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s going on boys and girls whats up world austin john plays here and and today. Im gonna be going over how you can get the mythical pokemon shadow worldwide. So theres currently event going on for october 9th through 23rd in which you can get the mythical pokemon mar shadow in order to get a more shadow.
Youre going to need to get one of these adorable little cards that has a secret code. This one is currently not scratched off because im gonna be doing this one i camera these codes can be obtained at the united states at gamestop canada at eb games. Mexico a game planet australia at eb games.
United kingdom at gime france and micromania germany. Italy. Norway.
And sweden. A gamestop belgium and the netherlands at inner toys game mania. Korra smart toys and fnac spain at gme as well as a pre order of ultra sun ultramoon from amazon.
Portugal at fnac. Nintendos own poland at swiped gear games. Chile and micro play colombia.
At el costo. Peru. And next level.
Panama and sd games. Costa. Rica at vertigo and guatemala and el the where when their elbow in there those are all the stories that you can get your hands on the mythical pokemon mar shadow now once you get this theres gonna be secret code im gonna scratch mine off great so now that i my code all im gonna do is go into mystery gift.
Were going to be going to receive gift get code password attention your battery runs out youre gonna lose it yet. We know all these things great you want to be connected energy is sudoku connect mints of the internets perfect. So now that we have our verification code in there.
Were gonna be searching for gifts. Searching our progress now i think they did something really really really smart here. Yeah as opposed to previous games.
Where if you got the mythical pokemon mew card back when they were doing that event you could redeem as many of as you want in ultra in sun. And moon you can only redeem one per event.

pokemon sun and moon how to get marshadow-0
pokemon sun and moon how to get marshadow-0

So you can only get one more shadow. So if you go to gamestop and you ask for 10 cards. Theres gonna be no point.
Because youre not gonna be able to get 10 more shadows. You could still only get one. Unless your restart your game the same way they do get the multiple cat pikachus thank you for playing pokemon.
Please pick up your gift for the delivery man of the pokemon center. Miss gold mar shadow. This mysterious marshmallow can sneak to attack with his signature move spectral thief and it makes your opponent see stars with its stunning z move great and it figures.
Im not at a pokemon center. The one time i need to be right all right lets go talk to the delivery man good day you must be austin. John.
Ive got a mystery gift for you here. You want it yeah. Give me.
It you got more shadow marsh. Shadows. Data will be added to the pokedex number 302 finally.
My pokedex is complete or zurk eric is that a mythical pokemon. It better be this code makes it seem pretty legit cool. You did it you finally did it you completed your lowly pokedex.
I already did that before but okay able to conceal itself in shadows. It never appears before humans so its very existence was the stuff of myths. He is so adorable it really is look at him ah with this youre also gonna be getting.
The special z crystal from our shadow. Marsh shadow z. Crystal.
Requires him to have spectral thief as a move for him in order to do. It.

pokemon sun and moon how to get marshadow-1
pokemon sun and moon how to get marshadow-1

The ot. Is mount 10 c. At 10 09 1.
7. Hes so adorable hes technician that increases the power of the pokemons weaker moves. His spectral thief.
Which is a 90 power physical move 100 accuracy the user hides in the target shadow steals. The targets stat boosts and then attacks. So if someone sets up on you come out with more shadow close combat force palm and shadow ball.
Oh and mine had max hp. Special attack and speed oh that kind of sucks. Im probably gonna soft reset.
And wait til. I get one that has hp attack and speed not special attack. Because hes gonna be a physical attacker anyways.
So that right there boys and girls ladies and gentlemen is how to get the mythical pokemon marsh shadow now for whatever reason you dont live near a game stop im going to have a whole bunch of codes flash on the screen. Very quickly and you can get one of those codes and get more shadow yourself. If say for example youre not near a game stop.
I believe these codes are only going to work for the only for america mexico and canada. However it might be wrong. And it may work for all north south and central america so try your luck but uh yeah i mean hey notification squad shout out to you guys getting those codes get in those codes as much as i would like to get a whole bunch of more shadows and give them away unfortunately.
I cant if i were to go ahead and use these codes and redeem them all myself every single one would take about 45 minutes for me to do and thats thats a little ridiculous. I cant i dont have that much time. Im not that guy sorry at the same time if you go to one of those stores that i mentioned before and you have an extra code and you want to be a great member of the community and give it away tweet me at austin john plays id be happy to retweet you put out those codes.
So a whole bunch of great people can actually get their hands on a marsh shadow for whatever reason. If they cant make their way to one so guys hope you enjoyed this video. If you new to the channel be sure to subscribe turn on notifications ring that bell drop a like until next time austin.
John out be sure to like this video and subscribe. Im gonna be giving you guys lots of helpful videos in the next following days and weeks till next time austin john out .

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pokemon sun and moon how to get marshadow-2

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