How Not to Summon a Demon Lord – Chapter 1 – Light Novel Review

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Back to my channel. Its me ervin with another light novel review yes. This this is actually its a third fourth one that ive been doing in channel.
Im trying to bring more light novels to you guys and this is one that i chose one that was given to me sorry for me to review for you guys so if you want to buy this or if you want to learn more about this light novel. Im gonna leave it in the description below as well in the comment section below links for you guys to go check it out and see if you want to buy this this is also if you dont know. It is a one of the animes that is airing right now currently in the summer to us an eighteen lineup.
So if you also want to check out the anime. Then do that as well. I believe you can find it in crunchyroll and a funimation is also dubbing it so its pretty big of a anime and light novel a lot better so how not to summon a demon lord chapter.
One hopefully i will be able to review a lot more than just the first volume fit three four you know answer how many vials eight. They come out with so this one starts just like the anime. The first episode seems to be like the first chapter and its really good guys.
If you dont know the light novel is is the core. It is the meaty part of a story after that then the manga comes and they take off stuff. Because a lot of the information.
Given to you is it is can be explained in picture form and then when the anime comes then the anime looses a lot of the other meat that you know could have been in the in the story. Because they only have two episodes or they only have so much or so much time to do it. So.
The light novel gives you a lot more insight.

how not to summon a demon lord chapter 1-0
how not to summon a demon lord chapter 1-0

So i want to talk about a little bit about the story. What happens and they dont talk about the differences of the of the first chapter two to the first episode of the anime. So the story is follows this guy that is in our normal world is summoning to this other world.
Which is a world of a game that he is a master and hes level 150. He is known as diablo the demon lord who unquote demon lord and hes summoned by this elf and this pather in i believe how you pronounce her ace and they really dont know who summon him but they both want to be like the one that summon him and him being so powerful in the game. He he reflects the power of being summoned and the girls actually become his slaves they kind of talk a little bit things through it and they they go to a land or to a town when theyre in the town they meet up with the president of the magic orientation of the town he quickly finds out that the bathroom is with him is actually someone important she has a secret that shes hiding.
He takes her up to a room where hes gonna torture her and he tortures her and gets the information out of her whats the big reveal is that she actually is containing the soul of the biggest demon. The boss of bosses of that world inside of her and they dont know how i defeated. They dont know how to get it out and the only one that knows is the mage leader and her so after that he goes out in the neighborhood and one of the soldiers friends.
I guess. I was hanging out with with the mages leader. He hes all mad.
Hes all angry and because you know he he cant talk down to them. He he didnt put it respect to them so he bullies him into a fight and the fight goes on and on and on and hes defeated demon lord shows his power okay thats the general story i recommend you to read it or recommend you to watch it. But thats the general story now if you were here this then youll say thats the first chapter and yes.
Thats the first episode. But theres big differences well the differences in the light novel is one you appreciate a lot of the thoughts diablo has a lot of thoughts from the moment. Hes there he doesnt know what his power is when he his level is you know hes not he knows that he was swimming.
There he knows that he has robes similar.

how not to summon a demon lord chapter 1-1
how not to summon a demon lord chapter 1-1

But he doesnt know all his powers were transferred. He doesnt know if if all his abilities were chapters. So before they even go to the town he tries on his abilities as a mage and hes im sorry a sorcerer and hes able to use some his abilities as well as when he is fighting the guy that that picked a fight with him plus other guys and im feeling in the moment.
He doesnt know his power. His potential heres a know if his defense is gonna work heres know how strong his punches gonna be he killed salamander one punch and then he kills 14. Other summons was just one hit so he doesnt know to what extreme his power is and he still figured out stuff to him its you know hes able to see the similarities and the differences between how he saw it as a gamer and then him living in the actual world some of the differences go beyond with you know there.
Theres no character names on top of people theres no level of how people obviously. Theres no menu so you cant see any of that he doesnt know why everyone is able to conversate the mages that are part of town. Huge usually are neutral and help everyone and for him thats weird because in the real world.
You know this guy was a maid. She picked a fight with him so theyre actually not neutral. Theyre theyre actually you know in some way thugs other differences go beyond with you know him noticing that theres racism between the humans to the demons humans to the elves humans to other people and amongst.
The other races as well so that he he notices all that you know whereas a game. Where you know you pick yourself as an elf and someone else picked himself as as a demon that racism wasnt really there because everyone was a gamer so he notices all differences you dont get that from the anime you dont get that from the manga. But you get that in the light novel.
Which is really important other stuff that he he goes through in his thoughts. Are hes just his thought process a lot of the way he expressed himself is him putting an act of his character. And him finding out stuff and processing into his ahead.
I mean the light novel has done a great job with that so far.

how not to summon a demon lord chapter 1-2
how not to summon a demon lord chapter 1-2

I think the first chapter was great the chess. The second chapter. I bet was gonna be is gonna be better so i will start that one tonight before i go to bed.
Ill read it and i read some of in there ill probably finish it sometime this week. Well do a second review on the second chapter and then on a third chapter. So if you guys wanna hear more about this make sure you subscribe.
What is my rating one to ten because ive seen the anime and because i know about the story. Im gonna be a little biased. But i do like it i just dont like it a lot as of right now 75.
Im really like that if the story changes then you know if so far. Its good. It is pretty unique of a story you know in this era.
Where a lot of the stories are similar for a person going from this road to another world. Its kind of hard not to be unique. But this one is kind of unique in its own way.
The fact that he is you know trying to figure stuff out theres a lot of stuff that that its explained and the light novel in this one that shows that hes human so its its a bit not light novel again if you want to know where to get it the links are in my description below as well. As my comment section. Thank you so much for the support guys.
Thank you so much for the love make sure you check that out make sure you check it out the page. Thank you so much for the support love and like always dont be shrink. .

how not to summon a demon lord chapter 1-3
how not to summon a demon lord chapter 1-3

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