Ford Taurus Anti-Theft engine lock SOLVED!

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Im making this video for the anti theft device on a taurus ford taurus taurus just sle we literally my he came apart now try to edit the video show you the inside of it. But this is just a temporary fix i have to get to work today. So when i get back home.
Ill get some krazy glue and try to put it back together. But basically with the ford car they have this anti theft equipment that literally will not allow your car to start and as you can see this hole here is the best system anti theft system. And it runs from the engine.
All the way up into the steering wheel and literally i may be wrong. Im not a mechanic. But im just going off the information.
I got off youtube and basically my issue was my wife had broke the key and the key came off so of course she called the dealership and thats how much that was just to replace the key was 200 and my guess is the for 2011 and to reprogram the key was another 65. So i wouldnt him a total close to about 270 dollars. When you add in effector in the taxes.
So the main issue. I was having was this little booger right here.

how to disable anti theft system on ford taurus-0
how to disable anti theft system on ford taurus-0

See that now when i tried to actually put the key in the ignition. It would not even turn over it was locked. So i went on online and saw a couple different videos from people who had older model for trucks and ive seen probably maybe a total of four hours worth of videos.
So i stayed up all night last night trying to figure this out and i couldnt figure out why because i had a cleaned the motherboard or the chip in here as well as the battery. And i kept everything the same when i took it off. I kept everything to say that if you can see its a little opening right here that allows you to take it off and and get into the actual key itself.
So its very very simple constructs. Its not really that complicated so my wife called and said. The key got stuck in the door.
My first thought was oh you know first of all how i get home and into how ima fix. This and being that were in the 21st century. We all have access to youtube.
And it just made perfect sense. So the reason.

how to disable anti theft system on ford taurus-1
how to disable anti theft system on ford taurus-1

Im making this video is just more so to help anyone who has an issue with the ford anti theft device locking up on their actual car. Ive tried to dismantle the battery and let it sit and then hope the car with programs that didnt work like i said this is a 2011 ford taurus soe and the main thing that i realized was that the metal piece was not connecting here everything reads based off of all those wires. And this this key.
So it wasnt necessarily a chip its just whats in here has that type of feedback mechanism to when you put this in here it has to hit the metal piece. So i literally would tape it all the way up to about well the bottom of my finger is right there and i was like okay the car line works that was the main issue because the car was literally locked. So once i got it together clean everything off everything was fine.
But i couldnt figure out why the hell they wouldnt turn over so i went through the manual that didnt help of course. All they say is take it to an authorized dealer and all these other steps that are irrelevant to you actually fixing the problem. So willing youtube and a guy literally said the metal piece and he had a truck.
It was a it was an old old truck probably early early 2000s. If not 1990s and he said basically that this metal piece of this modal piece. Im sorry has that real a feedback mechanism with the chip or whatever technology is inside the key.
So i thought let me go ahead and just cut around and as you can see this is my my little work of art. Im just doing this as a temporary fix of course you know im gonna go to a hardware store or just superglue this back together and you know make it all pretty again.

how to disable anti theft system on ford taurus-2
how to disable anti theft system on ford taurus-2

But literally i cut around the the base of where the actual key is just so i wouldnt interrupt that feedback mechanism and lo and behold and it turns right from here to here turns and i can hear everything even like my brake pipe is pumping will stop there we go and it turns on it turns over no quick. No no no stall everything turns over that anti theft symbol is gone and im able to go ahead and go to work so if youre having an issue with your key just say it well like with my particular situation. My wife actually broke this whole metal piece off and mind you all this is it just a metal.
The technology is in here right so as long as you have not lost anything out of here. It should be a simple fix. I mean youtube you know thank god for you right i was able to dismantle it clean off everything see if any missing pieces were missing nothing was missing.
And yeah. I was able to get everything aligned and with it. But to help you to figure out how these actual alarms work with your with your car and its um.
It was very frustrating. Im not gonna lie and im just making this video to help anybody else. Thats in need like i said i have a ford taurus 2011.
And i really dont care if you like or subscribe anything like that it doesnt matter to me my whole deal was look. This is my situation. .

how to disable anti theft system on ford taurus-3
how to disable anti theft system on ford taurus-3

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