11 Blender 2.8 Edit Mode Left Click Selecting Tips!

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This is kevin durbin jh in this video were gonna go over selecting inside inside of the edit mode in. Blender. 28.
Beta. Ready. Lets go now to to discuss before we begin really quickly leave select with left enabled on the splash screen.
And if you havent seen my video on selecting yet. Im linking it here in the corner. I suggest watching it before we carry on with this one okay.
But if youve seen that already or youre familiar with selecting in. Blender. 28.
Lets go first thing. I want to discuss here is getting into the edit mode. Were now in this layout workspace okay.
We can simply hit the modeling workspace and go into edit or from layout. We can just hit tab and that brings us into edit mode right from here alright. So ill just go into the modeling area.
And if you dont see it in modeling. Just hit tab once or twice. And youll see this show up and everything is lit up like a christmas tree here okay so the first thing.
Were going to do is show you selection modes. So im going to go ahead. And im going to deselect everything here by hitting a twice.
Then im going to go over and im going to show you these little select icons okay we have three of these the first one is vertex select the second one its edge select and the third one is face select. So vertex select lets us go in and select vertices. Okay you can click on one you can hold down shift and click on a couple you can click and drag okay.
The second one is edge select where you can go and select edges okay. Here im selecting my edges and the third is face select or polygon select. Where im just going in and selecting my polygons and you can do multiple or you can do one at a time.
Ill hold down shift and select a few wherever you want okay and the keyboard shortcuts fees our vertex is one edge is two and face is three on the keyboard. You can also select multiples at once by holding down shift. And just clicking on these different icons and you will select multiple ones at the same time.
So. See im selecting these edges and polygons at the same time and you can also if you just click back on one of these deselect. The others and youre back in normal selection mode.
Similarly you can also hold down shift hit 1 2. 3. Or shift.
3 to 1. And you can just select them that way okay number. 2.
Selecting through the objects. So here if were selecting this you see im just selecting parts that i want okay things that i see so if i go to face. And i select over here and i do this im.
Only selecting that one side okay. If i want to select more than one i can go up here to this little show whole scene transparent button click it once and now i get this transparent or semi transparent view and i can select through the whole object. See that so if i want i can select a few of these at one time and then im selecting through the object.
And if thats on by default and thats driving. You crazy you simply go up here turn that off its solid again and now youre back in just being able to select only what you see okay number three edgeloop select. The select an edge loop.
Means youre just selecting a group of connected faces or a group of connected edges. So im gonna make sure im on edge select here to show you this. And if i hold down alt on the keyboard.
And i click on any one of these ok vertical goes vertical. And you see it goes to here and it stops because this is where it stops. Its not connected to this other side okay here i hold down alt.
And it goes all the way around the equator the perimeter. The circumference see that okay and it works on faces and it works on vertices as well okay so vertices here. I hold down alt.
And i select and i select vertices or i go to faces hold down alt. And im getting different faces. And and face loops edge loops faces.
Okay number four selecting multiple edge loops. So if i want multiple edge loops selected. I hold down alt.
I select one then i hold down shift. While im holding down alt and select multiple. Okay and you can select by just doing that just clicking.
While youre holding down alt. And shift and you can select multiple and to deselect you just click on click on it again and it deselects so all im doing here is just clicking on ones that i already had selected while still holding down alt and shift and its deselecting okay number. Five selecting edge rings edge rings are another way of selecting where youre not selecting a bunch of polygons and a line here or edges.
In a line. You are selecting a whole row. So if i go if i just hold down ctrl and alt all right im gonna deselect everything here ctrl alt.
I now get a ring of these ok ctrl alt. I get a ring going around see that thats the difference between an edge loop. And an edge ring.
This is an edge ring edge loop was an actual connected loop that forms a loop and number six just like selecting multiple edge loops. We can select multiple edge rings by just adding shift into the mix. So were holding down.
Ctrl. Alt. Shift.
And im selecting multiple and you can deselect. Also by just clicking on ones that youve already clicked on so here im selecting multiple vertical multiple horizontal and then i click again and i deselect those see that number seven closed loop poly select. So ctrl shift.
If i deselect everything ctrl shift allows me to go in and select kind of closed loop poly select. So it finds ones that are connected and kind of keeps it going number eight invert selection. So if i have just one polygon selected here and i hit ctrl.
I on the keyboard it inverts the selection control. I inverse the selection so however many things you have selected if you want the opposite selected okay you just hit ctrl. I it selects the opposite control.
I selects the opposite yeah just inverts number nine grow selection. So if i have a one polygon selected and i want to grow out that selection. I can hit ctrl on the number pad on the keyboard and it grows the selection.
See that and i can grow it all the way out just keep hitting it hitting and hitting it until i get the whole thing selected and number ten is the direct opposite of that so hold down control and hit the minus key on the keyboard on the number pad on the keyboard. And it shrinks. The selection now honestly im probably going to remap these myself.
Because im doing this like finger acrobatic thing here. And its really painful and like theyre so far away from each other on the keyboard that im probably going to end up remapping. These to something thats not used.
But thats where they are right now thats where they exist so if you want to do that control number pad grows control number pad shrinks. The selection and number eleven. The shortest path.
So lets say im on vertex and i select one of these vertices and i select something else and i want to find out the shortest path between those i can now just hold down ctrl and click on another and it kind of finds me a shortest path to object so with that hope you got something hope you learned something those are ones that really work for me hopefully theyll work for you hit like subscribe. If you really like this hit those little bell notifications. And youll keep seeing when i get more of these videos pumped out for you and go play and have fun see in the next video thanks bye.

how to select all vertices in blender-0
how to select all vertices in blender-0

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