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Welcome back guys general toney here coming back with a brand new clash royale episode. Episode. And we are gonna do something a little bit different right now inside of video basically over the next couple of minutes.
Im going to explain to you and talk about every single method that you can use to get yourself a giant a magical and of course a super magical chest so were gonna cover five different methods to every single person watching this video right now can use to get yourself some giant magical and of course super magical chest. So make sure you watch the entire episode to find out all five different methods. So the first one and perhaps the most confusing is the chest cycle.
Which is of course 100 free so were basically gonna spend a few moments right now talking about the chest cycle and how you can get a magical chest. Every single day. So the chest cycle basically works like this.
So. Everyone that has an account on clash royale has a chest cycle guys. And the entire chest cycle is 240 chests.
Now you get joint chests magical chest. And you can also get super magical chest inside of this chest cycle. However the super magical chest are completely random.
But to get a giant chest and a magical chest is in order. So every single account is the exact same guys. The chest cycle will last 240 chests now you get your first magical at chest number 11.
But you dont get your second magical until chest. Number 83. You get your third magical at chest.
Number 131.

how to get a super magical chest-0
how to get a super magical chest-0

And then you get your fourth and final magical completely for free at chest number 203 now as soon as it goes to chest 240. It repeats the cycle. So basically if you were to win 60 games a day and open 60 chests you would receive one free magical chest every single day.
Its not really that great to be honest. So within the same 240 chest cycle. You do receive a couple more free giant chest.
But to be honest with you the giant chest. Really arent the greatest guys you dont really find any legendarys inside of them or if you do you are pretty damn lucky now you also do get a couple of free super magical chest. If you are extremely lucky they job at completely random times so you know were gonna share the love guys were gonna share the luck to every single one of you every single person if you want to win a free super magical chest and give yourself some luck within the game go down into that comment section and literally comment juice hashtag free super magical chest and let me know in a couple of days sign whether it brings you like im sure it can bring you like its done it to so many people before so that pretty much covers method.
Number one. It is the chest cycle and every single person goes through it at the exact same rate guys. It just depends how many games you play they and how many of those chests you open.
But as i said the super magicals are completely random. So this is gonna take us onto method number two and it is the quickest. But definitely not one of the easiest guys.
And it is actually through my giveaway. So i threw a 100 dollar giveaway. Every single week.
Which is fourteen thousand gems now in order to enter the giveaway. All you have to do is leave a like on this video to show some support to the channel subscribe to this channel right now to stay up to date with the giveaways. The videos and of course.
The winners and then answer the completely free raffle link in the description box down below every single.

how to get a super magical chest-1
how to get a super magical chest-1

Week we give away 14000. Gems to different people. But of course.
There are quite a lot of people that enter so its not the easiest to win a free super magical chest. So thats gonna take us onto method number three and im sure many of you have heard about this before. But if you havent here.
It is once again. It is going to be cash fraps. Now let me just explain it for a few moments.
Guys. The first link in the description box down below is gonna be my personal link to cash preps and if you use that link you will get some free points. Just for using it guys now basically what you do is you go over onto the app you download apps completely for free these apps then turn into points the points turn into money and you can use the money on itunes android to basically buy yourself some free chests now im gonna be 100 honest with you to buy a free magical chest not super magical just a standard magical chest guys will take you usually between 8 to 12 minutes now dont forget you do need to require at least 1500 points.
Which is 5. So once you put five dollars worth of points. You can then go ahead and spend it on clash royale as promised.
Im gonna be 100 honest with you and if you are trying to get a free super magical chest using cash for apps. It is gonna take you a lot lot longer im talking over an hour guy so if youre an adult. If youre over like the age of 20 and youre working.
It is not worth your time to spend an hour on cash traps. Downloading all these free apps. However if you are like 11.

how to get a super magical chest-2
how to get a super magical chest-2

13. And youve got a spare hour. Maybe watch a little bit telly spend an hour downloading some apps.
And im sure within one to two to three hours you could find yourself with a free super magical chest now as i said it takes at least one hour madys minimum guys. Im not gonna bs you here minimum of an hour to download these apps and of course get yourself a free super magical chest to be honest with you it just depends where you live around the world because wherever youre situated there are different apps to download. And each app has a different amount of points basically once you require the specific amount of points you can go ahead and get yourself a free super magical chest.
It is as simple as that so there it is that is pretty much method number three as i said the first link in the description box down below gonna take you to cash traps. Where you will get some free points for using that code. But as i said if you are looking for the free super magical chest.
It will take you a lot lot longer so lets move on to method number four guys now this is similar in some ways. But it can take actually a little bit longer. But it can also be a little bit quicker as well now i dont have any links to this.
But if you simply go on to google and type in like surveys for apps downloads. You can basically fill in some surveys fill in some questionnaires. Just like hash perhaps once youve done.
This you will receive some points. You can then exchange the points for money tokens. Etc for itunes and of course android.
But as i said if you are over the age of like 1890 maybe even 16. And youre working full time. Then i wouldnt waste your time because it can cost you quite a lot of time guys.

how to get a super magical chest-3
how to get a super magical chest-3

If you are younger 15 14. 13. 12.
Maybe even. 16. Then yeah go ahead and give it a go so.
This is gonna take us on to the final. The fifth method to get super magical magical and of course giant chest within the game and were gonna win. Were not gonna play around with you you have to buy them guys you got to take out your credit card.
The best card inside a clash royale as everyone comments on every single one of the big youtubers videos the best card is the credit card guys yet take out your credit card or your mums credit card or your dads note. Dont do that disclaimer do not do that i bet you im gonna get in trouble for that do not do that guys do not cut your moms purse. Thats kind of rude.
Dont touch your dads wallet either. But you know there is that is number five obviously you got paid for the jemez guys. But in life you do have to pay nothings free these days.
This is the 21st century. Weve even got a paper like no no weve even got people like our wheelie bins outside so. There is guys.
That is gonna be the end of the episode. Dont forget to enter the giveaway to have a chance to win some free chests guys. Some free gems simply leave a like down below and subscribe to the channel to enter and of course enter.
The raffle link. I will see you very shortly for another one hope you have a great weekend. Guys love you all peace out you .

how to get a super magical chest-4
how to get a super magical chest-4

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