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Guys welcome back to my channel. It is the third video three days in a a row. Im killing the game.
I know welcome to my channel if you new to my channel go ahead its a subscribe button cuz wed love to have you here all the time and if youve been subscribed to me for a while go check and see if you click the little notification bell thing because i keep reminding everyone in all of my videos. But i think you have to have that click now or you dont know when i upload a new video. I dont know today were going to talk about something that is very near and dear to my heart as of lately.
Which is studying for the lsat. Im going to go through what ive been doing to study for the lsat which ill be taking this coming june and also my best tips and tricks for taking standardized tests. Im sure if youre watching this video.
You are also taking the lsat coming up probably in june or maybe in a later month. And like me youre probably scrubbing all over the internet trying to find the best ways to study. Im not doing that what im doing is the absolute best way to study for the lsat.
Im just saying. This is what im doing and so far its working really well for me so i had a really busy schedule like most of you i go to school and i work monday through wednesday then on thursdays and fridays. I intern for an entertainment attorney.
So saturdays and sundays are really my days to get my homework done and do all the studying for the lsat that i can the first study material that ive been really using is this lsat. She doesnt. 17.
Mcgraw hill education book. It is a prep book and my parents got me this as a christmas gift and im not sure where the guy that im sure. Theres got only barnes and nobles or something it was twenty two dollars.
So not too bad at all it has three practice tests in it. Which is awesome because theyre really lifesaver. It also has two more online practice tests that you can go take with like the code that comes with the book.
This book is really great because the first like chapter of it if you want to call. It. A chapter is basically all about the test registration defines.
What the test is like the different categories. The time limits and all of that just theyre really looking for a good information source. Go and check out this book.
All in the introduction section. It also has practice problems for each of the different categories of the test. So theres like reading comprehension and all of that kind of stuff.
And then it always has the s or key at the end so it will give you like ten questions and you can go through answer. The questions and then it will give you the ten dancers so really split up in pretty small groups and its really good if youre just starting out study. Then you want something like just to kind of dip your feet in i just like to look at this book at night.
Even like if i just got back from class and work and stuff even if its 11 pm. When i get home and just go through ten questions from this book the next study. Things.
Ive been utilizing is the kaplan online test prep and it was expensive. But from what ive heard pretty. Much.
Everybody does an online test prep or a prep. With an in person company and kaplan is like really well known for all kinds of standardized test preps you can do it for the sat a ct and the alpha and i dont know theres probably ones whatever test you have to take to get your masters degree. Im sure they have one for that too it was kind of expensive.
It was around nine hundred dollars. I want to say but from pretty much everyone that ive talked to law school has a lot of options for scholarships and if you do really good on the lsat. Theres a higher chance that your scholarship is going to be greater.
Which means that youll end up making the money back this is a really important test thats going to like change the rest of your life. And really going to alter where you end up going to law school and how even maybe how successful you are later on so you really should i think at least in my opinion invest in it so i signed up for the online course. And i got a huge package in the mail with all of this it looks intimidating.
Its a lot of information. But its mostly practice tests so here i have three actual lsat exams from the past and i can go through and they also sent me scantrons that i have in my box. Where i keep everything.
But you can go through and do the scantron fill them out you can send in the scantron and then theyll tell you what your score would have been hasnt been the actual test that you got so those these are like really nice. These are like legit you can also find past lsat exams online. And i think you can actually get some for free and some of them you have to pay for.
But im sure theres some free ones online also there the helicopter. It flies so close to my window.

how to get a 180 on the lsat-0
how to get a 180 on the lsat-0

The next book that they sent me is the lsat lesson book. And its really awesome because it basically gives you a practice problem similar to the other books that i showed. But then with the answers.
It will also explain why thats the right answer. So thats really good because sometimes ill get a question wrong or something ill be like. But why because i still believe in the answer that i put down and it doesnt have reasoning.
But this book really gives you like even a paragraph per question of why that is the right answer the next book that came with it is the lsat premier 2016. 2017 its just another prep book but its the castle is one with real practice questions integrated with your course. So this matches with my online course that im taking through them.
But its really nice similar to the other two books. Its just basically a lot of practice problems and practice tests. There are a few tests in this book.
But this one focuses a lot more on the logic game section and the different diagrams that you can draw us all the different types of problems and how to work through those im having a lot of fun with the logic games. I think theyre pretty cool. Its like i love puzzles and stuff like that so i write up my alley.
I really like doing those i think theyre a lot of fun. I was going on spring break soon and i was like i dont really want to be studying when im at the beach like trying to have a good time. I was like you know what i could do some logic games when im on the beach.
Because i think theyre fun so those are all like the hard core test materials that im working on right now additionally my online course. Which has a lot a lot of videos. Thousands of videos tutorials.
How to do certain problems. Talking through certain problems and tips and tricks for taking the actual test. So if its at night.
And i dont really want to be reading through these books and studying that way doing like practice problems with practice tests. Ill just go on the website and watch a few videos and just kind of get my mind in the zone. So now lets talk about my tips and tricks for taking standardized tests.
Now in the past. I took the a ct twice the first time. I did a good job.
The second time i got the exact score that i wanted so everything worked out perfectly. But i did a lot of extra prep for the second time so the first time. I took the apt.
I had spent time with tutors after school a few times a week. I would go to this house where these couple would tutor me and a few other people and i did that for about probably six months before capt. And it did help.
But it was just doing practice tests over and over and over again so the second time when i was going to take the a ct. I did this whole complete course at a school where i went and this man basically didnt nail through all the different questions. It wasnt like he just kept giving us practice tests like my other tutors did it was like he mostly gave us tips and tricks on how to do your best mentally on the test.
Which really helped the first tip that is applicable for all standardized tests. Especially the lsat is to study over a longer period of time dont just study like two weeks before youre supposed to take the test and be like i didnt cram all of this information in because i get that okay so the practice test that im studying theyre not going to be the actual tests that i get but theyre going to be similar types of questions and if my mind is better prepared to answer those types of questions and be in that kind of logical reasoning critical thinking headspace. Im going to do a lot better and that kind of critical thinking is a mindset that you have to take time to get into its not how you would think normally on an everyday basis.
So if you practice that youre going to feel so much more confident when you go in to take the test that youre going to be able to relax and really analyze whats in front of you confidence is key with these standardized tests. You dont want to go in feeling panicked and nervous and unprepared if you study over the course of six months versus two weeks. Youre going to feel so much more confident in your abilities.
And youre going to end up getting a way better score. My next tip is mix up how youre studying so just like i mentioned earlier. Where sometimes.
I dont feel like going through and reading all these books so im going to sit down. And im going to watch a few tutorial videos online and thats okay that keeps your brain. Excited that keeps you absorbing information and youre still studying its just in the more entertaining fashion.
I think if i sat down every single day. Which is like im going to read this book. And do a practice test today and one every single day this week.
Eventually by the end of the week. I would probably be bored with taking the practice tests and i wouldnt take them as seriously. But when i switch up what im doing so lets say i take a practice test one day.
I do a few practice problems the next day. Maybe the next day.

how to get a 180 on the lsat-1
how to get a 180 on the lsat-1

I just watched some videos or maybe i watch your videos for a few days and then focus on the books on the weekend thats okay and it keeps me excited and it keeps me drawn into what im doing my next tip is to set yourself up for success on the day of the test that means you wake up youve had a good nights sleep. You didnt stay up all night cramming to try to get as much information as possible you guys did nicely. If you let yourself relax your brain.
Absorb. The information that you study. The day before and in the month of preparation that you worked on you got up you had a good breakfast.
Not sugary cereals. You had some fruits with oatmeal maybe some milk some juice. Whatever youre into thats a good healthy breakfast.
You get to your testing center early. So you dont have to worry about being late youve got your utensils. Youve got your number two pencils you feel confident you feel prepared and youre able to just relax take it in and just take some time to yourself before you start the test.
My next. Tip is if you have to time review your answers dont focus on everybody else in the room. See how theyre doing with the clock.
If you have an analogue watch on you can sign yourself. And you know that you have time to go back and review your answer do it a lot of times in the moment. You might skip past an important detail and a question especially with lsat questions for when i have been looking at in my folks.
Some of the questions one little word is you missed the word youll change the entire answer so its really important to go back review make sure that you read the questions correctly make sure that you feel confident in the answers that you chose theres nothing wrong with having extra time less. It doesnt matter if one person is waiting till. The last minute it doesnt matter if youre done five minutes early for all you know youre way better prepared than they are they were the ones that cramps two weeks before the exam and now theyre having a hard time youve studied your content.
Youre prepared you have extra time to go back and review your answers kind of goes. Along with my final and last and most important tip. Which is dont panic youre watching this video.
Which means that you have already thought about the lsat. Which is coming up in june. You have plenty of time to get ready for it to start studying right now youre going to be ready youre going to be ready youre going to be good youre going to be confident youre going to get the score that you want so dont panic a lot of times.
When people take standardized tests their anxiety clouds their minds. And they have a hard time. Answering questions even though theyve prepared for months walk into that room notice youve done enough.
And you are good enough. And youre going to kill the test and feel good about it. And itll let your mind.
Relax you can focus on the questions. Analyze the questions properly. And just absolutely play the game.
Okay. Its just a standardized test. Weve all taken them before theyre all pretty much the same just with different types of questions.
So you know what youre going into take deep breaths dont panic just let yourself relax. Know that you are prepared and its all going to be good everything happens for a reason. Its all going to work out how its supposed to and you are ready for this test.
Id be really curious to know what you guys are doing this study for the lsat and if you have any tips and tricks that you can leave me or different books that you recommend please let me know in the comments. What they are because im really going to be curious and im actually if you guys recommend both im definitely going to go get them i hope. This video was helpful to some of you guys i want this to be kind of a series like an lsat series.
Im going to make videos about my progress throughout the month. Make videos you know before the test right before the test after the test once i get my score during my law school application process what schools. I get accepted to what school i end up choosing and then eventually ill be making videos at law schools.
I know that i got a year and a half before i graduate undergrad and get to start law school. But i am just so excited. And i just wanted to be here already thank you guys so much for watching this video.
I hope some of my tips and tricks helped you guys i hope you guys go check out kaplan. If you havent go check out this mcgraw book cuz. I showed you guys dont forget to subscribe.
If you havent already because im going to be making with a series again and i would love to have you guys on my channel. My instagram my twitter and my email are all down below. So.
If you have any questions hit me up follow me on instagram comment and tell me that you follow me from this video. And ill follow you back thank you guys so much and i will see you very very soon with another video buddy music. .

how to get a 180 on the lsat-2
how to get a 180 on the lsat-2

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