How to Repair Clear Coat Fix 100% all types

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Guys matt from orrs so today. Were doing a video on repairing. A a clear course as you can see the clear coat on this vehicle is in poor condition.
Im going to show you step by step process. And how you can repair the home. And it wont cost a lot of money okay.
So the first thing. Were going to do using some soapy. Water is wash down the fender and remove any dirt or debris okay so now we got some 800 grit sandpaper.
Im gonna start sanding down the worst of the damage okay so as you can see theres still a ridge left behind. Its important. This ridge is completely sanded away and is invisible before we move on to the next step.
Okay so im just rubbing. My finger over where the ridge was previously you cant actually feel the ridge anymore. So now.

how to repair sun damaged car paint-0
how to repair sun damaged car paint-0

Its good enough to move on to the next step. Okay so just clean it down with a microfiber towel. Now were going to use 1500 grit sandpaper to sand on the rest of the fender again were going to take our microfiber clod were gonna clean out an entire fender okay so you could wait for the fender to dry it.
But im gonna use a heat gun there to speed the process up okay. So its important to check little areas like this. Where water could be hiding make sure.
Theres no water trap down anywhere in along here or along any rubbers that way i cant come back out on to the surface. When youre painting okay so next we get some masking tape and water mask up the entire area ready for paint okay. So the clear coat is so bad on this truck that ive had to get base coat mixed up and also this is the 2k clear coat would be using.
Sometimes you can get away with just using clear coat and itll cover a lot of the damage. But in this case mine is so bad that weve had to get the base coat make stop so itll be going on before the clear course okay so here im giving a quick robe of attack rag before i put the base coat on and just a light core of the base coat. I dont go too far down the fender here there is a chance to the shared could be different just gonna have enough cord to cover the areas where the clear coat was peeling okay.
So the pay is called color should have a dull but uniform finish in this case. I think was a wise choice because if we clear coated. Only over this i dont need the results would have been good okay so this is the clear coat.

how to repair sun damaged car paint-1
how to repair sun damaged car paint-1

Were gonna be using its a 2 k. Clear gives a high gloss finish. And his extremely scratch resistance.
After 24 hours. It can be mechanically polished and is a very tough superior gloss finish okay so were gonna tack rag. The panel down one more time just to make sure no dust has settled on it and then want to put on the clear.
Im gonna put on one light clear coat first and then were gonna wait for about five minutes and put on a second a heavier coat okay so the second cause dre. There now its a nice deep shine on it and even finish as well especially from a spread kind of its a its pretty really good results. Now.
Its time to remove the mask and then well just bring it outside and see what it looks like okay. So here these guys want the mask and removed nice even shine art from an aerosol can its a its pretty good results. Heres the contrast as well the clear coat was badly peeled along the top of the fender now its all repaired.
Its a pretty easy process and you can do it at home. It doesnt cost a lot of money and i hope you enjoyed the video thanks for watching. .

how to repair sun damaged car paint-2
how to repair sun damaged car paint-2

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