Python Programming Tutorial 3 – Check if Item in List

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Everyone this video. Were going to be talking about how to check if items items are in a list. So we could consider this in a lot of different maybe you have a shopping list and you want to check.
If somethings already in there. So you can add it if its not or maybe you have a backpack and you need to check if an item is in there so you can use it so we can do all kinds of variations with this right now. Were just focusing on the logic.
Part. But this can be applied to numerous different applications. So how do you do this all you have to do is say what youre looking for so were going to look for chicken potpie and then you say in healthy and what we could do is we can surround this and press.
The left parenthesis to put parentheses around it hit the left arrow key a few times and say print and this will print true or false and right now we get the value false and the reason. Its false is because this value is not inside of this healthy list. So you can consider this going through and saying is chicken potpie equal to pizza and thats going to evaluate to false so then it does it again and says is chicken potpie equal to frozen custard and it goes through each element to see if chicken potpie is part of that list ultimately.
Its not found so. The entire expression chicken potpie in healthy will evaluate to false using this capability. We can actually branch our software so we can say if chicken potpie in healthy colon.
What are we going to do well were probably going to throw it out because chicken potpie is disgusting. But other than that lets say were actually looking for something good such as pizza. If pizza isnt healthy then what are we going to do were going to eat.
It. And this pound. Sign.
Or the hash tag is you youngsters. Call.

how to check if something is in a list python-0
how to check if something is in a list python-0

It. This. Here is an example of a comment and you can put anything you want here and its fine.
Its not going to affect your code. So whenever we need to describe something we can use a comment. So instead of just a comment.
Saying eating it we could actually just print a message. We could say eating the pizza. So running this it says eating the pizza.
Thats because pizza is found inside of the list. So this evaluates true and the indentation is executed. If we did put something that wasnt healthy you know its not gonna work honey even spell.
Broccoli broccoli all right it is spelled brock coli obviously thats not in there right so this is not going to execute. We run this and nothing happens all right maybe i need to go set up an appointment with my local dietician. But you guys get the point.
We can check if an items in a list by saying if item whatever it is in healthy and you could also do the opposite. So you can say not in in that situation. We could go buy some and then this situation.
It will pass is true. Because. Broccoli is currently not in healthy stay tuned for the next video.
Were going to continue our discussion on lists music you music. .

how to check if something is in a list python-1
how to check if something is in a list python-1

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