that our brain starts to almost shut down and we are just focused on getting from point a to point b.
But we dont know where point b. Is because were already lost so you need to sit down. Where youre at and calm yourself down the best you can so after sitting for a little bit that sitting might give you time to reflect back on where you made that mistake.
And what landmarks. You passed while you were walking or how far you walked off course that you normally dont walk.

how would quartz be useful to someone who is lost in the woods?-1
how would quartz be useful to someone who is lost in the woods?-1

And it might give you very good clues on how to get back. Which feeds directly into number three. And that is to use something called waypoint markers.
Now waypoint markers are used a lot in advanced navigation and waypoint markers are a great tool if you think that you might not know where youre currently at now how waypoint marker is uses youre gonna take something that is brightly colored and youre gonna put it on a tree or on something high that is very visible for you to see at your current location from that point then you can walk anywhere in the vicinity. As long as you can visually. See that waypoint marker.
In a distance youre allowed to go there. You cannot leave visual sight of that waypoint marker. What this is gonna do is give you a point of reference of where you realize you were lost.
Where you sat and tried to gather your thoughts and when you walk away from this you know how to get back to that exact location sometimes just walking around and going a hundred yards in one direction. You can see your waypoint marker. And realize hey my path is right here.
I just went the wrong direction. When i took my bathroom break there two minutes ago number four now everybody i know thats in a survival or bushcraft. They like cringe when we say we have cell phones out in the woods.
But the reality is that everybody normally carries them with them so being able to pull your cell phone out and utilize that in an emergency is very important first you can use something like google maps which will sometimes pinpoint your exact location where you can use other gps programs on your phone. Which im going to talk about in future videos that allows you to see where youre at and where you need to go via google earth images or just topographical maps having a gps with you in remote areas might also be a very good idea because it works off satellites. And its going to help you tremendously.
So you need to pre plan. A little bit for that now you know what some people might be thinking well what if im in an area that i dont have cell phone reception.

how would quartz be useful to someone who is lost in the woods?-2
how would quartz be useful to someone who is lost in the woods?-2

Where i had cell phone reception and i walk a little bit. And where i got lost. I dont have it and thats where we can refer back to that waypoint marker.
If we have a waypoint marker hanging up at the location in which we originally decided that we might not know where were at we can travel a little bit. And as long as we can see that were allowed in that area. So sometimes walking 20 or 30 feet with our cell.
Phone gives us that one bar. We need in order to access those applications or at least be able to make a phone call and tell somebody you dont know where youre at and then finally if all of that does not work for you number five. Its time to get comfortable.
And this is where so much of this channel comes in we talk about different survival priorities. We talk about food shelter water and fire. All of those things can make our life.
More comfortable and actually save our lives if we are in a dangerous situation. And what i mean by getting comfortable is to start to take these survival priorities and put them in the application. So get yourself out of the wind protect yourself.
In the precipitation. Maybe get a fire going if you need to warm up drink. Some water.
If youre out of water. And theres water available maybe boil some water and start to get some more fluids inside.

how would quartz be useful to someone who is lost in the woods?-3
how would quartz be useful to someone who is lost in the woods?-3

You have a little snack just get comfortable sometimes just relaxing for a little bit. And knowing that youre gonna be safe at least for the night is gonna allow your mind to wander a little bit more and think about where you actually got off trail and how to get back on it so if you take those five things into consideration. It can keep you very safe and sometimes going through them is gonna get you to the point that you realize hey.
This is where i went wrong. And this is how i get back to that location so just remember when youre in the woods. If you feel like you dont know where youre at admit to yourself you dont know where youre at stop and relax use waypoint markers to explore use technology to help you get out of there and then get comfortable.
And if all of that is done you still dont know where youre at youre going to have to make the decision based on your situation on if youre gonna move or if youre gonna stay there and wait for somebody to come and get you if youve good pre planning in place. Normally staying put is going to be the best bet somebody should within a few hours be red flag that youre not back or youre not where youre supposed to be and send somebody out looking for you. But again that is gonna be very situational dependent.
And its not something that i on camera will be able to tell you do this or do that. But what i can tell you is those five steps are gonna keep you super safe while youre in the woods. If you do realize that you are lost.
And its gonna give you much better chances of making your way out or being found and not getting. Even more lost than you might already be so write those five things down think about them put them in your own application. When youre out.
And its going to make you that much more comfortable. While youre in the woods so this is dan wok survival instructor bushcraft instructor outdoor enthusiasts. I guess i could say maybe expert and i hope that these little tips have helped everybody so as we always like to say check us out of cool crocker bushcraft comm.
All our classes merchandise. All that cool stuff and until our next video stain woods. Dont dont get lost pre plan.
Do these things dont get lost. Stain woods and have a good time .

how would quartz be useful to someone who is lost in the woods?-4
how would quartz be useful to someone who is lost in the woods?-4

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