What happens with carbon monoxide poisoning

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Now we have confirmation that photos doulos is in fact alive. We are told. He he is going to be going to jacobi medical center in the bronx because wheres being treated at the uconn facility.
They do not have a hyperbaric chamber. Which apparently they need for toxicology treatment. Because of being in the garage.
With the car running and the carbon monoxide poisoning. Thats new just finding out moments ago. Yes.
And in fact. We have an expert on the phone. Right now.
Dr. John delgado. Hes a toxicologist at hartford hospital.
To explain. Dr. Delgado.
How does this treatment. Work. And is it effective well there are two reasons.
Why you might do this. The first is if theres still carbon monoxide in the system. It really helps to get rid of it much quicker than you would just by breathing air.
So if we are breathing air typically in the range of two to four hours for you to get rid of carbon monoxide. Friends you should put somebody in a hyperbaric chamber. Brings that down to a matter of minutes.
Dr. Delgado tell us tell us what for folks who dont know. And ive got a foggy idea of what this is but a hyperbaric chamber.
Is just that a chamber. Where pressurized oxygen is put in is that correct thats right so they they they come in two flavors. If you will one is a mono place or where a single person can be slid in and almost looks like a clear coffin and where the covers put on and then the chamber is pressurized.
Theres a second kind of chamber. Where multiple people can go in it at the same time. But they all accomplish the same thing.
Which is to deliver oxygen that much higher pressure. Then you could just by breathing air at sea level. So how effective is this treatment.
Well. Thats a matter of debate. The the main reason to do this in most patients is to present the devastating acquire the devastating consequences of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Which typically affect the brain. Most most severely so the thought is by putting somebody in the chamber decreases the inflammation that people experience after an exposure to carbon dioxide and it helps to decrease the the damage down the line theres some controversy as to how effective. It is i think most of us in patients who are very severely affected.
We tend to do it. But the data is far from clear on im the degree to which a health and what were seeing here on the screen is we talk to the doctor. This helicopters apparently the one that is or about to be used to transport photos doulos to the jacobi medical center in the bronx and dr.
We as this unfolded. Today they worked on foot paramedics worked on photos. Doulos in the driveway of this home in farmington for some time.
I dont know exactly how many minutes. But it was long enough that police had put tents up over the area for privacy on what was happening. Im not a doctor and understand this.
But when the longer we go with apparently without signs of life that can lead to things like brain damage that kind of thing take us through that yes. The brain is very very sensitive to oxygen deprivation. So within a matter of seconds.
Really you can start to see some evidence of damage. We really have only a matter of minutes before irreversible damage is done so the longer you wait the worse. It is and i would say beyond 10 minutes of really no heartbeat.
The chances of brain damage are almost guaranteed. So really as a matter of how much how much damage occurred. During that time until its hard what its restarted.
Dr. Delgado. Why is he being flown to a facility in new york for a hyperbaric chamber.

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how to kill yourself with carbon monoxide-0

The number of chambers. Theyre able to do this kind of treatment are not that many so harvard barracks is most commonly used in this country for wound care. But a lot of the facilities that do hyperbaric.
So wont care are not equipped to take critically ill. Patients. Like patients who might be on a ventilator.
For example and manage them during that treatment. So. Theres only a handful of facilities that would be able take care of somebody like this so.
That said does that speak to how serious his condition could be as we watch the live scene at uconn health center as photos to lois is about to be flown to that facility. But does that speak to how serious it could be absolutely and you would only do this if or for the patients are most severely affected and the fact that there was cpr performed as if that is in fact accurate. Its just a very its a signifier of a very severe injury all right as we go back our photographer repositioning.
There to try to see exactly whats happened we can obey can go back to that camera. Even its moving around lets see whats happening and doctor. So the the there arent that many of these chambers around were there more at one point.
And there are fewer now or explain that to me im not sure exactly what what the trajectory has been i can tell you that most chambers that are used in this country are are used for one care. Okay. Dr.
Delgado. We just want to dip in a little bit here were watching ambulances pull up to the medical helicopter at uconn health center right now that is to take photos. Doulos.
So lets see if this is the patient about to be taken out of the ambulance as we watch this unfold. Why i didnt see the rotors on that chopper going so im not sure what the procedure. But you can see theyre kind of pulling another yukon veel vehicle up there this backing up to where the helicopter is now and you can see that paramedic or officer backing that up theres a stretcher waiting there and apparently that is where photos do loss is going to get out of that vehicle apparently onto that stretcher and into the waiting helicopter that doesnt seem to be a great urgency.
Here. You know these guys obviously are not moving quickly at this point. I dont know if that means he is in stable enough condition that this is not an urgent event.
But obviously urgent enough as they get life star ready to make this trip from yukon to the bronx here did you kobe medic for the hyperbaric chamber. Yeah alright and watching this here doctor is it unusual there there seems to be no urgency with these crews help me understand how that could be well the recall earlier. I said.
There was really two reasons to use hyperbarics in this case. Since hes almost been on oxygen therapy since since hes been under medical care. Almost certainly all the carbon monoxide is gone.
So the reason to get him to a chamber is to help prevent those delayed consequences of carbon monoxide poisoning and in that case you want to move relatively quickly. But there is no urgency to it right as long as you you get it done within a matter of hours then presumably you get the benefit so again. If the carbon monoxide is out of his system.
The chamber is to what to try to repair function to these tissues that were starved. What do tell me again what that but the issue is sure so tissues that are deprived of oxygen. When when they receive oxygen.
Again theres a big inflammatory burst. So that all that inflammation causes damage and the thought is that hyperbaric can help tamp down that inflammation so that the damage isnt quite as alright. We see the yukon fire and rescue crews.
There holding a sheet. We dont know if thats going to be too chilled. Whats the media can see holding something that appears to be some sort of a gas bottle oxygen bottle or something.
But again as the doctor said no time urgency here at the moment. But again the confirmation. We have here we just got in the last 10 15 minutes is at photos due to the doulos is not only in fact a lie.
But is being transported as we speak and you can see crews there kind of shielding. What we can and cannot see yeah doctor do you think hes breathing on his own is there any way to tell i doubt it somebody who said cpr and at this degree of poisoning. Usually is intubated.
And and placed on a ventilator. Here comes photos. Do lois apparently out now and on that stretcher.
And as you can see emergency crews holding that sheet in the breeze. There this afternoon. Putting him onto the stretcher and the lyfestart helicopter is awaiting him being transferred.
It is it has been a surreal 3 hours and 21 minutes in connecticut. Today as we watch this unfold live here on news 8. So this is photos to lows being transferred from uconn health center.
Where he was in critical he is in critical condition being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning in a suicide attempt in his garage good afternoon. He did not show up for his bond hearing in stanford police performed a wellness check and found him in his vehicle in medical distress. They got him out they performed cpr extensively they took him to uconn health center.
Yeah state police say apparently tried to kill himself in his garage by getting in his car and running. It the wellness check. Came officers looked through the window.

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how to kill yourself with carbon monoxide-1

Soft photos. Doulos in his vehicle in his garage. Went in pulled him out put him down on the driveway and began cpr and that unfolded about three hours and some minutes ago.
Unclear here of the exact timing thats an empty stretcher. I dont know if they transferred him to one stretcher. The other you see the yellow legs of the stretcher that is in use now as medical personnel doing something you see some straps hanging.
There as they once again begin the process of getting him into the helicopter. Dr. Delgado.
I just want to ask how long will would he be with someone like this condition b on breathing assistance. Okay. I think how long would someone in this condition need to be on breathing assistance if they survive.
I really depends usually you dont know right away you have to wait a few days to see how much brain function returns to see what the long term prognosis is and doctor. How long somebody in this kind of situation. Stay in that chamber is it ours is it dazes.
Whats the process. Its typically a few treatments over a day or two patients will often go in for a few hours at a time and then come out go to the intensive care unit. And then have another treatment or two in the next.
24 hours. Okay. If youre just joining us here as we near the bottom of the hour.
That is photos doulos whos being transferred from the uconn center to jacobi medical center in the bronx to be treated with a hyperbaric chamber. After this carbon monoxide poisoning. Apparently tried to kill himself today in his garage in farmington and this process.
Taking some time to unfold. Here as we are on the phone with dr. John delgado.
Whos a toxicologist from hartford hospital. We see now the progression of photos dillos being brought to the life star helicopter shielded from the media theyre watching this all unfold. Accused murderer we still dont know where his estranged wife.
Jennifer doulos is we do not know if he left a note. We do know he is alive and about to be transported and as we watch this unfold. Here you see.
The yukon police. There as they put him back into the life. Start shouldnt be a long flight from there you know from there the bronx and another vehicle police vehicle pulling up there as well and this surreal day gets more surreal by the minute doctor.
How often in a case like this is there and i know its so hard to you know were watching this unfold. Somebody with this kind of treatment is the full recovery is possible from something like this is it it depends on the length of time without oxygen correct. This family does i would say the fact that cpr was performed is it very very poor sign.
And i would say unlikely to regain his former status just based on that fact alone and again yeah. Id be very surprised and the biggest danger. Were talking about in a situation like this is it the brain.
That is the most critical to not have oxygen for that period correct thats right the brain damage is likely severe. You know okay well we just saw somebody else get into the back of the helicopter theyre getting close by and again for a non medical person it seems odd that there wouldnt be urgent. But as the doctor said at this point.
This poison gas is probably out of his system. But the question is now what kind of repair can be done with these hyperbaric chambers doctor is this the closest. One that youre aware of would be at this center in the bronx is at the nearest hyperbaric chamber.
That could take a critical patient. Im not sure actually i think there might be one in rhode island. But it really depends on the availability.
So just because there is one closer if they cant take the patient right now then im sure they they went with the one that was closest. None was available right at hartford hospital. And again to recap here had one at one point.
But no longer does is that correct thats right and what are we a large one a multi place one. But we transitioned away from that and now the ones. We have are used for one care.
Only right and i would assume that is a piece of equipment that doesnt get a whole. Lot of use on a normal basis correct. Oh.
Well from one care. Actually gets you is quite a bit before the other indications like this carbon monoxide. It would be a pretty uncommon indication how does that help with wound care.
What does a hyperbaric chamber. Do for wounds. Well a lot of wounds are related to poor circulation from diabetes for example or vascular disease.

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how to kill yourself with carbon monoxide-2

And what the hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Does isnt he proves the oxygen delivery to the tissues. So that the body can heal itself.
Okay. And is there as hes being transported it would there be any special medical treatment in the chopper or is it just simply oxygen. Im sure he has medical personnel monitoring back.
There. How does this transport work. Yeah.
Would be the standard critical care transportation team he would be maintained on a ventilator with the highest flow of oxygen. Feasible and just routine routine care to maintain a vital sign. Okay.
We see the pilot who is going through his pre flight checks. We can see some flashes of light there on the lifestyle helicopter as they prepare to take off heading for new york for the bronx doctor. What else can you tell us about carbon monoxide poisoning.
Is it a what does that do to the body. And it is simply a starvation of oxygens that correct its its that certainly but carbon dioxide is especially bad for cells and it causes this pretty severe inflammation so the organs that are most sensitive to oxygen deprivation. The brain.
The heart are usually the hardest hit right. Im joined here at news acn. I burgos is stepping in with our cover down and were watching this live happen as life star about to take photos doulos to new york for treatment doctor.
What happens once the helicopter arrives at jacobi. What happens well i i guess a i cant speak french at kobe. But i expect that you will be brought to the emergency department first and then just to make sure that his vitals are stable and then from there hell be transferred to to the chamber.
Again with with a critical care team that probably includes a nurse and respiratory therapist. Theres some of the hartford based folks do they go along and help begin this process in new yorkers. They did a complete handover to the folks in new york.
When they get there it would be a complete handover so as soon as they touched down and put them on their journey. They would give report to the receiving team and that would be the end of it okay daren. I think you covered this that he perhaps was without oxygen.
So long that things do not look good doctor. I would say so if the reports are accurate that he received cpr thats a very bad prognostic factor anytime. The heart stops in under any circumstances.
A bad thing. But particularly with carbon monoxide poisoning. It suggests that the injury was so severe overwhelming that a complete recovery would be unlikely.
State police said as they looked in his garage window. They could tell instantly. He was in distress apparently looked in and saw this car running.
Unclear of what they saw. But we do know that he they did work him a work on him in the driveway of that home in farmington for some time. So as were talking the doctor.
There initial reports that he had passed away there were all of a sudden. There was a flurry of activity in farmington and an ambulance left with the lights on followed by a police car. We dont know if there were no signs of life and then the result of cpr.
There were signs of life some flutter of a heartbeat. But as you can see this story now will make its way to the bronx to the jacobi medical center. Im about to take off it looks like yeah hello.
The ride is this it shouldnt be that far. I i mean i dont know the exact time here doctor you familiar with that youve been involved with transporting placeand patients to this place before i had not no okay. How many people how many medical personnel normally on a trip like this how many people in the back of that chopper you have any idea two or three doctors usually usually two now theyre especially trained flight paramedics.
So most of them are paramedics with additional training to apply and often are respiratory therapists and of course. The pilots and the emts and everybody else on board is in contact right. Now is theyre about to lift off with jacobi.
So their team will be ready. I would think right there on the top of the building to whisk him away. There you go life started taking off otis delicious journey to the bronx under way.
Were just over three hours ago. Now he was found apparently near death after trying to kill himself in his garage. In the farmington.
Now attempting to medical personnel here and in new york trying desperately to save his life and off goes. The chocolate doctor. We appreciate your time dr.
John delgado from hartford hospital. A toxic colleges. We appreciate your time today.
Thank you very much youre very welcome thank you .

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how to kill yourself with carbon monoxide-3

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