5 Ways To Cut Tile – Everything You Need To Know For Your First Tile Project

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Whats up its dan perry and in this video. Im going to to demonstrate five ways to cut tile. So if youre about to break ground your first tile project and youre wondering which tools do i actually need and which tools can i just forget about this video is going to help you do that so the first tile cutting method i want to talk about is the manual tile cutter.
This is a very common tool for cutting a variety of tiles including ceramic glass glass. Mosaic porcelain. And even terracotta.
You can pick one up anywhere from 50 up to 900. So the 50 versions like you see here are fine for ceramic tile diy projects here it is cutting a larger piece of ceramic tile ceramic is the softest and easiest tile material to cut so even the cheap manual cutters have no problem here however if you plan to cut porcelain tile or even thicker glass tile you want a bigger more robust version of one of these manual tile cutters here you can see it makes easy work of this subway tile here im attempting to cut a large porcelain tile and you can see this cheap cutter isnt sufficient for thicker porcelain tile. I had to use a rubber mallet to snap the tile after i scored it because i couldnt apply enough force with this cutter to snap it even on a shorter cut.
I had trouble snapping the porcelain tile again you can cut porcelain with these tools youll just need a bigger stronger version. One thing to note here is that the edge of the tile wont be perfectly smooth after you cut it if you want a smoother edge. Youll want to use other cutting methods like a wet saw that ill demonstrate next.
This tool is also great for cutting glass mosaic tiles in fact. Its really the only way to do it and get clean cuts without chipping the glass you will need to go slow and snap each individual tile separately but this is the best way ive found to cut these mosaics so the manual tile cutter is an essential tile installation tool you want one on most tile projects unless youre installing natural stone like granite or marble for ceramic tile. You can cut using a cheap one before the harder thicker tiles.
You want to use a bigger more robust version. Which you can rent by the way next.

how to cut tile without a wet saw-0
how to cut tile without a wet saw-0

Lets talk about the wet table saw. This is another essential tile cutting tool especially if you are looking to make very clean consistent cuts or youre cutting a lot of tiles to the same size like when doing subway tile tiling around a window or maybe like a custom niche also if youre cutting any natural stone tiles then this is absolutely essential on my last tile project. I installed subway tile in this shower here and i found the wet saw to be extremely helpful especially when i was doing repetitive cuts like these pieces here.
And i wanted it to be very smooth and clean without any rough jagged edges now a manual tile cutter would have worked. But it would have taken longer unless i had one with a fence on it plus. It would have created jagged cuts that would have made my installation look less professional.
So again the wet table saw is great for making smooth cuts as well as when cutting lots of tiles to the same size. And its absolutely essential when working with natural stone since a manual tile cutter just wont work now personally i wouldnt do a large tile project without a wet saw if you rarely late ill then renting one its probably going to be your best option and you can usually rent one for around two hundred dollars per week for a small wet table saw next up is a handheld manual tile cutter now you can pick one of these up for about ten dollars now youll probably see videos online about how amazing these things are but ive found it very difficult to use since you have to press. Really hard to actually scribe the surface of the tile.
Its difficult to cut in a straight line. Its also difficult to follow a straight edge to make a straight cut and its really only good for thinner softer tiles like ceramic so while this can cut tile its one of those tools. That you will likely never need so go ahead and save your money and skip.
This one all right lets talk about the good old four inch angle grinder with a diamond blade on it now. This is a great tool for making curved cuts or small detailed cuts. However it doesnt create the cleanest of cuts and it does produce a lot of dust.
As you can see here. It has created a very rough edge on this tile.

how to cut tile without a wet saw-1
how to cut tile without a wet saw-1

Now if i had a fresher blade. It would have likely cut smoother. But its still not going to be as smooth as a wet saw this is a really versatile tool that can cut just about any tyler stone.
Even harder stones like granite. This isnt really an essential tool to have for your tile project. But i still highly recommend buying one because it has so many other uses and youll probably find it helpful for at least a couple of tile cuts on your next tile project and finally lets talk about using a hole saw to cut tile.
This is a very helpful tool especially if you need to make holes in a tile for any plumbing fixtures. Sometimes the placement of a pipe for a showerhead or a bathtub faucet will be right in the middle of the tile. And its really difficult to cut the hole without a hole.
Saw now a diamond hole. Saw will cut through just about any kind of tile. Here.
You can see it cutting through this ceramic tile like butter. And here you can see me struggling to get through this porcelain tile. Until i decide to stop being lazy and just put some water on it will cut through ceramic like butter but with harder materials like porcelain or granite.
You want to get it wet like you see here to speed up the cut and to avoid burning out the bit prematurely. Now of course.

how to cut tile without a wet saw-2
how to cut tile without a wet saw-2

There are more methods for cutting tile that i havent mentioned in this video. But for most diy projects. These are all of the tile.
Cutting methods youll need for a high quality tile installation. So lets say youre about to tackle a ceramic tile project. Like subway tile in that case.
I recommend you get a wet table saw a manual tile cutter. A drill and hole saw and an angle grinder with a diamond blade you can get away with one of the cheaper manual tile cutters for ceramic if youre working with porcelain which is more difficult to cut than ceramic then you want to use those same tools but stay away from the cheaper manual tile cutters instead get a heavy duty version that is recommended for cutting porcelain tile as well you can rent one if you dont want to buy it if youre going to be using natural stone tile. Like granite or marble.
Then a wet. Saw will be absolutely essential and youll also want a handheld wet tile saw for those detailed cuts an angle grinder will also work for detailed cuts. But having a wet saw will make things go faster.
And it will eliminate the dust. I hope you found this video. Helpful.
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how to cut tile without a wet saw-3
how to cut tile without a wet saw-3

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