Illustrator Basics: Select Multiple Objects

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Guys maggie klein. Here from cline design just wanted to show you a really efficient efficient way to select a bunch of objects of different colors and opacities you might working on something similar to this where theres just a lot of colors going on and say you know i might want to select all these pink dots. So we could select one hold shift select another and keep clicking until theyre all selected and change them that way.
But im going to just click on one and then if you got to select same fill color that will select all the pink dots. Now one thing youll notice is it selected both the trees so if you wanted to maybe keep this one looking like this and change this one um. Youre gonna have to put them on separate layers and then lock the layer youre not working on so a quick way to do.
It is just like new layout highlight one of the trees move this square up to that layer and now theyre on two different layers. You can see if i turn that off and turn that off theyre on completely different layers. So if i just lock.

how to select multiple objects in illustrator-0
how to select multiple objects in illustrator-0

This one. Then we can start working on this and we know its not going to look back to our original so im gonna select all the pink ones just by going select the same cool color and i can do what i want with it. But im just gonna change it to i dont know maybe like a yellow or something and straight away you can see the difference you can change it if you want to or leave.
It its up to you. But how quick was that i didnt have to go through and select every single dot. The other great thing about this option is it works for opacities as well so over here.
Ive got a blue tree now each of these circles are the same color. Im just gonna unlock that layout theyre all the same color. So if i clicked on this one and so its select the same cool color.

how to select multiple objects in illustrator-1
how to select multiple objects in illustrator-1

Its gonna select all of the dots because they are actually theyre just theyre the same blue. Theyre just different opacities. So this ones at 30.
This ones at 70 install 100. Yeah. So maybe i didnt like maybe.
I dont like the look of this one mate it could be too transparent and i want to make it a little bit more opaque. So i can select that one and then go to select same opacity and its gonna select all the circles that have a 10 opacity like that one and then i can change that if i want to i can make it 35 and then that just brings it up a little bit you can do whatever you want with it though. But its just really helpful to know those tools are there and you can select multiple objects in one click of the button nice and easy thanks for watching guys and good luck.

how to select multiple objects in illustrator-2
how to select multiple objects in illustrator-2

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