How to HIDE Comments in Instagram Live!

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Isnt just a photo sharing service. Anymore from instagram stories to their youtube competitor. Competitor.
I gtv. The social photo company has truly spun out into multiple directions. While of instagrams experiments.
Have been interesting our favorite is instagram live built into instagram stories. Instagram live. Lets you livestream to your followers alone or with another instagram user which makes for instant live streams podcast recordings and web shows produced right from your phone of course just because youre ready to stream online doesnt mean youre ready to dive into the world of comments.
Instagram live lets people chat with you while youre streaming. But as with any aspect of the web. These comments can get pretty mean and difficult to read if youre looking to turn off comments from instagram live.
Altogether heres how to do it to disable comments on your stream. You first have to start your live stream so open instagram on your phone. Its up on the camera icon in the top left corner use the menu at the bottom of the app to scroll from normal to live.
Which puts instagram in live streaming mode set your streaming mode using the dial at the bottom of the viewfinder then click the circle button to go live now that your streaming on instagram you can disable your comments on your stream tap on the trip without add menu icon next to the chat window in the lower left corner of the app. This loads a window with two options turn off comments and turn off requests to go live tap turn off comments in the ability to comment on your stream will be disabled. Unfortunately if youre just a viewer on instagram live.
You cant disable or hinde comments like you can on platforms like twitch. However you can filter comments on instagram from appearing on your posts stories of my videos open the app on your phone head to your profile then tap on the menu icon and select settings. Tap privacy.
Then tap comments tapp high defensive commons to enable filtering or if you want. Enable manual filter to control specific words or phrases. Instagram filters for you if you like this guide make sure you subscribe for all sorts of videos.
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