BlueTex™ Insulation for Metal/Steel Buildings

how to insulate an existing metal building This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you BlueTex™ Insulation for Metal/Steel Buildings. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Is a time the owner of blue tax insulation calm and in this video. I im going to introduce our new products that will make your metal building. Significantly.
Comfortable eliminate or control. Moisture problems and provide an interior surface that is super durable blue. Text.
Insulation products to be installed in both new construction and existing buildings with either. Metal or wood. Framing first a little background.
Information i started atticfoilcom in 2006 to provide a heavyweight radiant barrier for home residential addicts basically you staple this up in the attic or lay.

how to insulate an existing metal building-0
how to insulate an existing metal building-0

It out over the insulation and your home will be more comfortable and energy efficient. Since then weve become the market leader and radiant barrier for home attics over the years customers. Realize that these radiant barrier products can also be used to keep metal building significantly cooler in the summer.
However in cold or mixed climates not only do you want to keep a building cool in the summer. But you also need to control moisture or condensation issues in the winter to control moisture. You need a product that has a little bit of insulation to keep the interior surface temperature above the dew point now there are some other products out there that are similar.
But over the years. I just have not been able to recommend any of the other foam or foil products or bubble products. Just because quite honestly.
Most of them are poor quality and eventually they just fall apart.

how to insulate an existing metal building-1
how to insulate an existing metal building-1

So we had a lot of customers ask us to create a top quality product for these type of applications. So we did thats why we developed blue tex insulation its simply the strongest and most durable reflective foam insulation available we use a tear proof woven tarp fabric on both sides of the high density xpe fire. Resistant foam core.
Its so durable. You can even throw. A baseball against it and not even leave a mark for the reflective layers we use pure aluminum foil with a 97 reflectivity rating.
I refuse to use the cheaper metallized film or mylar type products when installed correctly to reflect the heat the inside of your metal building. Really shouldnt be any hotter than the outside air temperature. Its basically like putting a giant tree over your building.

how to insulate an existing metal building-2
how to insulate an existing metal building-2

Its fast and easy to install all blue tex products with the peel and stick tab to make the seams. Easy to connect to be honest. These are premium products and theyre gonna cost a little more than the bubble foil products.
But if youre building a quality metal building barn shed airplane hangar poultry facility or many storage units any type of non conditioned or semi conditioned building you really need to take a look at the blue text products. We would love to send you some free samples so you can compare the quality for yourself just go to blue text insulation comm and click on request samples. We also offer wholesale pricing for builders and contractors.
If you have any questions about your specific building. Please give us a call we want to help you so give us a call or send us an email or visit. The website blue text insulation com.

how to insulate an existing metal building-3
how to insulate an existing metal building-3

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