Temporary Fix for a Loose Outlet Tool Tip #31

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Youtube mars 1952 and im in modesto california today had my daughters rental rental house. And shes got a problem with all of her. Outlets this is expensive house and probably sell for 700000.
But whoever built it put cheap outlets in probably. The cheapest they could get and consequently. They the cork wont stay in and thats really unsafe nope for two reasons.
Youve got get stuck partially out and you could shock somebody could get shock. There. But the main thing is without a good connection you get arcing or you can get arcing and when it arcs you can have a fire so the whole place could burn down because they put cheap outlets in so.
If this was my house out immediately replace all these. But its a rental. Weve notified the landlord.
But in the meantime shes still got to use her outlets and im going to show you how to how to temporarily fix that let me zoom in here. Okay. Were zoomed in you can see how these things i mean.
Theres nothing holding. It now you can tweak the ends of the plugs just get a pair of pliers and put a little twist on it just take it not very many just a few degrees on both sides and you do then opposite opposite direction. Ill do a close up to show you how to do this and then they go in pretty stiff.

how to keep plugs from falling out of sockets-0
how to keep plugs from falling out of sockets-0

But they stay in there and it doesnt flicker. See the lights not flickering. So thats a good solid connection.
Sometimes youve got an expensive charger. This is still under warranty. We dont want to tweak those plugs.
But barely stays in and it doesnt really make good connection. All the time so your phone you know if you want your phone to charge at night. Its not kind of do it so to get around that problem.
Theres several ways to do that theres several ways around you know if you dont want to tweak your your all the plugs. This is just a three pronged a two prong adapter. I got a bunch of these at harbor freight.
Ill show you the package is close up and they are unique in that they have the plug with the prongs are a folded piece of metal. So its just a simple matter of spreading that metal and they will stick in here instead pretty sturdy. Its actually fairly hard to get out so then you can plug whatever.
It is all you have as long as its long as its a two prong plug it in and itll stay thats nice and sturdy good connections. So if you want to do if you want to use one of these and a three prong outlet. Youve got a ground then this little tab is just the right size for grounding this and a two prong outlet.

how to keep plugs from falling out of sockets-1
how to keep plugs from falling out of sockets-1

It doesnt line up here the holes. Not quite right too close to ground it to the center screw. So i wouldnt recommend this if you have if you when you use a three prong now.
If you want to use a three pronged you get a three prong adapter with a ground plug on it and tweak that and you can put that in thats nice and sturdy that stays in there and you can just plug your lamp in as well so im gonna do a close up now ill show you how to modify these plugs okay. So heres the close up. Hopefully you can see this pretty well here is one that has not been tweaked.
This is a three to three prong to three prong and heres one that has been tweaked. Ill move that a little closer. So you dont need to put much of an angle on there just just enough so that you get good contact.
When it slides into the outlet. You dont know what part is is loose. So if you tweak it you tweak them opposite directions.
That way if its a this side will touch or this subtle touch. If you do them both the same direction. Its not gonna work because then you dont have any torque.
You havent widened the slot. Or you havent widen the prong or surface area so modifying an existing plug is the easiest pair of pliers and you down here. Modifying an existing plug is easy to see just take a pair of pliers turn it no what is that about five degrees not too much more than that you go more than that its gonna be really hard to get it to plug in so.

how to keep plugs from falling out of sockets-2
how to keep plugs from falling out of sockets-2

That ones ready to use heres another gizmo. This is a little switch that you would use like for christmas lights. Any kind of light or small appliance.
That doesnt draw much power that does not have this on switch. Now i put in a lot a lamp board that my daughters sink. They didnt come with a switch built into the court.
So we use one of these and im gonna modify this so thatll stay plugged into the wall and not catch fire. Ive got the camera zoomed in really close you can see whats going on this might seem upside down to you. But thats the best.
I can do i took a piece of the backing from the packaging from some of this stuff use it to protect the table. Because you never but youre going to slip. And since youre going to slip.
You want to make sure you dont slip and cut yourself. So using the pocket knife. This is a multi purpose tool.
Just work it down in there between the death metal alright get started here. Sorry. Im blocking your view just wiggle.

how to keep plugs from falling out of sockets-3
how to keep plugs from falling out of sockets-3

It itll work its way in there. So the same thing works with screwdrivers say you have your screwdriver. Its not sharp.
You dont want to sharpen your screwdriver. Some reason you can start it with a knife a dull paring knife. Works pretty well to spread it with your screwdriver.
And thats ready to go in now when you shove this in the outlet. This will be compressed and since this is not springy it wont spring back. But itll fit perfectly so there we have this bread lets see make sure you can see that so thats why heres the harbor freight these cost a dollar each do those with the screwdriver get to find a place where you can work the screwdriver tip in and once again just wiggle it back and forth most bread readily.
I never throw away a screwdriver and im doing a video about what to do with your old screwdrivers so there you go. Theres a spread one and as i started to point out before youve got this little tab here. And thats supposed to be screwed on to the center.
The plate cover screw. But since this is designed to go on a two prong outlet. It doesnt line up you can find these that have a little wire sticking out with a connector on them those you can use on any kind of outlet.
But if youre gonna do a like a charger or something a two prong thing you dont need to worry about this. If youre gonna do three prong get one of these or something like it tweak the two plugs. And youre good to go.
Well. I think that about covers it try not to cut yourself try not to electrocute yourself. .

how to keep plugs from falling out of sockets-4
how to keep plugs from falling out of sockets-4

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