How to Distribute Objects Evenly | Illustrator Tutorial

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Got a little rubberband shooter. Gun. For my old work they all signed it oh.
Oh. And you know i got something from my new job. There it is that this tutorial is actually going to be about distributing objects in adobe illustrator.
So if you want to go from point a to point b equally. Im gonna show you how to do that sorry about the audio difference i dont have a microphone. Yet see you guys soon.
Were gonna use a little heart shape. Because i am sick of circles and squares. So lets get this heart duplicated out evenly across the page.
Were gonna do that two ways using the alignment tools the first way is were gonna take this heart and were gonna select it and im gonna hold option or alt click and drag while holding shift and just bring the heart. All the way across the page. So now we have two hearts lets say we just want any number of hearts to be spaced out evenly between these two now in another tutorial.
I could show you how to use the blend tool. But in this one. Im going to show you mostly the alignment panel options.
So if we duplicate this heart out same way option or alt. Holding shift. And we just create a bunch of copies doesnt matter where theyre spaced just as long as all these copies are in between these two hearts.
What we need to do now is select all of the hearts go up to window down to a line. We just need to get to our alignment panel. And we dont have any options so we need to show those options with this little hamburger menu show options now down here we have distribute spacing and thats what were actually concerned with you have vertical distribute space and horizontal distribute space.
What were looking at and you can notice by the pictures is were looking at distributing them horizontally so across the horizontal axis.

how to evenly space objects in illustrator-0
how to evenly space objects in illustrator-0

I want these to be distributed evenly so if we click this button it distributes between the first object and the last object every object you have selected in between those two evenly now vertical distribute spacing works the same so if i had this heart lined up down here and then we had a number of hearts in between im not gonna line those up so well delete those but if we wanted to duplicate these out again we could select them all select vertical distribute spacing. Its gonna do the same thing this way as it did horizontally so lets take it all the way back. Im just command or control z.
Undoing. A bunch of things and lets say we want to distribute each of these out at a specific distance. So let me bring a couple back okay so right in here.
We just have a number of hearts. So any number of objects. If we select them all we can space them out to a specific value right a specific pixel amount if you will but in order to do that we have to align to a key object now you could select this and its going to select a random key object to change the key object as long as you have this set of objects selected just click on one of them any one that you click on once changes.
The key object to be that object notice the much more solid blue line around each so we want to start with the first one if im going to distribute these out to the right. Im just gonna pick a pixel amount my say 20 pixels and then i can select horizontal distribute space. And its gonna space each of those out 20 pixels watch what i do if i save or watch.
What happens. If i say do 50 pixels spaces them out even more its 50 pixels between each same thing with the vertical distribute spacing you select your key object any space out from there so if we selected a different key object like this one. And did the same thing.
Its just gonna space it out this way so if we go to lets say a hundred and do that its gonna space them out away from that key object in whichever direction makes sense for your set of objects so thats two ways to distribute objects evenly in adobe illustrator. I like using this one a lot especially if youre doing ui design and you need a very specific like if you have a specific page size and you want 10 objects distributed or if you dont know how many objects you want distribute it we just want a specific amount between each this is a good one to use for that if you know how many objects. You want you could set one object here and set one object here on the other side of the page and just you know add your 10 objects up and then distribute them all evenly you dont you can kind of be i guess.
If you will a little bit sloppy with you know how you sort of duplicate these out. They dont have to be as long as their image wean. These two shapes it doesnt matter.
Its going to distribute them evenly when you click that button so pretty cool ways to use the alignment panel to distribute objects. Im beginning to ramble. So its time to end this tutorial thanks for watching subscribe for more tips and tutorials.
Ill see you guys next time music. .

how to evenly space objects in illustrator-1
how to evenly space objects in illustrator-1

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