How to Get The Fire Axe ( Lumber Tycoon 2) Roblox

how to get the fire axe in lumber tycoon 2 This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to Get The Fire Axe ( Lumber Tycoon 2) Roblox. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Whats going on everybody cold blooded here today. I wanted to show you guys guys how to get the lava ax. Or fire axe whatever you may call.
It think i have one for sure on this slot. I know for sure i should have wanted this out the other shot the other who we deep breath if theres slots. Im not sure if i have a fire present on their load slot.
Okay so for those of you who dont know this x is very important because it is the ax of choice for chopping down lava wooden lava wood. If you dont know its those trees you see up there right above my working line okay right there its those trees you know those trees are pretty valuable and as far as like a price goes so costs per dollar. Thats just the plain axe those those are pretty valuable and you can make pretty good money off without harvesting harvesting gosh.
I still cannot talk harvesting those okay. I guess well just spawn up here by marlowe okay so mmm. Were gonna purchase this guy so i could show you guys a comparison now this one nothing special only cost an id.
Its the plain x. This is the basic hatchet its garbage. But when youre starting off.
What can you do you have to start with something hopefully youre lucky enough to come in and see like somebody leaving the tree mia down or something like that and you could just go sell it instantly get a little money and try to purchase this guy. Oh im already gonna have to grab another one this is the one i want yeah i just want the plain axe. My money should be coming in any second now because my tree is lit.
I see presents oh there it is okay whats up tom yeah buddy ill buy it you are welcome okay. This is the play max now im gonna show you guys why about this in a second did you do okay so how would you get the fireworks.

how to get the fire axe in lumber tycoon 2-0
how to get the fire axe in lumber tycoon 2-0

The fire axe was found inside the fire present those of you who have been playing for a while already know what the fire present is those of you who dont well. Its right here. This is a fire present.
Its all on flames inside the fire present. If you open it boom you get this box 2x stand up lets try to stand it up thats funny upside down right side up. Okay.
Lets see which way it goes inside the box. And went upside down. Is the fire x.
Now the fire x was able to be purchased two years ago on the christmas. So and you can no longer purchase it in any of the stores. However you can still buy it from other players now the fire axe is very similar to the played x.
They chopped pretty similar with the exception of this one cuts. The lava wood thats the wood up there way faster than any other ox. This is the axe to use if youre chopping down love wood.
But let me show you how it compares to the plate next one to see the other one. Oh. I should have gone the other way one two and look at that boom.
Okay lets see lets take it further three four five. I could do one more thing six okay three four five six okay so just slightly stronger than the other one wrong way seven.

how to get the fire axe in lumber tycoon 2-1
how to get the fire axe in lumber tycoon 2-1

So as you can see seven on this one. Im sure will cut it well. But its just a very slight difference so very similar to the plain x.
So dont be using the fire axe to cut down wood. My axe of choice is the end times ax. However let me pick this up i will run around sometimes using an alpha x.
If thats all i have i dont mind it its not that bad its better than any of the axes in the store. This is the end time axis. This is my x of choice.
Its a pretty good axe. I dont think i have any i do heres a rookery axe. Now rookery axe is pretty good.
Its cuts harder linnea times x. But the end times ax cuts faster. Then never agree so its i dont know in my opinion.
It balances out i just use the end times. Its the it cuts everything pretty good and is the only exit cut end times. So kind of does it all its a universal thats what it is its universal so again these are weak this cuts really slow to you so you see that look how slow that look how long necked.
It to chop. Lets try this one look at that three.

how to get the fire axe in lumber tycoon 2-2
how to get the fire axe in lumber tycoon 2-2

And its done compared to the other ones alright guys. So remember you get the fire axe from the fire. Present cannot be obtained in wood rs or any of the other stores anywhere else in the map you can purchase it from other players now be careful when youre buying it make sure people dont scam.
You dont go and try to buy 20 of them from somebody buy one at a time make sure theyre a reliable source and always take precaution. When youre purchasing stuff. Wow somebody was in here glitching out my truck of wires.
Those oh crap my bad sorry about that um well. Im have a lot to pick up. Oh.
Wait heres a piece of lava would show you guys it in action. 1 2. 3.
4. 5. Now.
Lets see the end times 1 2. 3. 4.
5. And look at the difference.

how to get the fire axe in lumber tycoon 2-3
how to get the fire axe in lumber tycoon 2-3

Now. The lava ax is that much better than even the end times x. Because the lava tree is that hard now if we were compared to well you know hopefully i could get a cut here.
See this is a pretty soft wood 1 2. 3. Look at the difference bar.
None. Lava ax redwood because its just fine. 8.
Chops to do that that was a mac size log processor alright guys. Thats it for today. Let me know in the comments section.
If theres anything else you would like to know so. If youre asking about a guide for the paint store or the art gallery. Whatever you want to call it those are in my playlist.
Theres also a bunch of those videos. I do them every now and then because i always get a question on how to get there so just look through there. And youll find it.
But yeah love ax buy from people be careful dont get scammed. If i could id give all of you guys one. But i just dont have the time so yeah just be careful all right guys.
Thats it for today for all things omer taken. .

how to get the fire axe in lumber tycoon 2-4
how to get the fire axe in lumber tycoon 2-4

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