Snow to stick mostly to Eastern Shore Thursday

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Dealing with a little bit of snow to the east right now. It is the the plain old dry cold. We are in a moderate drought.
We have not had rain or snow through the fall and into the winter. Even though you do not notice. It is getting pretty dry early morning low temperatures below zero in the mountains for below zeros in oakland single digits north and west of baltimore low to mid teens us the lower eastern shore.
Those were the lows this morning. And you can see how far below normal. It is the normal is 25.
So 11 at the airport is 14 below that the normal high as 42 we only made it to 24 degrees at beta vi marshal before 3 pm. The record high in the 70s right. Now.
It is five in oakland. A wind chill advisory in garrett county. But east of the mountains.

how cold does it have to be for snow to stick-0
how cold does it have to be for snow to stick-0

Even. Though. It is cold.
And it will be cold overnight the winds will be dying down. And so we will not have to deal with the wind chill factor just the plain old dry and cold weather. Some heavy snow in buffalo.
They are getting some very intense like effect snow. We are watching two pieces of energy. One appeared in the northwest near the great lakes and the lower mississippi valley.
This will combine into one powerful ocean storm. Where they come together will be too far east to produce snow in baltimore. We will get a light snow are flurries tomorrow night going into thursday morning these two will combine far enough off the coast to bring the snow threat to the coastal areas tomorrow morning and afternoon just cold we may get close to freezing tomorrow.
But most areas stay below freezing into the afternoon here comes the ocean storm. We may have hurricane force winds and eastern canada with the center of the storm are enough to the east. The snow is falling along the coastal areas.

how cold does it have to be for snow to stick-1
how cold does it have to be for snow to stick-1

It is a razor thin edge all it would take as a jog to the west by a couple of miles and the heavy snow band would be in the i 95 corridor. The farther south and east to go thursday morning. The more significant the snow will be it will move quickly and be out of here by thursday and we are focusing on another blast of arctic cold seven in baltimore 13 ocean city friday afternoon.
We may not get out of the teens. Another bitterly cold morning single digits to near zero with afternoon temperatures in the teens sunday afternoon. We might see things moderating and some of that cold air will come in here next week snowfall threat is on the lower eastern shore.
That is where the winter storm watch is in effect. The most significant snow will be down here in parts of worcester and somerset counties. They could get several inches of snow it looks like a dusting to one inch.
But more and more as you go south and east on thursday. The forecast five to 15 light winds tonight. Clouds.
Increasing and high temperatures. 29 to 34 winds out of the east and southeast at five miles an hour the cold weather tomorrow that around freezing snow mainly to the east thursday morning. .

how cold does it have to be for snow to stick-2
how cold does it have to be for snow to stick-2

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