Vehicle A/C System Evacuation and Recharge: How-To w/ A Professional

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Up guys welcome to the video. Today. We are our special guest randall here.
Randall randall tells how old you are where you from whats your background in this how did you learn all this stuff. Im 22 years old. I was born here in mesa arizona.
Ive been doing this for fun for probably the last five six years now hey cars ac units. I think you fixed over i needed some a c worked out of my mini truck like like a year ago. Yeah and i found him on craigslist and then we just kind of buddied up from there and then ive had him help out some stuff so here we are and kind of give us a runaround of what components.
We had going on here. So basically what we have here this is a ac gauge manifold set your high and low gauges. This is gonna be red being the high blue being the low side this basically you can see all your pressures.
See what the air conditioning is doing the other component would be whats the thread right here. This is the vacuum pump basically what that does is whenever youre working on an air conditioning system. If you want to evacuate or.
If the refrigerant is already evacuated basically this will bring the whole entire system down to a negative charge. All that does is its going to take moisture out of the system itll bring it down obviously down to vacuum to where you can see if theres any leaks you can actually really determine where leaks are if there are any leaks. But you can actually see in the manifold gages down there if theres any basically the gauge will go back up to see if you have any leak.
If its gonna hold pressure right. Which is what i use that for this is basically clean it out. And then you can find leaks and things like that so basically the first thing youre gonna do is youre gonna hook up the the gauges high side low side first it doesnt matter.
Which one you do i usually do that low side first so thats where youre gonna really see what kind of pressures your systems working with labeled on your caps. Right here. You have a big cap and a small cap high and low that air leaking out into the this is just basically access thats in the gauges already there might be a little bit in the system.
I doubt it though obviously you already took everything apart so with the motor swap usually youre gonna obviously take all your accessories off so youre obviously air conditioned being one sometimes the lines the o rings that actually connect to the compressor can be dirty. Which if thats the case sometimes whenever you tighten it up it cant have a leak somewhere in the system. But thats where i use the vacuum pump basically to bring everything down to a negative pressure.
And you can actually see on the gauges themself here. If youre if youre fluctuating and thatll kind of determine if you have a leak. If you do have a leak.
Obviously youll have to charge it up you put a uv dye in there with the buck going with the blacklight and you can actually go through all the lines and see see where everythings coming out from are you looking for the degree duncan moist and wine. Why wont dont see it on camera destroys air conditioning is moisture in the lines. Which is what you dont want applause myself.
But thats probably gonna cause damage long term. Yeah. The gauges that they sell are basically just little kinky.
Little gauges and we heal the moisture in the system. Stones. Yeah.
You you want to be able to monitor basically your high and low get high and low its high and low side pressures to actually get it done correctly 15s about the minimum. I like to usually let it sit for about 30 to 45. Dont want to get a good vacuum on it okay now so basically the way i can tell is i can shut this off of here close the valve door it wont be sucking system picks changing basically just watch this needle right here.
If it starts moving that depth applause music. So it looks like we have pretty good leak in the system. Were gonna go ahead and pump some refrigerant in just to see if we can hear where the leaks coming from and then well go from there all right so we found a leak on the bottom connection.
Which is the it looks like the hi. Im just really bro help you with your engine swap and youre really gonna give me a hard time right now i just gotta keep my record clean for you did it right im probably freaked it up you did everything first trey. We get a lot of crap for not wearing gloves randal you wanna give us a reason.
Why youd wear gloves. Um. Whats your reason at least are you are you the cancer reason or are you the refrigerant.
They they say is a known to cause cancer. Its more or less for cloners purposes. Good to know finished its not pinched.
But im pretty sure theres a metal gasket usually yeah there as well im gonna pull off oh oh sick dude yeah nice on earth its nice for us but not our bank accounts but just having a plethora of parts its like im gonna pick up are in your backyard.

how to discharge car ac at home-0
how to discharge car ac at home-0

Lets get on that other motor. But you said well ring looks way better. Its a rubber and you tell me though if you think thatll make a difference or doesnt look like it looks.
Like it protrudes a little bit more yeah. Itd have been just dirty and not set in there right yeah i got kind of tightened dealer flashlight. Its slightly super dope by the way if you guys want to buy one theres a link in the description.
Today amazon link. So ever just love this. This is my favorite light.
Mighty karma. 10. Showed.
Me it. So if you guys want that link in description. So one thing we kind of messed up on when we put that motor in there.
I was i wasnt worried about it because i probably should have been but we probably put it should have put a rag in there or something to keep debris from falling in there because looks like theres a little bit of debris so were gonna vacuum it out music and kind of see the difference between the two this is the one from your japanese at the japanese. The one that was on it yeah. Thats my american line and then thats probably the japanese one but this is a japanese motor.
So okay well give this one a world see what happens yeah. It looks a lot better since this is the one rotella. T6 randle.
Its called bro tella all right so were using the bro tella has a little bit of lube on the o ring. Usually youre gonna want to use actual compressor oil for this. But since we dont have it were just gonna use a little bit.
Thats all you need sorry just kind of leave that up so the ring doesnt bind as im sliding it in there. Well call that fourteen foot pounds fourteen foot is changed my oil so like i was changing the oil on my ranger. And i was doing it barefoot and like sliding around under the garage and like without having shoes on your feet.
Itll create static electricity and when i went to put the new oil filter on it had arced and sparked against that metal and like a fat spark right there right next to oil right like if anything would have caught those get all right round two of the vacuum. See if our leak is gone wasnt a lot better plus minutes later turn the vacuum off. Were gonna see if its leaking thoughts.
Still so far. Its looking pretty good. Its holding a lot better than what it was before there still is yeah.
It is moving just a smidge. Its usually these leaks are a little bit harder to determine cuz they can be coming from anywhere. My guess is its probably somewhere down.
There being thats what illegal is originally so we can probably check that another one the top of this one now the other one yeah all right. We dont need to evoke the system. More though because rds often i like to basically start with a system that is three many weeks.
So its just like last time. But its just the other one thats lower all right so you can see same issue with the lower section. You can see in there those kind of little crumbs that hole is where the debris is you can see in there.
Were to reiterate. This is where we should have put microfiber towels in the motor while we working on it to get keep this from happening up already. Yeah.
It looks really good i knew from what i would say hi click. I just vacuumed it and then cleaned again you can check me we got the other line on hopefully you got more leaks. Were gonna load it up with some pre on test person or actually gonna vacuum it right are we doing freon.
Were gonna vacuum it one more time all right third times the charm. A little piece of debris in there would have but eve now on its way back to zero right all right so were going through the same process. We did with the other side.
But in the japanese over hang on it might just be japanese our rings are a little square or a little more round or they are a little more oval a little more oval. This is gonna be more of a flat. And this is gonna have more of a gotcha number three of the vacuum tech rent it at their time.
And then might please brick until by these pics of the vacuum random.

how to discharge car ac at home-1
how to discharge car ac at home-1

Just said and were almost to the 30 mark. Which means they got good clear connection with no leaks. Its actually really good timing guys because lets check out the weather yep.
Its whopping 100 and 100. Always sounds go step in the sun dude stand. There for a little bit.
And tell me if you feel the same thats expected to be worse. Its not ok so yeah like once you hit like 105 this shade is hot. And its like the shade is miserable as well right now shades like doable yeah.
So another thing that youre going to be looking for whenever youre charging the system without an actual ac machine that will do it for you is the ambient temperature. Its gonna fluctuate. What your pressures are actually going to read so right now its about a hundred degrees outside sort of low pressures or gonna be wanting to be sitting around 50 to 55 psi and your high side around 315 to 325.
Were just about right right now so thats where its gonna sit right now on this yeah. Once we get to all charged up battle running you know once the cars running and i get it charged up. Theyre gonna be sitting around usually i like to sit around 50.
What the temperature being the way it is so the cooler it is outside the lower your low pressures are gonna be hotter. Its gonna be higher obviously it gets up to a certain extent to where it wont work anymore like i said around 50 psi is about what you want for the max and your low side. And about 300 on the high side for the max before before it stops working.
So next step disconnected from vacuum and hook that straight up to freon and then load that end of the system. Were gonna start the car up this looks like a helium for your party balloons basically a lot expensive a lot more expensive of them. Where can you buy one of these are again or get.
It filled with freon has changed a lot of stuff. So you actually have to have a certification to buy a 30 pound. You can get them an autozone or at least any other major part stores so right now whenever youre gonna charge it you want it on full blast.
Max cold research. The inside inside air right. Here.
Set. Right. Now another way.
Im char as a liquid. So in order to charge us from the leg away from a on tanked youre gonna flip it upside down in a charge from the lows. The opening the low side right now music.
So the high side is going to go all the way to about 350. And its gonna be a or your eyesight is the better basically means your systems working a lot more efficiently the higher the high side gets. Its working a lot harder to actually cool the refrigerant down so once youre once youre driving around for a while itll start to climb as the car well right now.
Its a sitting pretty good. Where it needs whats up were dripping green stuff is that normal. I can see the bowl right where its leaking from yeah.
The sneak right its not the best ill hold my breath. But im taking a little bit more thats not a pretty tight. Although.
The air went that way. I went was your call. Yeah your call you told trevor that hes gonna die.
Hes gonna hit the 200 foot town tomorrow. Lets break up thats the arcade game. Thats pretty freakin tight well jacks coming out take a look tickets.
Theres a first time for everything fantastic once at some point one of us or me. I thought it was attached to the compressor when i swapped it and like loosened. It use that to them.
Oh yeah too much. I was known for the thing was essentially run they on break it back a little no. What is that thats crazy kind of its kind of yeah called cancer green cancer drain.

how to discharge car ac at home-2
how to discharge car ac at home-2

I dont know other rebellion other than likely on and because you got the bulk all the way out huh binet broke different randall. Whats the verdict. Its like we broke some bolts.
But i think were i think were getting somewhere you over tightened. It yeah okay im an idiot. We do it i do it too much though its you its what you do its i dont have self control.
I just tell you until i cant tell you no more yeah. Oh the threads are okay yeah. Nice.
Wait how did you drill that out you did a it broke and this was loose in there oh you were able to get it with the needle nose. Yeah thank god thats why i was writing it this aside in there just whack. It on the concrete do you like a man.
Oh eddie caught it boom. Lets not lets honestly you think like the torque spec is uh. Cameron torque.
Not trevor torque do you want to do it no i sound. Im gonna sound like more of an idiot. But before i grab that last extension.
I was like so i grab like a cheater bar to make sure i like snug this even tighter maybe okay yeah. Its her that he was he was going for the hundred foot pounds. Im telling you its a good extension.
Sir. How long is that twenty four three extension three slow. Although rings out here and exploded that watch.
Where you point that thing. Im like 30 foot. Pounds 900.
A like can we puff a little in it just to make sure it hold. He only has enough to refill. It once really what im sure and i was like thats gonna be 400 sugar trevor stop stressing out right yeah.
Im way less stressing out like that the pole actually came out and i was preparing myself to have to swap the entire japanese compressor in there are we looking at normal or no nice and nice cold air brother the the low side is at 40 high sighs. I want 50 randl close this valve breann is no longer pushing pretty on into the system. He just letting the car we make sure that before yeah ac ye randalls pulling off the lines randall anything you want to say how do they get a hold you if they need help with their air conditioning unit in phoenix.
Arizona. Made such and their gilbert surprise. Wherever they can pay you to drive out ill leave my email in the in the description.
Okay you guys can contact me. There cool give us an idea of what does not call someone if they just took it to the dealer or whatever basically a regular charge like this theyre gonna charge you for evacuating the system putting it on the vacuum. Were gonna charge you for the freon and the labor to do it most shops for this job right here.
Probably is gonna cost you about 3 to 350 bucks. And then your retail price you would do something like this yeah. Usually just a regular job like this i dont have very much overhead.
So i dont have very high labor costs. So this driver here. I would usually charge about anywhere between 50 to 70 bucks.
And thats to bring it to you yeah. If you have to drive a unit cost you extra in stuff like that so. If you guys need a reasonable ac fit well and also another situation thats with doing the vacuum line like if its midsummer and ac.
Is not working as good they just need a recharge they can come to you for that as well it can be any situation with your ac. So hit up randall ill leave all this information in the description. If you guys are serious hit him up dont bother him dont pass him with questions bug.
Me. And do that id rather you ask me. And then i can ask him if its serious so hate him up thank you guys for watching this video.
Ill see you in the next one later music. .

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how to discharge car ac at home-3

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