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Everyone in this video. We will be learning how to draw a vector arrow in in illustrator before we get started dont forget to hit subscribe and turn on notifications if you draw an arrow in adobe illustrator start by selecting the pen tool. Draw a line straight or curved with two anchor points.
As a first example. I will be drawing an arrow with a straight line. So position the pen tool.
Where you want the line to begin and click to define the first anchor point click. Again where you want the line to end hold shift when you click to dry straight line to leave a path open hold ctrl or command and click anywhere on the document now. Im going to select the selection tool and select the segments music open the stroke panel by pressing ctrl or command f10 or go to window and select just the stroke panel.
The first thing you find in the stroke panel is the weight. Im going to change mine to five pixels music after the weight section. You can see other sections including the arrow head.
Its the only thing you see is the way. It is because your options are hidden. So go to the little icon on the top right of the panel click on it and youll get the option show options click on it.
And you should be able to see all the hidden options okay so make sure your segment is selected go to the arrowhead section. And im going to start with the arrow head on the end point. Which is the one on the right.

how to make an arrow in illustrator-0
how to make an arrow in illustrator-0

So click on the drop down menu. And you have many options of arrows select. The one you like so.
If youre satisfied you can just leave the arrow head on one point. Or you can add another arrow head to the start point. So select the segment go to the arrow head section.
And this time click on the drop down menu on the left side. And you can either pick. An arrow head that has the same style or a different one as you can see there are many options to switch arrowheads relative to the lines start and end.
Arrows click on the icon swap. Start and end arrowheads. So this icon.
If you click on it it will invert the arrowheads and this is useful for example. If you make a copy of your arrow. And you decide that you want it in the opposite direction.
So instead of like having to redraw. It and we add the arrowheads and read proportionate and everything you just swap. It another thing you can do is scale.

how to make an arrow in illustrator-1
how to make an arrow in illustrator-1

The arrowheads so select the segment and for example. If you change the weight of the line like from five to ten. You can see that the arrowheads automatically scale with the weight so if you like once you scale them independently you go to the scale section.
And there is the option to scale either the beginning the start point or the end point separately or you can lock them and scale them proportionally for example. I just scaled just the end point bigger or for example. I can scale just the start point and make it smaller so i scale.
Them separately okay so now im going to press. Ctrl z. To go back.
And if i press on the link. Start and end arrowheads. This will link them together.
So if i scale one or the other they will both scale. Proportionately music in the profile section. You can select different profiles for your segments.
You can go through them. And see. If theres something interesting you can use.

how to make an arrow in illustrator-2
how to make an arrow in illustrator-2

Im just gonna stick with the uniform segment. Because that works for me also you can see the align. Sections.
Where there are two icons the second one is automatically selected and here you can choose from the first icon. Where the arrow head attaches and starts at the end of the path. So it extends its link instead the second icon.
Which is the one that is automatically selected the arrow head becomes part of the overall length. So it ends. Where the segment ends.
It does not extend its link. So this first example was done with a straight line. But as i said you can draw a curved line as well all you have to do is draw the lines and follow the same steps select.
It and add. The arrow head you can draw a more unique line as well like zigzagged or way select. One of the segments.
The color panel and select the stroke color you want to give it also i forgot to specify this at the beginning of the video. It is better to set the fill to none thank you for watching and stay tuned for more videos. .

how to make an arrow in illustrator-3
how to make an arrow in illustrator-3

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