How to Make a CobbleStone Generator in Minecraft 1.14 \u0026 1.13 | Efficient AFK Farm (Avomance 2019)

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Many of you guys hate having a messy house well watch this video because we we are talking about how to get motivated to clean even when youre overwhelmed the mess. Im jill gockel and thanks for coming to my channel. Where i talk about family finances and business.
Every single week make sure to subscribe and hit the bell notification. One thing that i learned when i became a mom was that i would never have a clean house again did you guys feel that way too. But guys.
It is not 100 true its just that its really hard to get motivated to clean when the mess keeps building up and with kids that is just natural so lets break it down and figure out how can you get motivated to clean your house and tackle the mess. The first step is you need to decide where to focus the reason. Why this is so important.
And what you have to do first is because part of being overwhelmed by the mess is that theres so much to do we dont even know where to start and a lot of times you can feel like when you start to clean. Its going to be an impossible task because mess will just keep coming in so. What you can do is you can break down room by room on what you want to get accomplished when youre cleaning that particular day so one thing that i do is i will decide which area.
Im going to focus on and i will jot down real quickly as fast as i can just the main things that i want to tackle to feel like its going to be a clean space again now i recommend that if you have kids at home. That you do basically surface cleaning with the entire house first before you actually deep dive into cleaning or organizing or anything like that so just keep that in mind when youre going through and youre cleaning you can figure out all right if im in the kitchen. Im going to get all the counters cleared off im going to wipe them down.
Im going to clean the floor and im going to wipe down the front of the cabinets. And thats it or you may have additional things on your list or you may tackle more than one area. But the most important thing is you want to have a full list of what you want to accomplish to feel like your room.
Or your house is clean.

how to make an automatic cobblestone generator-0
how to make an automatic cobblestone generator-0

And then you just knock it out one by one on that list its so easy and you get motivated. Because youre not constantly trying to figure out where do i go next. What do i do now you just are hitting it as fast as you can one after the other after the other the second thing is you want to actually set a time and maybe use a timer.
So how long are you going to be cleaning that day will this be a day that youre cleaning just for five minutes thats all the time that you have but you can accomplish a lot in five minutes of cleaning if you want to learn more about that make sure you stay tuned. Because i will be talking about my tips on getting your cleaning done in five minutes. But maybe you have 15 minutes or 30 minutes or maybe youre going for a whole day of cleaning that day whatever.
It is you pick the time and set a timer and work as hard as you can during that timeframe and then youre done when that timer goes off you are done and you feel accomplished even if you didnt get through your whole list. Thats okay were just going to tackle this little by little and whittle away until its all the way done now i want to know what is your biggest struggle with keeping a clean home make sure to leave me a comment below. Because i want to help you out with that now the third step is you want to use a one and done cleaning tool.
So a lot of cleaning tools out there you may need to spray the surface let it dry wipe it down dry. It whatever. It is theres a lot of things that sometimes the tools that were using to clean will actually make our cleaning time last longer so what i recommend my favorite tools is to use norwex and guys im going to show you my top three favorite ones as a norwex independent sales consultant.
You can learn more about that in the links below or just leave me a comment and i can go further into detail with it. But this is why i love the one and done products so youve got that norwex envirocloth that just all you have to do guys in any surface is just get it wet wipe. The surface it removes bacteria and youre done thats it i use it in the kitchen i use it in the bathroom.
Obviously different cloths for those rooms. Every single room in our house. Thats what i use even the garage on cleaning out our vehicles.
It is so versatile and again.

how to make an automatic cobblestone generator-1
how to make an automatic cobblestone generator-1

Its the one and done and that is the most important thing to get knocked through your cleaning as fast as you can the next one is i love the window cloth the window cloth again all youre doing is you start with that envirocloth with water wipe it down and dry it with the window cloth youre done. Theres no spraying glass cleaner. Theres no buffing out streets or anything like that its guys.
Its crazy good and the last thing that i wanted to mention is the dusting mitt the dusting mitt is so awesome because all you have to do is literally put it on your hand wipe the surface and youre done like and youre done thats it the next thing is you want to give yourself a win as fast as possible what i mean by that is speed over perfection. This is huge huge when it comes to conquering the overwhelm of a messy home is you just have to go as fast as you can and it doesnt have to be perfect. Dont worry about getting all the nooks and crannies just focus on what you can see what you can get cleared up quickly and be happy with that you can always come back later and deep dive into cleaning that particular area.
But when you have kids you have to work as fast as you can because you know a lot of times. They will bring more things back into the area that you have just cleaned and thats where the overwhelm just starts into another cycle. Because you feel like you didnt accomplish anything so its really important you go as fast as you can through as many rooms as you can or as many areas of that room as you can to give yourself a win you feel accomplished that will give you an endorphin rise.
And it will make you just knock that cleaning out even faster and be more motivated. The next time isnt that cool now if you need to have more energy in the morning to be productive or really anytime in the day make sure you check out my video. I did on how to wake up feeling refreshed even without coffee that video will be super.
Helpful to you now the next thing is you want to make cleaning enjoyable when we dread doing a task our brain will automatically start really blowing things out of proportion pulling out all the things that are going to make it horrible and make us want to avoid doing it so if you can find a way to actually make your cleaning more enjoyable. Whether thats blasting music and having a dance party while youre cleaning or listening to an audio book or sometimes my favorite thing to do is put on one of my favorite tv shows when im cleaning in a room that has a tv and then i can hear it i can watch some of it which i dont do very often and as a bonus while im cleaning its so so good and it honestly gives me motivation to clean so that i can watch that show the last thing is to reward yourself the human behavior just naturally is either motivated to do things because its seeking pleasure or trying to avoid pain. So.
If you can find a way to reward yourself for the cleaning that youre doing you will be more motivated to actually get started and to follow through with it so maybe. Its having your favorite beverage and you are not allowing yourself to have it until you have your 30 minutes of cleaning done and then thats a special treat or whatever the reward is you can do anything small or big. But just make sure that you know what the reward is ahead of time so that thats your motivation to get started.
So now you guys know how to get motivated to clean even when youre overwhelmed by the mess.

how to make an automatic cobblestone generator-2
how to make an automatic cobblestone generator-2

But what about how to get your entire home tidy in just a matter of a few days for that i put together a free guide for you guys you can grab it in the description. Below called a fresh start water will only go downwards. If you were to make it too high then when it gets to the bottom.
Its going to try and shoot sideways in a moment and you want to avoid that in here. You want your two lava buckets and in the middle ones put in of one and two just like that dead dead simple right so the next bit is entirely optional. But i do recommend it and that is to glass off all the way around here use glass.
Simply because then you can see it so im doing this in a non aesthetical way as possible because this is purely for function not for aesthetic that locks in the system you can see there looking quite nicely and you can then start cracking on so that is a workable system. Now if i were to my now these blocks then what youll get is youll get this observer fire in which youll send a signal up it will push the pistons down and because the love and the water meet in the right way it produces more cobble. So were gonna have a go at that ive come into survival just to show you how this works you see weve got an empty chest there and what im going to do is im gonna crouch click and get myself right up against the chest because you need to be deep the deep in and im going to be mine out that block that block that block and that block you can see as i get that fourth block all of them come down again.
Im going to do it again all of them come down again one two three four and ill never ever hit the glass at the back because its too far away. Then if i open up the chest. You can see weve got the twelve blocks that weve just mined out so im just going to take those out again pop them there and what were going to do is were gonna effectively mine for one minute and were gonna see how long or how many blocks of cobblestone.
Were going to get in a single minute. So get yourself nice and nestled up against that chest and here we go that was actually 61 seconds because i stopped a second light so what have we done in the chest. You can see its all completely if i come back on no because im incorrect ibid survival.
You silly man right so if i try and i cant even get up their car. So if i just use that block. I just want to show you that the integrity of all of that lava and water is still very much okay there we go you can see the water is still there.
The lava is still there so thats all good so if i just mined down.

how to make an automatic cobblestone generator-3
how to make an automatic cobblestone generator-3

There there we go so inside this chest. After 61 seconds. Weve got a stack plus.
12 of cobblestone in 61 seconds. So you can imagine if you were going to do an afk and because you obviously you can set your afk and just bash through this and even if you only did it for about 10 minutes. Youre going to end up with something like 12 to 14 stacks of cobble in just 10 minutes of afk literally setting up to ifk go.
And have your dinner come back half an hour later and this fella is going to be almost full its a very very efficient way of getting it you dont need anything any bigger than this of course this looks pretty ugly. The way it stands at the moment. And you can pretty up as much as you want to the sake of this tutorial.
Im not going pretty. Im just going to go functional. Because thats what you guys asked for one really really simple incredibly efficient ifk cobblestone generator okay not very pretty.
But i know you guys could make it pretty as much as you would like that completely works in 114 completely works in 113. So you shouldnt have any problems with this fella. Like you have with the other one that is ever so slightly broken up.
I do hope you enjoy it if you have enjoyed this video. Please do remember to slap that like button the greatest no you enjoy them and i will keep on making them also if youve not already please do hit that subscribe button be great to see it in my sub club. I dont look forward to seeing you in another video you take it easy now bye.

how to make an automatic cobblestone generator-4
how to make an automatic cobblestone generator-4

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