Which Verb Tenses to Use in a Research Paper

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When writing an academic paper. It is important to follow the grammar and style conventions conventions not only to abide by the accepted journal institution and domain standards. But to communicate to the reader.
What you did when you did it and from which perspective. You are discussing the research in one central element that will impact how you compose your paper. And how it will be understood by readers is verb tense everything in this paper has already been completed.
So shouldnt i always use the past tense well no not exactly knowing. Which tends to use requires both understanding of the formatting style. Youre using for example apa ama.
Mla. Etc. And also some discretion in savvy in choosing the tense.
That makes the most sense for a given statement in the paper without going into specific rules for each formatting style. Although new authors should definitely look at those rules first lets talk today about some rules of thumb for when to use the past and present tense in different sections of the paper. There are three main verb tenses.
You should use in a research paper present simple past and present perfect. Now well talk about which section requires. Which verb tense in a minute.
But first lets go over the general usage rules for each of these tenses. The present tense or as its also referred to the simple present tense is used to talk about general facts discuss current meanings and implications and suggest future applications. An example of a general fact would be insulin and glucagon regulate blood glucose levels.
This fact has no temporal change and is constant throughout time an example of implications might be increased glucose levels. Indicate decreased glucagon hormones and for further research. Further studies about glucagon receptors are needed the simple past is used to talk about events that have already been completed.
These are usually discrete events such as studies experiments or phenomenon that happen in a locatable time or place in the past for an example of an event that has been completed at a certain time or place in the course of this study scientists discovered a new enzyme in the liver protocol x. Was used to analyze the data. The president perfect tense is the least frequently used tense in your research paper its main purpose is to describe events that have occurred at some unidentified time in the past or have recently been completed or are still ongoing here are some examples of the present perfect tense.
Many studies have focused on glucagon as an important regulating hormone until recently researchers have analyzed this kind of data using a chi square statistic. Efforts have been made to understand more about this process note that in all of these examples. None of the events are given specific time or place indicators.
All have occurred at some unidentified time in the past or are still being completed now lets discuss which tends to use for each section of your research paper. Lets start with the abstract in the abstract. Generally the simple path is used or for a concise introductory phrase.
The present perfect is use for general statements of facts. And analysis of findings. Or for the paper and cell use the present tense for abstracts.
An introductory phrase use the present perfect. Recent studies of glucagon and insulin production. Have led to breakthroughs in medicine for statements effect as in other parts of your research paper use the present tense in the us.
Diabetes. Is the most common in de cr. Me de seas.
You can also use the simple past for statements of fact that were determined to be true at a specific time in 2016. Diabetes was the most common endocrine disease in the introduction the present tense is applied when discussing effect with earlier research efforts by you or another group use the past tense. The same research team discovered a similar enzyme in their 2012.
Study for the concluding statements use either the simple past or the past perfect prior research in this area was inconclusive when discussing something that was determined to be true. But is no longer true the perfect is the way to describe this this team had determined that x was y. But this was later found to be incorrect in the literature session.
Knowing. Which test to use can be a bit tricky as it depends both on the manual style that youre using as well as on how exactly you are incorporating the literature. Lets look at some examples use the present tense when giving your opinion on another persons research or when bringing up the results discussion in conclusion for example riyuku concludes that there are no additional enzymes present in the liver.
A finding this current study directly refutes. Some related terms that might be used are stresses. Advocates remarks.
Argues and claims in the methods section use the past tense to talk about what you did a glucose molecule. Was added to the mixture to see how the peptide would respond you will note here that the passive voice is used if you use the active than you usually need to use a pronoun or another subject. The passive is simply more common in most journal articles use the present tense.
When explaining diagrams figures tables and charts table. Five displays. The results of this first isolated test use the past to talk about actual results the addition of 002 milligrams of glycogen activated receptor cells no immediate effect was observed again use the present tense to explain diagrams figures tables and charts figure 14.
Shows the measurements of these mixtures or the measurements of these mixtures are shown in figure 14. It is generally okay to mix the active and passive voice in these sections. If only to give your writing a little bit more variance and make it easier for the reader to understand in the discussion section use the simple past to summarize your own findings and the perfect tense for cited information.
When summarizing your own findings use the simple past the experiment. Yielded. A number of results associated with the processing of glucose.
When discussing and interpreting the significance of your own findings use the present tense. This study confirms that synthetic glucagon is 2 3. As effective at decreasing fatty acid synthesis.
The reason for using the present tense here is to establish a dialogue between yourself. And your study. You are essentially analyzing the work that has already been completed in in the conclusion.
You can use the perfect tense to clarify that these statements. Still hold true at the time of your writing results from this study. Have led to a deeper understanding about how different substrates.
Interact with this enzyme use the present tense to apply findings state implications and suggest further research. We can conclude that endogenous glucagon is more essential in insulin regulation than previously understood when discussing further research. That is either needed or intended to be carried out the future or present.
Tense or subjunctive mood. Can also be used in addition to the present. Tense.
Passive voice for example. Further. Clinical studies are needed to isolate the cause of this reaction.
Further. Clinical studies. Will be needed to isolate the cause of this.
Reaction. Or further. Clinical studies.
Should be carried out to isolate the cause of this reaction. Follow. These general rules about verb.
Tense and your paper will be clearer. More chronologically correct and generally easier to read meaning the important stuff in your paper will be more easily understood and if you forget all of these rules remember one golden rule of research papers check the formatting guidelines of the journal or conference to what youre submitting and read plenty of examples to get an idea of how these authors construct the paper you can always go back and edit the verb tense after youve written. The paper and remember that the more papers.
You read the more papers write and the more you practice in general the easier will be to identify. Which birds to use in which part of the research paper. If you would like to learn more about how to write your research paper and prepare it for submissions and journals.
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which of the following skills is most important in learning how to write a research paper?-0
which of the following skills is most important in learning how to write a research paper?-0

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