EASILY Repairing Broken PVC Pipes(Least Amount Of Digging)

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Todays video. Im going to show you the easiest way to repair a a broken pvc pipe. Thats buried in the ground.
Now the method. Im to show you i myself have used for many years. Ive saved a lot of money using this method.
And i have made a lot of money repairing pvc pipes. Using this method this method is especially useful if you do not want to dig up four or five feet of the pipe in order to be able to lift it up to insert a coupling to push it back down into the ground you may also have the problem that theres a sidewalk nearby or a foundation that the pipe goes under so im going to show you the easiest way to repair that pipe without digging it all up and you can use this method for 1 2. Inch pipe.
All the way up to 2 inch pipe. Now ill show you how to do this i put a cut right here in the pipe. Now sometimes when you hit this with the shovel.
It will break around straight down. And only be about that wide the crack as it waves around or sometimes the crack may become wider. If the crack is wider.
Youre going to have to cut back a little further maybe about five or six inches. Because youre going to have to take a coupling and youre going to have to put a coupling in with another section of pipe before your repair. Where it broke so in order to repair this pipe.
Without digging it completely up out of the ground youre going to need to couplings that match the size of the pipe.

how to repair pvc pipe in tight spaces-0
how to repair pvc pipe in tight spaces-0

So if the break is right over here. Where that blue mark is what im going to do is cut a little further back you can cut the pvc pipe. Using a hacksaw.
A pvc pipe cutter or you can use something like this that uses friction to burn through the pipe. So what im going to do is im going to go a little further back over to here right where the end of this dock line is and make a cut dig out a little bit more of the dirt and sand to be able to get the hacksaw in there alright. So let me go in here make a cut once you cut here.
The next thing youre going to do is find where the crack ends. It may go a little further than what you see so i would cut a little further out so lets go about a half inch after the crack. Were going to cut that out all right so this is where it was cracked right here take the ends make sure theyre nice and clean both sides all right take a little bit of sandpaper just clean off the burr on the end of the pipe.
Thats good do the same on this one just clean off the burrs. All that push that back so you can see clear a little bit of soil or sand out of the way. The next thing youre going to do is take a coupling glue it onto the pipe that you cut over here push it all the way down until.
It meets the stop take a new section of pipe. Thats not damaged youre going to measure it so that when it goes into this pipe right here. Its going to end up flush on this side or just a little bit of room for you to be able to put the pipe in and out now before i glue this its an excellent idea to use a slow setting pvc cement for this job regular setting cement will work fine whatever you do do not use fast setting cement.
If you use fast setting you may screw up the repair. So regular setting or slow setting pvc cement is ideal cleaner on here all right do the same on the coupling. Take your pvc glue all right and push it all the way onto the pipe flush and hold it until it sets about 15 seconds.
You could let go all right before you glue this section of pipe into that coupling.

how to repair pvc pipe in tight spaces-1
how to repair pvc pipe in tight spaces-1

What youre going to have to do next is take the other coupling and youre going to take a dremel with a grinding stone and youre going to go in there and grind away the stop. If you dont want to use a dremel with a grinding stone. What i used to do is carry a small half round file about that wide and it doesnt take long to take a half round file and eliminate that stop you want to make this a full slip.
So thats what you have to do with that the beauty of this repair is that you do not have to spend a lot of money on compression type connectors or expandable connectors with a rings. Theres no need for that you could spend around 50 cents on two couplings or a dollar depending on the size and have this repair taken care of once you remove the stop from the pvc pipe. We will now carry on by installing the section of pipe put a little bit more pvc cleaner in here.
Always use the cleaner. It softens the pvc and you get a better bond now im cleaning this end. But im also going to put a layer on this end right now now to install the pipe.
Its very easy youre going to have to either pull up a little bit on this pipe or push. It down or do the same on this pipe in order to allow the pipe to slide into that fitting. So now im going to get the glue ready on this side put a nice layer do the same inside the coupling.
Im going to reach down. Im going to lift up on that pipe and push down on the other one and slide it in and twist all right so as you can see now this is very close contact right here let that set a minute before i carry on and show you how to join the two together now while this is setting for a minute. What im going to do is take the coupling that we had you want to judge.
Where the center of the coupling is and just put a little bit of a mark on the pipe. Very easy right there would be a bow center. Just do it on the one side going to put a little bit of cleaner here and stay before my mark in that area make sure.
Theres no sand to get on to the on this thing.

how to repair pvc pipe in tight spaces-2
how to repair pvc pipe in tight spaces-2

You dont want this thing getting sand on it put a good layer there so the edge of my blue is pretty much where id want to go with the coupling. This is a great method. Ive never had a problem with it ill let that soak in put a little bit more in this pipe.
Now were ready to complete the job youre going to want to dig out a little bit of sand just above the pipe reach in with your finger go in as long. As your finger maybe three inches or so. And then on this side you may want to dig under it so you could push down take the coupling that has the stop removed you can see theres no more stop put plenty of cleaner in there all right get that really really good you want to apply plenty of glue all over the section of pipe.
Here all over the section. Here and all over inside this coupling. Do the coupling first put a nice layer put it on heavy.
Youre going to put it on here all the way around put it on this pipe to all the way under make sure you get underneath. Now youre going to lift on that slide it all the way past and slide. It all the way back its a little messy.
But it works that will set and it will not come out this right now has had time to set. And its all one piece right over there is my blue mark where i made with the pen. So i know the coupling is exactly where i wanted it its halfway onto this pipe.
And its halfway onto the one that was broken so your break was right here which you repaired. But you had to go a little further back with another coupling to be able to get rid of all of the damaged area. I hope you enjoyed this video please rate.
It a thumbs up subscribe and post links to this video on other websites and blogs also be sure to check out my video playlists as well thank you very much for watching. .

how to repair pvc pipe in tight spaces-3
how to repair pvc pipe in tight spaces-3

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