What are Credits \u0026 how to use them – Star Wars Battlefront 2 Tips \u0026 Tricks

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Guys. Whats going on and welcome back to a new video today. I am am finally bringing you guys the how to earn a credits in star wars.
Battlefront and how to use them effectively or well. How to do good stuff to bite with it so i had some comments recently requesting. Some comments on my how to earn credit super fast requesting.
How do you credits work basically just give the basics on how credits work. What you can do with them. And so on so here.
I am finally bringing that get that video for you guys so as you can see in the top right corner. I have got 109 thousand five hundred sixty credits this took me a long time to get i am not gonna lie. However that is because of a strategy that i used so if i for instance go into appearances for no resistance as you can see each character requires a certain amount requires a certain amount of credits to purchase it of course common being fight earn a common big comment being 5000 and rare being 20000.
Now for a better example of this. I should probably head over to the heroes. Just flex on my obi wan kenobi.
So as you can see here that all one is just common which would would be 5000. Credits. But you get that one free and then of.
Course we saw the red. Epic which is 40000. As you can see here and then an example would be han and then legendaries are.
8000 80000. Now this is the way i went about suspending my credits i would not spend any credits until i had roughly around 10000 to 20000. More credits than what i already had because then that meant that once those credits are gone.
I still have something to hold on to that way if there was something else that is what if i wanted i could purchase it or if something news released the game then i could purchase it now it also meant that i wouldnt have to burn as many credits in the build up to something bigger so for instance when events come out new skins are new emotes are released. So i would have a head start over people that had just spent twenty thousand credits on emotes because i would still have that twenty so usually 30 k coins. I keep saying coins credits.
Still there now heres sort of the basics on credits you earn credits through playing games of course. Now you can do this through the online. Multiplayer or the single player.
However. The multiplayer is not capped as in theres no restriction to how many or how little you can earn. If a single player is a guaranteed 200 win or lose.
And it doesnt matter how long it in the game. So i cut.

how to spend credits in battlefront 2-0
how to spend credits in battlefront 2-0

I know if ive done a video previously on a strategy and how certain credits super fast. Which does use the single player version of battlefront. 2.
So go check out the video link in the description or in the i on top of your screen. However in games. The basic though sort of base tends to be 200.
Now very very often you tend to get around 200 to 250 credits for a good game of course bad games you get less if you do really good like top table. However many kills and a very low death counts you get more now. If you level up you are guaranteed 1500 credits.
So on top of the base 200 as. Well then you can make youre basically getting yourself or. 1700.
Credits. Now if youre new to the game. Easy easy stuff because as long as you have experienced in previous shooters.
You should find this relatively easy to cope with and of course to cut your a low level. That means you need less xp to level up henceforth youll be gaining credits at a faster rate myself. I have actually reached the max level which is 50 meaning that id no longer actually earn 1000 500 credits upon max.
However i do gain an additional 300 credits at the end of every game. Now how to actually spend your credits now what im gonna do im gonna show you what i believe to be some of the best emotes or skins for specific characters. Which i think are definitely best for their money now im moving on to emotes to start off with actually im gonna go with heavy cuz.
I play heavy a lot more so going into appearances with the separatists. I couldnt use the geonosis this one how if im get a little bit bored. Its a bit plain.
So im thinking maybe get in the training or the jungle. One either of these two are quite good of course. The training.
One is 20k. So if you go to get that one then of course you can add a couple more credits like one all over the jungle. One.
I do think its good and it only cost 5k credits. Which shouldnt take you too long to obtain moving on to the resistance. I cant use the fabric resistance.
Oh one for the non resistance and i use the huh i could have sworn okay i could have sworn i purchased the queerer one but i guess i havent but these all are 200k 220k besides the normal human. Which is only a 5k so i currently definitely use this abric just because it looks like darth maul and darth maul is awesome.

how to spend credits in battlefront 2-1
how to spend credits in battlefront 2-1

So its cool to play similar to darth maul on the light side then moving on to galactic republic. I definitely think the 212th battle bretylium second phase armor does look the best or the croissant guards look fat i do also own the thirty first 44 scout battalion. Which is once again like skin if i dont use this on maps other than sheik.
Really. But otherwise the 212 attack battalion. Is such such a nice skin.
Its so clean. I definitely recommend that you use it now moving on to emotes the evo us that i believe to be the best are these ones here except for this one which i havent actually added in i choose one okay so if you look at my current emotes selected you will see that weve got kaboom now all of these cost 5k coins. As you know so you wont actually all of these cost 1k coins.
So in total this is going to cost you around a votes one two three four five six eighty thousand eight. I keep mom i got my head today eight thousand coins to completely by all are these emotes. However depending.
Which character you have depends on how many image. Ive unlocked because i do believe that are different classes. The emotes are still locked not too sure if thats true or not.
But im not willing to investigate so the votes that i believe are definite values are kibou. Which is just here and then once its here weve got pew pew which is just awesome because you actually like role players like its high fire thats just so stupid then we got roger roger which once again is a cool little emotes that one or actually ver joyce which i think its so much more funny just cuz. The look joints.
Were looking for i did i think ons. Yeah. That the joys are better than all the drugs.
I guess then we got i give up which is i tend to use that one is more of a copy one like if i defeat an opponent. But with relative ease. I tend to use that one or youre never being funny like a heros been chasing me.
And i do that then we got choked up. Which of course is darth vaders force choke. Which i think is generally funny because theres also an emote where you can get choked so its awesome to do this when your friends it gets it in sync.
Then continuing down the list. We havent got any more sites actually last one because im dumb and hadnt noticed anyway. Victory poses freely these arent important victory poses tend to be fine with the basic ones.
However i do because i have the credits like to get you want some be im flexing shop. Then weve gotta clear our heroes. Im not really going to go through all the characters besides the ones.
I do think half the nicest ones. Available purchase so im not gonna go on to chewbacca.

how to spend credits in battlefront 2-2
how to spend credits in battlefront 2-2

Because you could spend five k. On a on a bandage on a bandage. Im not spending five k credits on a bloody bandage bet.
Thats just magne now so moving on see the ones. I definitely think are defens best for their money are definitely gonna be han solos yeah vennett ceremony outfit. I do like the solo istanbul story skins.
However 80k is a bit out my price range is i know ive got enough for it. But i dont really think 80k for a legendary skin on a character that youre not really gonna be using that much unless youre grinding the living daylights out of the his vs villains game mode definitely you having ceremony worth its money all of the smug oh yeah of course you cant actually i dont im not fun a hot if you like the half skin then go ahead. But i definitely think having ceremony is best for its money moving on to big old obi wan kenobi.
The sex meister himself definitely without a doubt his general kenobi outfit. Jenny ropes alright. But general kenobi oh.
My sweet jesus it is beautiful moving on this cant do this is one thats not really one that its not one i have but its still when i find funny and i was its critical jammers. Because you could literally run around as count dooku in silky pajamas. Yes.
And the final one is definitely gonna be i reckon anakin skywalkers jedi rose. Because the general skywalker is very similar to his knowledge at i robes. Which of course.
I do like the general skywalker skin. But i do think maybe its too close together so i prefer the jedi robes. I dont play as anakin.
Which is hence why im bloody thing but i do prefer the jedi robes. Just because its got a lot more contrast to it in the actual big robes. Other than you know a couple little plating.
I do think this is clean skin and its between these two of course so take your pick anyway. Thats gonna be it for today. Thank you so much josh evans like an scribe if you have not yet comment on below.
What we do you want to see you next time im more than happy to take your guys request and make a video on any topic that you want to see. But that will be it from me today thank so much watching them fly subscribe. If you havent yet stick around for more awesome battlefront.
2. And other games coming this way very very soon lobby. It for me today on frank little switch.
Watching ill see you in the next. One. Good.
Bye music hello this nice music. .

how to spend credits in battlefront 2-3
how to spend credits in battlefront 2-3

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