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So chuck was cleared in a game lets play on grandpa 8 05. My my first time playing i havent played it yet. And yeah let me show wait play through the whole game and upload it to a channel come on in the back come on lets go heres my pal come on esther.
Were giving you everything you own eddie dont even think about it get in there sit tight. Ill handle the blaster dont blow yourself up aunt tess. Youre doing all right tell us in here in the back oh kid okay.
Well yes i got something in my eye all set phone it in im calling. It contact you look dead. Nate.
My only friend so sad. Oh show. Me slow and steady t.
Slow. And steady. Lets go on oh.
Money. Money. Money.
Its kind of like real. Answer. Really.
Good. Ha ha ha. Theres enough here for us.
All to enjoy. Depends on how you look at it oh nevermind well. Im.
19. Lets go take anymore. No i saw your face.
Ill remember you get a thousand things every day. How about you make sure this one lets see these eyes hey bo. Its great.
I think be cool. But right now im fuckin crazy trouble. Im doing what i do is press the button fun lessons work this out for sure come put the gun down aint gonna happen pal make a move i got all day it looks like the cavalry eights our show pal.
Itll be quick problem get it s through that lets get going. Ill be time for grieving later. Yeah you get that right awful kid.
I know then that is gonna be okay. I do give me one little shot to the head. What are you doing place cover.
Im ready to do this now get in cover hello howre you getting covered quit fucking around and get down. And im hating on me. It wait till.
Tc. Covered bed set the charge. Get your fucking head down.
The doors are about to blow hey do it feel like such a new gettin cover t. Im trying so. Tell me.
My cover. Button is does is not working. Oh yeah.
Hey. Oh. There it is im setting the charges.

how to take cover in gta 5-0
how to take cover in gta 5-0

Theyre on a timer break themselves. I got it ah fuck you hear that siren bunch of cops dean hit the shutter switch whats this local resistance. It aint supposed to go down.
Like this it never is come on yo get out of here get out of the way here suffer the consequence. We keep going forward dont be an idiot profession copies out these guys were coming through what the fuck is this got the flavor on them no get away. We bring it to know who called you out here.
And answered. The wrong call. Lets move area take the car this down bring up this fuck man.
The thing is blow right open lets go kid might have failed this wasnt in the javascript. Oh kind of hard to aim. I need to nawfal the way to put.
I dont william screwed. Me up man. Its can i even turn them off or not last one i got come on get to the driver.
These better be there lets get out of here. Lets go lets go go go go tryna get. Im kinda getting used to the controls.
More now what and then on the okay here heres is the driver. What took you so long fuck up and drive whoa to see that shit put that bitch is facing as the glass should. See that yeah youre real stuff.
Oh nobody oh god lets get to the chopper. We move quick. We can beat the train.
Were getting there be cool. They aint made this korea and ill believe in this bird when i get eyes on it roadblock. All right meet.
The train man that true you guys alright. Oh come on ditch. The car alright we can go this way to the chopper.
No hey stick to the plan. Watch whoo stick to the fucking plan come on where the fucks the chopper fuck round back ah the fuck is back someone like the fuck you are hey rads gonna be fine. We gotta get the fuck out of it oh jesus oh gee you gotta get out of here.
Im gonna leave you my cake go adam not gonna be fuckin it a bleeped up im standing here finish me kill you correct ah mother fuckers. You fucking cocksucker fuck you fuck you fuck you need for that go go. That was intense dang.
Oh cemetary thats is not always a good citizen. He did not die a heros death. But he was a man our lord was crucified with two things so perhaps we should not judge.
We are born of seeing and we die in and in this like anybody else father. We do not know your infinite mysteries. But we know that you will show mercy to our friend.
Well. Thats the thats the beginning of the game. Guys let me stay tuned for the next.
Lets play part which ill be uploading tomorrow. I cant stress this enough that you unpack those in your csgo folder. Because then you are able to make changes to it.
And the game will actually respond to those changes. So once again you got steamapps common kind of track global message and you click the csgo folder. Once you have clicked this folder you press ok and it will start extracting all those files.
I wont do it since ive already done it. But once you have done that it will start unpacking all the files in your csgo folder. Ok so once they are extracted from the vpk file.
We need to find a way to open our texture files so in order to find our textures. First we are in our csgo folder. We go to materials.

how to take cover in gta 5-1
how to take cover in gta 5-1

We go to model materials. So that will be materials and then models from models we go all the way down to weapons and we select v models v models are the viewport models so the models you have close up to you which means they have a higher size a bigger size so which means they are sharper. They have more tvs oh and all that kind of stuff the w models are in 512 by 512 which means they have less detail and you are not supposed to edit those so you go to v models and here you can pretty much select which gun you want to which gun you want to like start editing.
So. Lets say we want to start editing. The m4a1s.
So we open the m4a1 s rifle on the square and for a one unscrew s. And we see this we have a weird file extension. Which we are not used to which is vt f.
Vg f. Stands for valve texture file. And once again.
Im still created a tool for this which is called bg. A pen and once again you are able to download this from the link in the description these links will most likely not change but if they do i will update the links make sure you download version 13 03 doe because that will make it a whole lot easier. So you dont have to change file versions.
But enough about it so once youre here. And you have vcf edit you can just double click on the file. And as you can see here.
We have the texture file for the m4a1 s to get a tga file. Which is open intent in photoshop you just go to file export. And lets see lets just unpack.
It in the same folder dry flat for you same. So. Once you have done that it is right here one thing to note.
Though when using vcf and its once you want to open files from here. You dont go to open because oh wait well you actually do pdf file. If you want to open a vcf file you use open.
If you want to use a tga file inside pdf tools you use import. But i will cover that later in another video in which ill explain how to get your weapons from tga to vcf and use them inside the workbench. Which will most likely be the next video.
So once you have your tga files you can go get go ahead and open it up in photoshop. And there you have it this is your suction sheet of the m4a1 s. It is quite a mess.
This is one of the more complicated weapon. The weapons because it has such a big geometry with all those little knobs over here and well pretty much all those things in order to kind of make sense of what everything is as we can see this is the hand guard at the france. This is the side like the rail with the sign of the village.
This is the magazine then as of now it are all its all one thing looks like its one thing looks like its all connected. But its actually not these things consist of many uz islands in order to see those islands you can go to the folder. Where you save the resource pack from valve.
You can go to uv sheets. And select the m4a1 s. Real quick here is the m4a1 s.
You can drag that file on top of here. And as you can see it will create a uv sheet on top of it this way said this the screen. Claudia parsley and now you can at least see that it are separate parts which you can add it so.
Now you are basically ready to go ahead and paint everything you want on top of this my v button is working now you can pretty much paint everything on top of the weapon and it will be displayed properly you can import your obj model into photoshop. I personally do not use it because i dont like the way photoshop works with that i use a different program for that but i will cover once again 3d painting. I will cover that in later videos in which i will explain how to use a substance painter and 3d coat of paint directly on top of your 3d model and have that correspond with the uv texture sheet anyways you can now go ahead and start creating your first weapon finish and in the next video.
I will tell you everything about how to save this weapon as a vcf file and how to load it up in the workbench and in that video as well i will explain everything about all the settings in his workbench. Because the workbench can be quite complicated in terms of pattern. Offsets and pattern rotations and all that kind of stuff.
Its very important that you get the certain settings right because there are a lot of rookie mistakes that i see being made in the workshop and i want to make sure that everyone who was watch this video is aware of these rookie mistakes and will not make them themselves so without further ado guys. I wish you the best of luck. I will catch you in the next video which will hopefully be uploaded tomorrow.
Im not quite sure i will try to make a video about it tomorrow. And if not it will be early next week. So without further ado guys thats it like see it .

how to take cover in gta 5-2
how to take cover in gta 5-2

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