Sugarpunch Harem Reviews 41: How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

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I know last review. I said i would review something old school. But i need need to talk about this show.
Now the harem anime of 2018 have been nothing e sakai shows bad. A sakai shows. I was trying to bat for death march to a parallel world rhapsody until it dashed my humps with this horrible pacing.
I even gave master of ragnarok blesser of idea our a chance until it disappointed me within the second episode. So now we have how not to summon a demon lord and its the best whore. A man may of the entire year.
Im not kidding. Granted the competition has set the hurdle really low. So you might be wondering to yourself how a show with this much gratuitous nudity be something that i consider the best harm of the year especially since im making this review right before the show is even done airing well lets take a look at how not to summon a demon lord music applause music applause music applause music applause music applause music the premise of this show has yet another hapless gamer or find himself summoned into another fantasy world based on the mmorpg as a huge fan of a mishap during the summoning ceremony causes the binding spell to backfire resulting in his two female summoners becoming magically enslaved to him as he tries to survive his new life in a fantasy world that is both new and familiar to him.
Fortunately he has inherited all the powers magic items and skills. He learned in game. And so happens to be the most powerful being in the world.
But as a shut in otaku who is not used to dealing with social situations of any kind. The only way he can manage to hold a conversation. Is by role playing a demon for real.
Yeah. I know this sounds a lot like overlord and death march to a parallel world rhapsody. One of the most common writing advice that most creators adhere to is write what you know and when you consider the generation of these authors who are writing these light novels.
Its no wonder theres so many shows about mmorpgs. But lets get the obvious comparisons out of the way how not to someone a demon lord may seem like a poor mans overlord. But the similarities end at the premise and all for the better demon lord focuses on a smaller scale story about a single group of adventures in stably large scale world conquest of overlord furthermore demon lord leans more towards the swords and sorcery subcategory of fantasy.
The list overlord is more grim dark. So the tone of both stories is drastically different.

how not to summon a demon lord review-0
how not to summon a demon lord review-0

Its actually two demon lords benefit that its style pacing. Tone and story are completely different from overlord. Because i seriously would not be able to handle two slow burn show at the same time.
But lets not dance around the issue of course. I got into this show because i heard it had bouncing elf titties. I am a simple man and fanservice is a cheap and easy way to get my attention.
But fanservice alone is not enough to hold my attention. I would be lying to you if i told you that harem anime isnt exploitative because it is by its very nature. It is selling a fantasy to a very party gilder demographic of people with low self esteem.
And even worse spending habits. Ive always equated. It to otaku junk food.
Yeah. Its bad for us. But we still can enjoy it thankfully demon.
Lord dodge is the one problem that lesser hores continuously failing at right the main protagonist. Todays harem anime has transitioned from featuring useless male protagonists with no personality to invincible infallible powerhouses. With no personality.
This seems to be a common occurrence with light novel protagonists that ive come across and it always feels like the author is figuratively and literally stroking his as he writes a self insert fantasy about the flawless popular guy he wishes to be i dont get that same feeling with the main character of deva. More in diablo because of a clear established character flaw diablos fear of social interaction is what drives all of his decisions. And establishes his party personality.
His false bravado is what gets him in and out of trouble. And because hes faking. All of his confidence.
It actually justifies the tired old harem trope of having accessible titty. But not being brave enough to grab it this is a character flaw that hits close to home for a lot of people especially me and i bring this up because every other blank slate.

how not to summon a demon lord review-1
how not to summon a demon lord review-1

Vanilla harem protagonist is trying to be as relatable as possible. Not realizing. That you need a better character flaw.
Then oh. No i dont know how cool. I am seriously master of ragnarok.
The themes of this show are trust abandonment and loneliness and the fact that a harem anime. Even has a narrative theme to begin with is a miracle unto itself these themes believe me to believe that the creator of demon lord is taking the advice of writing. What you know of the heart.
Social paranoia is not a character flaw that you give to your power of fantasy protagonist. And i can tell the mindset that diablo has when dealing with social situations comes from a place of experience well the situations that arent just wish fulfillment anyways. These themes extend to the other characters as well they all distanced themselves from others as a result of personal trauma occurs or having a creepy rapist brother.
Im going to take solace in the fact that the sister portrayed as the villain instead of the main protagonist. I think the only real beef. I have with this show is actually the female character is this general helplessness theyre supposed to be diablos trusted friends and party members.
But they cant really do anything on their own nor are they really needed to help him in his battles. Although. There is an in universe.
Explanation as to why everyone in the world is weak diablo was able to grind levels and gain power from the safety of his computer desk before being summoned. But while hes in the isa kai. He has to deal with the fact that people die.
When they are killed so power leveling and grinding tough monsters is not something most people are willing to undergo in this world. Well that is a satisfying explanation as to why diablo is so powerful. Its not a good enough explanation as to why he has to fight every battle on his own one of the themes of the show is trust.
But he hasnt had to rely on his friends to win any of his battles. But at the very least diablo is using all of his immense power to fight for his friends.

how not to summon a demon lord review-2
how not to summon a demon lord review-2

Even if its a little cliche. I can still get behind that concept due to the light of death states. That the show establishes death is addressed pretty delicately in this show.
When it comes up normally the other isa firearms. Either ignore the issue completely or back. Far into pg.
13. Territory at the tent death. Doesnt exist in their world.
Its kind of sad that i have gotten used to harem anime. Failing basic story writing techniques that it becomes a miracle when i come across one that actually knows what its doing. Im not gonna say that demon lord is changing harem anime for the better.
Because its not its still junk food media featuring an otaku power fantasy and cute anime girls two designs a big money out of otaku with terrible spending habits. But this show is still way better than it has any right to be the characters are fun. The animation is palatable and the story is basic.
But enjoyable. This is definitely not a show for those who are allergic to anime titties. So its not something i can recommend to the general viewer for the rest of us trash lords who love our anime waifus its definitely worth our time overall i give how not to summon a demon lord ah oh yeah regarding the magical slave callers that were put on the girls its actually nothing to worry about since its tied to the theme of trust.
Diablo has the ability to order these two girls to do anything he wants. But he doesnt because hes a decent human being brought up in a world where slavery is a bad thing. And he actively tries to find ways to remove the slave callers off the two girls any time he gets unlike some other isa kai protagonists that think of buying more slaves to add to his harem is the morally right decision.
Because he thinks hes saving them from potential asshole masters. Even though he is perpetuating the slave industry. That he hates so much out of 10.
Im magic kuro the harem anime reviewer and as you can see were still settling into the new house. So this set isnt permanent you may see a change every now and then in future reviews. But until then see you next time applause music music.

how not to summon a demon lord review-3
how not to summon a demon lord review-3

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