How to Get an Internship (With No Experience!!)

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Guys. Its emily from share wear. And im back today with another kind kind of chatty courier.
Job related video today i wanted to talk about how to an internship. Because that season is rolling around faster than you might think and i wanted to give you my tips on how you can get the internship of your dreams. So lets get started the first place.
I would check if youre looking for an internship and youre in college is to check your career center. So a lot of the times colleges will have sites where all of the internships that they know of are posted so check there first because its a really really good resource you might have to do some digging around to find it. But your career center in general is really sometimes underutilized take advantage of it because they have site into all the different areas that are offering these kinds of jobs and internships and you might come across something that you didnt even know existed also when youre looking for internships just talk to as many people as you can including family friends.
Family your own peers kind of mentors that you may have in college. People older than you seniors etc talk to everyone and ask them if they have any leads ask them if they know anyone in the area that youre interested in just. Ask them if they know of companies that have internship opportunities in general half the time you know especially if in your if youre in your earlier years in college.
Youre not going to have that much experience on your resume. Anyway so you just need something so just ask because you never know what youre going to come across the way. I got my first internship was by asking my family who had kind of family friends and through string of people.
I was able to get to know someone that was working at a fashion brand and i gave them my resume. Which basically only had like my college like academic work and like my waitress job and they actually thought i went in for the interview and they thought i wear. What interviewing for like a design job which i had absolutely no experience in and um.
When i was there at the interview thankfully. The guy interviewing me was like okay well wait a second. I think we have actually a pr department.
Thats that needs an intern. So hold on brb and then he came back in with the pr team and then they interviewed me on the spot. And i ended up interviewing.
I ended up interning and like the pr department of this fashion company so that was like my first internship. Things happen so much by chance so just like doctors any food people as you can get get as many connection points. And you never know what the outcome is going to be along those same lines.
Youre gonna have to send out a ton of applications just to hear back from a handful. So im literally talking like 50 plus. If you can if thats too extreme try 420.
But like out of like number that high youre gonna hear back from like two or three maybe. Even less so dont be discouraged. If you apply for like five.
And you dont hear back you need to apply two more so dont be selective literally like chuck your ego out the door. And just get a freaking like resume out to as many people as you can because youre not going to have that many options especially when your resume has nothing on it internships are not what youre going to be doing for the rest of your life. Theyre literally just there to give you some work experience especially especially your first one so.
If youre trying to intern every summer at college. Which i would recommend because it gives you more opportunities to explore different interests start early um. Dont kind of block yourself in too much of a hole try to be as open as you can towards the beginning.
And youll really quickly be able to figure out what your next move should be what your next internship. Would be and that way youll be in a really good position kind of senior junior year of college. When youre actually looking for a job so in the beginning of it your first internship.
Youre like a freshman sophomore in college. You know dont be too choosy trust. That as time goes on youll have a much clearer idea of what interests you and what you want to pursue my next tip is to start now.
Which might seem crazy because a lot of the times internships happen in the summer. But a lot of huge companies that have like structured internship programs start their application process in the fall. So.
Make sure youre doing your research. Now. If youre looking for an internship and a good way to do this is kind of think about maybe the broader industries.
That you might be interested in is it finance is it beauty is it advertising. Go research. The big companies that make up those industries.
And see if they have internship programs listed on their website. And you might have to do some digging again. But its really really worth it because these structured internship programs are going to give you the best experience on your resume.
And theyre also just going to give you the best work experience as well to carry you through internship internship. When youre actually putting together your application make sure you spend a lot of time on your resume and cater it to that specific job. So you want to take your experiences that take your the experiences that you have and make sure they reflect what that internship.
That youre applying for is looking for so if its like a pr internship kind of frame your resume in a way that plays to the pr kind of aspects of what you did if its an engineering internship. Make your resume a lot more technical etc. Just or even like company by company like do research on the company and tweak your resume.
So that its unique to every single job. Youre applying for this may sound like a lot of work and it is but its really really worth it if you want to stand out. Especially.
If youre going for these kind of like bigger internship programs. These people are sifting through hundreds of resumes. A day.
So you want to make sure that yours is a true reflection of what that company is looking for if you are selected to go and have an interview for your internship congratulations. But make sure that you oh really well prepared when youre interviewing you want to show that youre passionate and you care about the job that you just applied for so from the interviewers perspective. If you come in knowing your kind of leadership board.
Knowing the values of the company. Knowing what the company does what it sells what services. It offers knowing that information really well and thinking.
Its interesting that comes off really genuinely and thats going to get you really far also make sure that youre talking about yourself and your experiences and your strengths. But frame it in a way that puts the company first so how do your strengths benefit. The company.
Not how does the company benefit. What you want to do with your life. You want to make like the interview and kind of package yourself in a way where the company will say hey this person fits the needs that our company has so were gonna hire her theyre never gonna be like oh this person is looking for this in her life.
Lets give it to her because the company doesnt care about you they care about themselves. Especially if youre a little intern. And you dont have any experience.
So just make sure youre framing all of your kind of interview. Question answers in that way and lastly. My advice is to do as many internships as you can so.
If you go to college in a city. I went to college in new york city. A lot of people did internships a few days a week during the school semester.
As well and thats fantastic because it gives you an opportunity to learn more and have more intern internships on your resume than just interning in the summertime. So i would recommend not to if youre not too overworked with school related activities and academics and things the point of internships is to allow you to experience. What its like to work in a certain field and decide if you like it or not basically.
Before you have to have to actually commit to working there full time as an employee. So i would say do as many as you can be really open to all the different opportunities and fields and kind of pass that there are especially if its your first internship. You know go for the big companies because they have great programs.
But if its your first internship also ask family family and friends because those smaller opportunities go unnoticed. Unless you know someone who can kind of pull you from the inside. So all in all those are my tips for how to get an internship.
I had great internship experiences and i could definitely talk more about this if youre interested in this. So just let me know any questions you have and id be happy to talk more about it my pap was definitely not a linear one so again. I had that like weird design to pr interview.
Which led to my first internship in fashion. I then did an internship at an advertising agency. Where i was working on kind of like their beauty products from the agency side.
And thats when i decided oh i really like beauty. I want to try working on the brand side then i interned at the big beauty company that ended up giving me a full time offer which i ended up working out for two years. So.
Its definitely kind of a zigzag path thats totally okay. Thats literally the point. So yeah dont worry too much about it take it seriously though and do a good job with your application and im sure that everything will work out in your favor.
So ill see you guys in my next video bye. .

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