Is my Heat Tape Working?

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Yall. Its jeff wiseman in park city. Utah.
And i get a lot lot of questions i get a lot of questions specifically were talking about how i know if my heat tape is working this is specifically referring to the gutter ice melting roof mounted ice melting heat tape not heat tape then you would put around your plumbing pipes to keep them from freezing so how do you know if its working basically. Theres only two ways to tell one is you look and see that the snow is melted around. Where you know the tape is or two youve got to physically get up there and touch it feel the heat tape.
So here is a picture of what heat tape looks like when its working see all of the ice and snow melted away. And you can actually physically. See.
The tape heres a picture of heat tape. Thats not working pretty easy to see that and heres a couple of pictures. Where its easy to grab hold of a tape and feel.

how to check if heat tape is working-0
how to check if heat tape is working-0

Its working feel that its warmer than the ambient hair. This picture here there are several he takes coming out and you can see everything is melted around the heat tapes. Thats pretty evident this heat tape is working now all heat tape is electrically powered.
So the question is how is yours getting power. How does yours turn on when does it turn on when does it turn off who turns it on who turns it off all that stuff and every house. Every house is going to be different a condominium complex or townhome complex.
Where your tunnels are the same left to right left to right your heat tape may not be so you need to learn your heat tape and learn how it gets power where it gets power from and all of that so here is a picture of what a typical hardwired connection on heat tape looks like you can clearly see where the heat tape enters. The junction box. This is an example of a dedicated gfi breaker in the breaker box clearly labeled heat tape.
The homeowner here has to physically go down into his basement into his electrical mechanical room and manually turn on and off this breaker. When he wants they take to be on or off. This is going to be typical in a higher end custom home.

how to check if heat tape is working-1
how to check if heat tape is working-1

Where the electrical wiring was thought of in advance and circuits were run to key strategic placement. Points. Along the roof eaves so that if and when he tape was needed they could be readily installed.
Okay so here is an example of a cord connected heat tape this this example has a gfi protection on the cord between the heat tape and the plug notice in this picture. The led indicator light. This tells us.
The unit is powered on no light. No power this homeowner has to manually every year. When he wants to see tape on he has to manually go outside and plug it in and then at the end of the winter season.
When he wants to turn this off. He has to remember to manually unplug. It this type of an installation is more typical of when he take wasnt pre thought out or planned or it became necessary years down the road and this was the closest powerpoint that they had to plug it in so older.

how to check if heat tape is working-2
how to check if heat tape is working-2

He tapes systems have a little bit of automation into it or at least are trying to be automated. Theyve got sensors and thermostats and flux capacitors outside that are monitoring flex capacitors that are monitoring the conditions. And that are supposed to manually or not manually that are supposed to automatically turn on the heat tape these systems over the years have found to be less reliable unpredictable and they kind of caution on the side of now.
I dont i dont want anything to freeze up lets just turn the tape on so its not uncommon for the heat take to come on in july. Most of these systems that ive seen and assisted in on the installations. Dont do this anymore.
Today. Now. It is not uncommon to have a wall switch inside your house.
A dedicated wall switch that that you still have to manually turn off and on but it can be strategically located. Ive seen these where you had to access an attic through an access hole and reach up and hit a switch. Ive seen switches in basements.

how to check if heat tape is working-3
how to check if heat tape is working-3

Ive seen switches right next to the breaker box clearly what we want to do is label things as in this picture. That i showed you at the beginning of the hardwired heat. Tape.
Theres a label on the junction box cover. Telling you what circuit breaker. It is and then down in the breaker box.
It tells you he took dont be afraid to make put them in your breaker. Box bottom line. Here is you need to learn here.
He takes system. Where the tape runs on the roof. Youre gonna need to do that during the summer where where it gets its power from where its breakers are where its wall switches are where the gfi protection is whether its the breaker or the receptacle.
Its plugging into or its inline and the cord make notes to yourself send yourself reminders on the calendar to turn each tape on its a turn heat tape off its up to you i hope this helps you any questions leave them in the comments below. Im pretty good at replying its jeff lives in park city see .

how to check if heat tape is working-4
how to check if heat tape is working-4

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