Kohler Coralais shower handle (#71947) removal, no allen set screw or bonnet

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What weve got here is a tricky situation handle all of this colder one one handle shower system and so we decided to make a video of it so maybe we could help some other folks out this does not have a set screw or bought it behind. Its all one piece and so in order to get this handle off to access the pressure balance unit and the cap inside. Here you have to take off these two screws right here.
Im going to top one on the bottom. And then this whole wall unit. The wall bezel here and handle all come off together.
So were going to do that here. Well show you that but first were going to shut the water off. So that we dont get all wet stand in here.
Okay. Weve got the water inlet coming in from outside. Here.
This shuts off the entire house. Theres not an isolated valve for the shower for that individual shower. So were just going to turn down right there off now we shouldnt get wet okay weve got the water off so that we can access those screws really easily before and pull the screws out we covered up the drain here because as luck would have it if we were to drop the screwed probably go right down the drain.

how to remove shower handle without screws-0
how to remove shower handle without screws-0

So we just cover that up with a towel and were just going to unscrew. These here when we pull this off. It will access the stem on top of the cap right.
There. See the stem adapter is screwed with those two screws right there to the handle. Which is what holds the handle on which is why you cant access it without taking the entire thing off so im going to set that aside for a moment theyre going to pull these two screws here off the collar.
This will give us access to what kohler calls the cap get it out of there in this cap right. Here. Thats what to turn off with the water.
It has a right here as a stop mechanism this right here behind this overhang is a stop mechanism. It doesnt allow you to turn too much hot water on and off. Were going to replace that.
And this pressure. Regulating unit. Right.

how to remove shower handle without screws-1
how to remove shower handle without screws-1

Here. This here has a rubber diaphragm inside it and that rubber diaphragm on this one has failed which is causing no mixture of water to go on its either all hot or all cold. Which makes for an uncomfortable shower inside here this here goes in the back.
Theres two rubber o rings. They stayed on the back in here. Theyre right back.
Here. And here you go make sure and get those o rings out. So.
That you can replace those with some new ones. See theres one and you certainly dont want one to be on there and then you put new ones on you got doubled up everything will not fit. And weve got the new pressure balancing unit.
Here going to make sure to put the new o rings. In the back. So.

how to remove shower handle without screws-2
how to remove shower handle without screws-2

What we did here. Its a little looks a little greasy because weve stuck some silicone grease on there theyre seated in there it all youve got to do slide. It in just like that get seated into those back you want to make sure and get this stop right here at the top otherwise your heart will be cold in your cold.
Will be hot. When you go to screw. It together the o rings are tight.
The first time you put them together so make sure you get it aligned right. Were going to put this collar on here. Weve got these two screws to put on theres one.
Were going to tighten. It all the way up both set snug them up so it engages those o rings. Real.
Well. Theres two sets of o rings. In there.

how to remove shower handle without screws-3
how to remove shower handle without screws-3

Were looking for now. Were going to turn the water on make sure we dont have any leaks inside the wall. There before we put our wall cover and our handle on so well turn the water on and then well come back and check to see if we got any leaks.
Weve got it in there. Weve got the water on theres no leaks you need to make sure you pull this over in here out its in a little divot groove right there on that stamp pull this caution sign back and you can realign. Im gonna stop there work stops so that when it hits the top you dont get too much hot water out its kind of safety device that is required by the government.
Weve got that set where we think we want it so were ready to put the handle back on make sure we get right side up. And we got the right side up. There says cooler.
You were going to turn this just a little bit. Were going to want to get this last fruit in there first got this right turn the water off youll notice on them. I didnt show you specifically on the video.
But that wall plate on the backside has a gasket goes around like this the gasket doesnt quite touch itself down here at the bottom is about inch gap. So that any water does get behind there you can kind of drain out against the bottom of that you will make sure that gap is on the bottom. And that is how you replace the pressure balance you hit the cap on a kohler single handle.
It does not have a set screw or ebonics hope this video helps you and i appreciate your video at everyday. .

how to remove shower handle without screws-4
how to remove shower handle without screws-4

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