How to get the Graceful Outfit in OSRS [2020] | Old School Runescape | Quick Guide

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To a quick guide for how to get the graceful set on old school runescape. Runescape. The items youre going to need are a games necklace and some marks grace.
Marks of grace can be collected from doing any rooftop agility course in the game. You will need 260 marks in order to get the full set and once you have 260 marks. Youll want to head to the brogues.
Then in birth or to get to birth up easily or youll want to do is grab a games necklace. Which you can get on the grand exchange and use it to teleport straight to birth or when youre in birth up youre going to want to head into this pub. There is a trapdoor behind the bar head down this trapdoor and once you down here.
Youre gonna want to head west and then south. Where youll find grace speak to grace and buy your pieces so after an update in january 2020. Each piece of the graceful set now increases your run restoration individually and then when youre wearing full set it adds an extra ten percent on to that so if youre wearing a hood.
It gives you a plus 3. Percent. Run restoration increase and the weight reduction is minus three kilograms or if youre wearing the full set.
Its a total of plus thirty percent. If you wear each of the individual pieces. Together.
Itll give you a total of plus 20. Percent or the set gets a bonus of an extra ten percent. Which means it adds up to plus 30 percent run energy restoration.
So its definitely worth getting this set. At level 10. You can do the draynor village.
Rooftop course. Where youll gain around twelve marks of grace per hour on average. Its not really set in stone.
How many youll get or its a rough estimate. And you will get around 10k xp per hour. So the xp rates arent terrible and they dont really get any better at the al kharid course.
However the rates at which youll receive marks of grace are slightly better at the drainer course being twelve compared to 8 00 at the al kharid course. The xp rates are basically the same music at level 30. Youll want to head to the varrock rooftop course.
Where youll gain around 13 k. Xp and youll continue getting around 12 marks of grades per hour music. The next stop is the stop you will be until around level 60.
Unless you boost your agility level through potions. Where youll gain around 19. Or 20 marks of grace per hour.
And around 19 k. Xp per hour. So its a significant jump compared to the varrick rooftop course and the course in my experience is a lot quicker and it just it just feels much better in my opinion.

how long does it take to get full graceful-0
how long does it take to get full graceful-0

And im happy to stay here for a much longer time than the verrat course. Now if you would prefer a higher xp rate. You can move to followed or.
However. The rates of the marks of grace. Do drop significantly compared to the canopus course at the follow.
Door course youll receive around 27 k. Xp per hour. And around 13 marks per hour.
So. It is quite a drop from kin ah. This in terms of marks for in terms of xp.
It is almost double so its worth it for xp or if youre farming marks. Then not so much the next course is at sears village. Where you can reach up to about 56.
Thousand xp per hour as long as youve completed the hard kandarian diary. The rates of marks of grace are quite hard to predict on this course because of the differences between the spawn race. If you have done the hard tasks compared to whether you have not so they can vary quite a lot the marks of grace you can expect can be around 15 per hour.
But you can see more depending on which tasks you have completed whether you finish the easy set medium set. Or hard set the rates increased by 5 10. And 15 respectively.
If you are like me. And you dont already have the level 4. Seers village.
Then you can boost by 5 levels. By using the summer pie. Which you can buy off the grand exchange or you can make yourself.
But it is still recommended that you stick to the kind of of course until around level 60. Just so you can get that marks of grace sooner. Once you have twenty levels above the courses requirements you will see a reduction in the marks of grace by 20.
This means at level 60. You will receive around four less marks of grace per hour at canif. Its because twenty percent of 20 is full at this point.
You will definitely have the full graceful set so its definitely worth staying until about 90. When you can do the are doing course. Which is where youll stay until your level 99.
There are other options. But this is just for rooftop agility and ceas village is generally one of the higher xp courses in the game so is worth staying even if you dont need the marks of grace. Thank you for watching this quick guide on how to get the marks of grace and the graceful set this video took significantly longer than what im used to so yeah.
I would i would appreciate a like or a comment. Letting me know if ive missed anything as always this was my keeo belli signing out music. .

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how long does it take to get full graceful-1

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