“Who is this man?” they asked each other. “Even the wind and waves obey him!” | Mark 4:37-41

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What is up man good morning good afternoon good evening. Whatever timer listening to this this im fired up right now. Im fired up.
I just had an conversation with my brother god he truly is this scripture. Today is just so encouraging and now. Im just excited.
Im excited with the spirit and just thankful for what the lords gonna be doing this alexa. Its jumping. Were going to be reading from mark chapter 4.
Starting at verse 37. But soon when a fierce storm came up high waves were breaking into the bullet. They began to fill with water jesus was sleeping at the back of the gold with his head on a cushion.
The disciples woke him up shouting teacher. Dont you care that were going to drown. When jesus woke up.
He rebuked. The wind said to the wave silence be still suddenly the wind stopped in them was a great calm then yes. Sir why are you afraid do you still have no thing.
The disciples were absolutely terrified who is this man they asked each other even the wind waves.

who is this man that even the wind-0
who is this man that even the wind-0

Why is that not so timely for what were going through right now so many people scared panicked crying out to jesus jesus where are you whats gonna happen to storms in our lives to me right now share this loan through storm circumstances for you youre going through tough stuff. I get it life this whole virus personal situations. Financial situations soul.
Many situations. People are losing jobs storms life. What does he call us.
He calls us to faith to rise up to have faith knowing that jesus he can calm the wind and waves. No matter. What youre going through right.
Now no matter what the world around this is going to put your faith in jesus christ. Know that he is able know that he is minded. Know that hes a comforter know that hes our heavenly father who cares for us who loves us whos by our side.
Whos working all things out for the good pick up faith half. Faith. Faith is is is stepping out on the unknown.
Hebrews 11. 1. Lets jump.
There heres 11 1.

who is this man that even the wind-1
who is this man that even the wind-1

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen. It gives us assurance about the things we cannot see right now. Where our country needs more right now on this road right now we need more morphine faith is the currency of havent we they confidence of what we hope for movement really happened.
Its this assurance about the things we cannot see im looking for restored marriage is that is that something thats currently not afternoon. Yes. Its not hard times.
However im going to have faith assurance confidence for what we actually hope even though. I cant see so how are you gonna grow with your thing today how can we as people grow in our faith. Then share our faith to those around us to give others hope that jesus god is a good man let us let us grow with the winds and waves crashing on our boats in life theres no losing control of them his name is jesus im gonna pray for you guys dear heavenly father thank you lord your goodness lord thank you for who you are or thank you that you are the creator of having an earthing you needed us in our mothers wounds before you knitted us in our mothers womb.
You knew us long before we were ever conceived you had a purpose of a plan for our lives. Where you were good father who loves us father help us grow in our faith. Help us to believe and to know that you were working things out for the good even though when things are difficult the chaos around the sword.
You are our peace. You are the anchor for our lives. Lord allow us to grow deeply in love with you beach and every day.
Notice walking free in jesus. Mighty matchless name. We pray oh love you guys so much have a blessed week.
Like comment share. This subscribe whatever lets just keep encouraging people and keep pressing on for the gospel all right everyone you you .

who is this man that even the wind-2
who is this man that even the wind-2

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