What the ‘Observer’ observes – Minecraft Tutorial

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Hey everyone its nick today. We are going to take a look at the observer observer block. Which has been in minecraft pocket edition for quite some.
Time but now of 111. We also have it on computer and also on the console version of the game. I think so first of all lets take a look at the crafting recipe which is fairly cheap considering that it only uses materials which you should have gathered in about 2 days of playing in your world.
Which is redstone nether quartz and cobblestone now if we craft it using. 6 cobblestone. 3.
At the top and 3 at the bottom 2 redstone and then 1 quartz. Which you can find in the nether. As the name implies you will get an observer block.
Now it doesnt matter where the nether quartz is it can either be left or right. But not in the middle okay lets grab the observer and place it down and remind ourselves that it is placed similar to a piston so where you would have a piston head right here. Theres this red thing that blinks when you place it down.
Which is facing you now that is the redstone output which you can remember because its red red stone and it blinks power ok yep pretty straightforward. I guess now on the other side of the observer block. Theres something that looks like an outlet or a face.
Which is probably more fitting considering that this observes something now the face or the eyes of the observer block will observe anything thats directly in front of it so for example. When i place a block. There will be a short redstone pulse.
Right there. But this could also be done with a simpler. Contraption.
Using. For example. A redstone torch and a repeater and some redstone dust like this.
If you place. A block. The redstone will be activated and if you remove it it will be deactivated so nothing special yet.
But this is where the observer block comes into action. If you have for example. A block of grass and place that down here of course.
The redstone will go off. But if you have a sheep farm for example or anything else i can change the grass into something else like dirt. It will also output a signal.
So for instance when the sheep eats away at the grass. There is only dirt. There will be a redstone output now i dont have a sheep right now.
But what we can do is use a hoe and till this soil you can see theres a redstone output every time i till the soil now it reverts back to dirt pretty quickly because i have my tick speed up. But basically thats how it works so every time not only the block changes. But sort of the texture and also the data of the block changes this will output a signal now this also works for furnaces for example which can be quite handy for smelting array.
If you use lets cook some raw pork chop. Why not and put all of that in there. There will be a redstone output now this will also happen once the flames right here go away.
So you know once your meat is ready or once the coal is burned up and when you put something in it now this may seem quite cool to you in the first place. But you dont really know what you can do with it. After that and there are some cool inventions out there already using these observer blocks like this by reddit user shiro soo k92.
Which looks complicated at first. But once you understand whats going on its fairly basic so down here. We have a dispenser with a water bucket inside on that is a button and theres just immense around it so you can see the button more easily.
So. Lets place that back there okay and then on top is a sticky piston with an observer block. Whose face is facing upwards on top okay so now when we hit this button.
This happens okay so we activate the dispenser water is being put out and thats usually what the dispenser will do without this stuff on top and now the water is sucked back in automatically. And that is because of the piston and the observer block. So when we hit this button.
The piston pushes out the observer block now. This observer block. Observes itself being pushed out because something changed within its site.
I guess. And then there will be a redstone output from the red part of the observer block. Which is down here.
Now that via quasi connectivity powers this dispenser now what that means is basically that the redstone output. This observer block puts out travels right to the dispenser again through the piston somehow and then powers. The dispenser again so the water is sucked back in now.
This is useful for farms. That use water flushing mechanisms for example. Like this lets just place down.
Some seeds and as i said. Its fairly quickly growing because of my take speed. And yeah once we hit that button once all the wheat will be flushed away just like this and we can just walk around collect our weeds.
We dont have to destroy every plant individually with just the press of one button now it would be cool. If we had something to automate the planting as well. But thats where you can enslave villagers for example.
But thats another topic. So this is the basic principle of the observer block. Its not too complicated once you get the hang of it you just can observe anything thats in front of the observers.
Eyes and then use a redstone output to do whatever you want with it okay. Thats pretty much it thank you very much for watching if you found this video helpful please like this video and subscribe for more im nicholas baco and im out see you next time .

how to use an observer in minecraft-0
how to use an observer in minecraft-0

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