ADOPTING STRAYS | The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs | Part 3

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel lets play the sinful cats and dogs dogs part three so in the last few parts. We have actually just been getting know the family getting tuned in the newmans and everything. And we just recently traveled to one of the places in brindle tune.
Bay. And then we also actually visited our cousins house. Because aria has actually been talking to her cousin jasmine about moving out into britain autumn bay to see some properties because theyve always wanted to live together and say a little like you know two best friends their cousins as well so stuff like theyve always wanted to like buy a place together and actually gonna go view a few places and onshore petroff prints.
Why not and so we visited their house and stuff. There were no waste of spring. She has em you watch back to just watch it in the new alex.
I explained everything you know part one as well and so they actually have her cousin actually has a husky copy. There is a husky puppy. I dont know what the huskies gone oh is he a little magnum.
I did a crate sim will create a pet video of him rather so go check that out with you it was video. Wheres my cannon lets go have a look a little magnum. There he is im so cute thats so cute so theyre gonna do is actually gonna go have a look at some properties.
Because theyve seen a new house and they kind of want to purchase it and they can see with if its within their budget. So later. But lets see im also using the new mike french day so im just testing it out and everything so just let me know if you like it too so first some of yous make so much i think really excited to try using it could be really good and well make a whole heap of difference to my channel babies crying.
Yeah. Jasmine our cousin children journalist squirrels feel germanica but i think actually gonna go use the properties. I think theyll actually go there now so lets go theyre gonna spew property within me you guys can let me know what you think of it as well when we get there okay.
So we have arrived at the house that theyve been looking at and ill just show you guys. Its sort of like a two bedroom house on im not sure what area. It is but its the one by the beach and i think aria and jasmine.
We like it obviously theyre gonna make it their own and everything they can actually make it like really their own and add their own style and everything to decorate it how they want to but shes actually really exciting that she just cant wait to start on hunter start on her new adventure with her cousin and i wish shes super. Excited as well because i think theyre actually gonna move in in this part. So i think theyre just gonna look around they viewed.
It quick clear the stage and showed them around theyre just and then this all just left them to be like okay girls. So. What do you think are you interested and theyre just having cake sort of talking about it short of them just letting them each other know theyre gonna get it i mean not so theyre just sort of talking what do you see that did you see this so were gonna buy it yet or what but i think they may be property that you might be interested in but there is another one on their necks that theyre gonna check out then theyre gonna put me choose between my knees might say may not know which ones.
I can choose lets have a little look see around the area. While were here. Its actually like a really nice area is that by the beach and i would just wish you could swim in this water.
But its quite nice its nice as a lighthouse over there and everything. But um. Its pretty cool its pretty nice i like it.
But there is one more place that they want to see so we might actually just head over there. So who knows you guys well. Theres a street cat straight dog.
No nudists. Hello. Just straight up your friendly introduction noise.
Oh you guys did you actually already adorable stray fifi. Hello. Cece.
So told you cousin israelis joke can we adopt her thats a doctor. I think we are gonna adopt her given for any introduction. Hurry up maria for any introduction quick be like hey.

sims 4 how to adopt a stray-0
sims 4 how to adopt a stray-0

Im our national name. Oh. This isnt like her oh.
Well. Shes aggressive okay give her a treat pet her praise her offer friendship because i wanted i want to adopt her like i actually want your doctor. But look how cute she is shes adorable and i can tell us she she really does like aria like low key she likes her but shes trying to like hide it shes trying to hide it shes like not it like you.
But we know that she really does like aria just lets see her up close and personal away from the bushes. But yeah oh look at her door of a little strange. Shes so cute i want them to be friends.
Like really love them to be friends. Oh. Sorry what am.
I doing yet can we adopt her already like i dont know how long it takes to adopt a pet. But i kind of want to adopt her like right. But anyway.
Were getting a bit late on view and i schedule our next appointment our next appointment with the estate is that. 9 00 pm. So lets go check out the new property.
But i kind of wanna keep. Still i know we have to be friends of the house. No i want i dont know you need to have fifi.
We need to have her okay were not gonna happen. But lets go view the other property shall we okay so the girls have actually arrived at another property isnt the other quarter of it and i kind of feel like this is more than i think anyway like in terms of yeah. I think they like this property.
More. Its more like decorated to their style. So they dont have to do too much to it straight away so i think theyre actually gonna push this murray going aria and then fifi the dog actually came with us.
She came with us wheres she gone she did come with us she was here but theres lilly fang. But i think theyre actually gonna purchase this property you guys so im actually really happy about that im really excited because its the next chapter on their life. Theyve both growing up theyre both moving on theyre both getting older they want to get all by pet food by pet supply.
Sure why not the boy. 3. Was amelie eliza.
Kind of wanna just oh look at the oldies lets get some stuff to add to our dogs buy two of each. Because why not but they definitely are prints. And i mean well probably say that doesnt mean all the time.
But then i know that well have a dog as well so look at the sound. Hello. Let me know what type of dog.
Does. The re and jasmine would have because i know jasmine has her eye on some cocker spaniels and king charles spaniels. And what about aria.
What do you think shell have because were not forgetting prince and mean how theyre still on our lp. Theyre gonna be coming around all the time theyre still here al motta magatha. Hello.
What are you doing out of my secrets and lies lp. If you watch that you know what i mean. But uh yes.

sims 4 how to adopt a stray-1
sims 4 how to adopt a stray-1

I dont actually i think the girl she purchased this property and lets see if they live in there today. Were gonna listen lets let them eat some snacks obviously first and then we can get them to move in because do eating me meet mortimer sure why not discuss interests and be like were gonna buy a property. I think shes gonna go why dont we bring our mum and our dad here so they can see but they need to get into their everyday clothes outfits change outfit.
Well just pretend that they didnt rock up doing their pjs outfits change out for sure why not and actually you guys why the out the house. There is something like two houses opened up i wonder if any of you will guess what i mean. But i think well pretty save that for another part but who knows when were there but then yes didnt actually are gonna buy this property and i think the signed the paperwork.
Theres some people i kind of state agents and brindled and baya open very late in my but i think its about time that was signed some people at people lets go to the stage right now okay guys so the girls have actually signed their paperwork they now own the deeds to this beautiful house. We will be upgrading. It and giving it our own spin and makeover as the lp goes on because obviously the girls want the only person at all theyre gonna fight over the beds.
I think this is more arias style so you clean this and then jack jasmine can clean this bedroom and obviously there have any pets yet but dont worry were gonna get pets. Oh. Theres a cat mr.
Capsicum. This cat jasmine go go give her friendly introduction on him. We dont know what it is yeah him her.
We dont know im a good. Theres another this suddenly strays you guys give for any introductions to all these strays i want were gonna doctor straight for sure what is this good bacon oh my god you need to adopt bacon. How do we do this we need to a doctor straining.
Im sorry. But amy seven late today i dont even care. Were doctors astray aint nobody gonna stop me were adopting straight people look at how cute the strays are help i wont say.
I knew id have this problem with cats and dogs comes out because im such an animal lover. Id want to adopt like every single pet that we can we just like how do we do this for the praise get to know i want to adopt this little funkiness in poodle because this is a cute looking poodle. I can lie this is a cute looking peter pepito poodle.
Even we need to adopt this little look at it look he took huge. Im just gonna get a real up place in his face. Always know we adopt in this poodle.
I dont even care. This is happening look look how can you see that and not want to adopt here for real lady. Theres some who would abuse is great it breaks my heart and really does can be like just adopt everybody give a big treat sure i think i use the toilet and then aria you can go to sleep cuz.
She actually has his heart set on buying herself as that clinic. I know were buying lots of stuff today. But money isnt really object.
It his family is well off and theyll give her the money of basically whatever she needs to do. But um speaking of stuff. While we were on the way here they walked past a dog shelter and there was actually a king charles spaniel for up for adoption and jasmine has always wanted one and shes gonna go view it again tomorrow and now the dog shelters shut.
Because we dont have everything open too late susie can this day just shuts at 11 00 pm. But the shelter opens on this exam. So i think what time she had work.
Yeah she can go at 6 am to go view. The little doggy because she is going to adopt the king charles spaniel and aint nobody gonna stop her and aria doesnt mind because she loves dogs and she really doesnt care. What it is or we may actually oh no buzzer can you get going come back.
Why i liked after i would also like so much yeah there we go. But we need to definitely uh upgrade this house. I may do that in a separate video or watch.
It in the comments down below please let me know at least do a makeover on this house. Off camera and record. It or anything else that you want me to do and ill do it um.

sims 4 how to adopt a stray-2
sims 4 how to adopt a stray-2

Yeah. What do we take a dog on a walk. Yeah.
You need a dog vest. So she says she really wants her king charles spaniel. But this house is so down its two bedrooms its perfect they can have their dogs everywhere.
Nice funky lights up skin used to it all the stuff is any more strays because i wont have doctor stray like its happening today people also going to the dog shelter. Oh whos this stray heidi and blue oh no im sorry. But what jasmine wake up go give her for any introduction.
With. Oh. That was the name of what the dog heidi.
Oh yeah. I want us to we need to get heidi. Because shes really really cute like really cute praise pets no give off a friendship you should have so unique looking like ive never seen the dog look like that shes a poodle across something and it just love it.
Shes just so by literally sookie. Oh. Well you keep everything.
And what you see wish for them to been a little pretty check out the dog shelter in the morning. Okay well we work ive got youre playing a little bit. But i kind of want to adopt her today like really today well give you a no come back.
Were just good come back. Its not like rabies from titanic come back come back. Oh my throats hurting you guys.
I dont know if im coming down with a cold and im actually dreading that so cuz. I have a cold. Ill be selling like really bummed up in the videos thatd be pretty funny for you guys.
But not very funny for me im just positioning myself. Id like the blue yeti like right in my face. Um.
Yeah. I like these new sofas are pretty cool theyre pretty cool. But we will definitely be filming a makeover.
See theres like oh wow. So you couldnt drag it wherever you want i like it. I didnt know you can move it like that.
Oh yeah. Its are going to build by mood and then do it from that way. But jasmine wont you go to sleep.
Okay. Leave heidi alone. She obviously doesnt want to come home with us today.
We can adopt her another day. But you going to the shelter tomorrow. Anyway to pick up the king charles spaniel that you saw so well actually wake her up when it.
Gets 6 am and well head back to there yep wake up head off to the head up to the pet adoption shelter get ready change outfit. Sure well give her another outfit as well by the way and go off to the pet shelter go on off you go i hope were gonna go alright see you guys you guys ben has come back from the pet adoption shelter and he adopted a gorgeous gorgeous peach a spaniel called car shes way she looks at her treat luxio. She is vocal.

sims 4 how to adopt a stray-3
sims 4 how to adopt a stray-3

She is loyal and she is jumpy. So she will be a little bit scared. Me.
The jasmine is so super happy she loves her to pieces. She cannot wait shes just so excited she can show everybody oh cool the robot. But we need to get some pet supplies so you can come with me while we go shopping.
Because we didnt actually prepare ourselves for that but we wont have this bitch. But his i kind of want carly to so like i said. We will be upgrade in the house.
But lets get an automatic pet bowl thingy food bowl. I know i have a dog i know what its called i will get some toys lets get these toys put this here. Sure why not and some extra balls around the place because get her a rainbow.
One cuz that looks so cool put some toys down and then her bet. Some go in jasmines room. Well just get her one for now.
But it should choose asleep on the bed. And thats finds it thats just where they want her to sleep at the moment. I think this everything that we need so far everything that we need so far yeah.
So lets actually get you to fill her bowl fill. And then serve breakfast serve some eggs and toasts and cool her area. Why dont you friendship praise.
Why dont we sit around her. But i love carly look at shes so cute little bit with her little pasty and eyes head durable shine like seriously should so cute so cute look at her. She looks terrified though like his oh.
Shes been in a patient. Oh from earlier cat do can do better. But lets have a little look see copy compliment someone oh carly is so lovely hey look at her.
She looks. She doesnt she look terrified that yes. She looks terrified.
What are you request a song from her yes ooh like i said the whole purpose of this move to bring them to bay was so the girls could he live alone and just be however be how they wanted to you know throw parties when they want to just have a whole heap of fun well that i havent in like been to the will of their families. And if youd like what i mean and also aria is looking at some vet clinics as well so definitely in the next part we will for sure be buying a vet clinic cuz this bussiness. She signed a few around a lot of that she just kind of want to make the right purchase.
She doesnt wanna make an impulse. Buy like she has just done with the house was already impulse bite. Because they saw two houses better.
This is definitely the house. But i can see them all i hate my pop filter. This is definitely the house that i can see them in and ive seen a week.
Happy in and now that we have arthurs little pet well forth little pet technically because they have already minka. We have prints. We have magnum and now we have little carly.
The king charles spaniel where she got wheres that weve lost that up theres a dock where shes gone. Hello connie oh is she hiding under the sofa. Oh she did she hid under the sofa.
I never closed. I think thats good part two in this park here place to inspire even please dont forget to like and subscribe and i will see you in less painful jobs hard for bye guys music music you music. .

sims 4 how to adopt a stray-4
sims 4 how to adopt a stray-4

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