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Problem is if the cutting they put on therefore anti glare. Yeah. Its pretty pretty bad so weve got it soaking in a solution.
I made with 90. And i put a little bit of water in there. So thats probably 80 20 or so now were just going to scrape scrape scrape.
Scrape scrape and we noticed too that theres also a coating on the inside. This is a scraper for an electric stove yeah glass range yeah. Its coming off now go through and do the inside huh you can see im not sure if you can see it.
But theres like a little dandruff. A looking residue gathering on it i guess that means the coatings coming off. Im putting a little bit of pressure down.
So i kind of feels like i have to does the cloudiness on the inside concern you at all. But i mean thats definitely progress and windex could cause it to cloud up. But the alcohol is not supposed to make it close its a way different coating on the inside.
Because im not feeling any resistance. You know how you could hear the scratch on the front. You get your like a okay okay i feel no resistance on the inside.
But i can kind of see it balling up there not very big well you can see theres a lot on that one you had on the inside of that ones right kristen neither inside or outside well. Its gonna be like a new pair of glasses. You kind of worried.
We werent sure his glasses were actually made as a glass or third glass are we sure yet no no sure they seem really lightweight three glass coming in towards classic using enclosed glass either way it doesnt seem to make it yeah. Im going to tort.

how to remove anti reflective coating from glasses vinegar-0
how to remove anti reflective coating from glasses vinegar-0

It doesnt matter manny keeps getting cleaner every time i wash. It lets give it five or 10 minutes to dry and see what happens. Theres still a little bit foggy.
But all the scratches are going were going to try to deal with the fog issue with a little bit of agua. Fresh. Baking soda paste will probably work.
Too. But this is pre minute nope. Thats pretty good and i think the more both from morkul and ill get im very satisfied.
Very happy that we tried it yeah. If we had to do it again. Theres a couple things we do differently first wed soak it longer throughout the night.
We kept coming back to it and polishing it more we were worried at the time that more soaking would make the lenses foggier. But it probably would have turned out better with more soaking and less polishing. We noticed afterwards those little areas.
We were focusing on had these little scratches and directions consistent with the way we were moving the cloth. You can see that here in this enhanced photo during the video you saw the flakes coming off on that yellow scraper. We were using the microfiber cloth to dry off the lenses.
Several times. It could be some of those particles on the cloth actually scratched the lenses. We think giving the cloth a regular good rinsing throughout the process would have prevented the scratches or soaking.
It a bit longer in the alcohol solution. But the good news is he says he cant really see them when the glasses are on and they really are as good as new hope this video helps some of you out and maybe helps you save a few bucks. This guy needs a beer this weekend experiment mm hmm poor man zoomer .

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how to remove anti reflective coating from glasses vinegar-1

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