Replacing Motor \u0026 Pump On A Bissell ProHeat Carpet Cleaner Model 7901

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Im going to be replacing the motor and the water call and this bissell bissell proheat here and i just thought that i would go ahead and do a of it i have a new water pump to put in here. But the motor is actually going to come from the bissell power steamer since this is the one that mother in law wants this because she wants the heat feature you so lets get going so im going to be checking the electrical function of the heater. Which will be later in this video.
Im going to go ahead and remove the tool caddy and the upper handle assembly. The two screws in the lower handle assembly. Need to come out too and for the pump change the first belt needs to be removed.
Now to prepare for housing removal. Im removing the belt access cover and the flow indicator cap. Along with the internal also lifting the rear wheels off of the table.
This helps to keep the handles seated in the base assembly. While the housing now and remove the six housing screws. When removing the nozzle window be careful that you dont lose the window.
Gasket is it may fall off on you remove any kinks at the base of the upholstery hose so there is no interference.

how to take apart a bissell proheat carpet cleaner-0
how to take apart a bissell proheat carpet cleaner-0

When lifting the housing in turn a smart mix knob to hide traffic to raise smart makes piston in its bore now to remove the housing grab. The rail like area in front of the smart mix knob pull up on the housing as you turn the knob straight. Ahead.
This will give you a better gripping position for piston removal. Go ahead and grab the rear of the housing and start lifting as you forcefully. But slowly raise the housing and push against the face disengage.
The piston now raise the housing free and clear as you see here. The piston is supposed to stay with the house. But if the housing is lifted at an angle.
Rather than straight up the base assembly may just keep the piston. If this happens take some needle nose pliers and carefully lift the piston out of the bore. The angle.
Group here is what meshes with smart next knob to reinstall the piston turn the knob water rinse insert the piston at an angle.

how to take apart a bissell proheat carpet cleaner-1
how to take apart a bissell proheat carpet cleaner-1

So the knob slip sets into the groove. Then stand the piston up now turn the knob to high traffic. The heat.
The pistons were falling out now were all set for housing installation well once we get to it so heres the motor. A pump that will be going into the proheat. But check this out and this is actually the reason.
Why im doing this video quite a few of these bissell carpet cleaner models use the same motor impulses particular parts are the same so certain sections of this video will be valid for some other models alright so lets get to changing the pump. Which is you will see is a pretty straightforward process. You you told you and dont forget to reinstall this brake tip and the motor belt if youre finished with your repair for me.
Though its time for the motor. Now if the unit unplug. Lets take the motor out just so i put things back correctly a mark the motor with position and wiring details while were moving it from the donor on the replacement motor.
The enter motor gasket needs to be put on before the wires are attached when installing the motor give it a twist just to make sure that its seated after reinstalling upholstery hose base make sure that the hose underneath is not packed time for a side trip.

how to take apart a bissell proheat carpet cleaner-2
how to take apart a bissell proheat carpet cleaner-2

Both of these bills are in a basement flood and says. This unit was such a mess. I decided to go ahead and clean it up now rather than later.
I took some pictures of the hose routing and such and then completely disassembled the base assembly and gave it back ive been attempted to clean the spotted hoses only to find out that the spots were not filled up with fractures. Some of which had developed into holes. I dont know what caused this but seven hoses had to be replaced to get to the upper hoses and heater press.
The tab at the end of the handle and lift the cover up as far as you can without pulling on the wires. Cool cover at the connection points. At both wheels to separate.
Now about this heater. If you find that the unit spray is just fine out of the upholstery hose. But will not spray at the floor nozzles.
The chances are youre here is clogged with residue.

how to take apart a bissell proheat carpet cleaner-3
how to take apart a bissell proheat carpet cleaner-3

There is a link in the description that takes you to a good video that explains how to clean the heater once you are past that its time to check the basic function of the heater now this section. Does involve a live hot wire do not attempt to follow this testing section. If you have any doubt as to what you are doing to start off make sure.
The unit is unplugged keep the plug in sight just to be sure now disconnect the heaters hot wire. This is the black wire that runs from the heater switch to the heater and then to the light now trace for the hot wire of the incoming cord unplug it from the switch and plug it on to the heater this is done so only the heater is lies and not the whole unit now plug in the cord and wait 30 seconds. Do not touch anything in the unit while tis plugged in after the 30 seconds unplug the cord.
Now carefully touch the heater. It should be very hot yeah. It works after about 15 minutes of cooldown time the heater will still be somewhat warm so be careful.
But when youre ready go ahead and put the cords hot wire back on the switch and reconnect the heaters hot wire. You lubricating. The pistons overing and four with water makes installation easier on the ovary turning the smart mix knob straight ahead drops.
The piston down a little which allows you to see a little better for guiding the piston into the bore you .

how to take apart a bissell proheat carpet cleaner-4
how to take apart a bissell proheat carpet cleaner-4

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